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  1. For future reference how do you get to the selections page in runmypool?
  2. Yea @GolfSpy_APH I couldn’t figure out how to make picks when I returned to the league so I thought adding an entry was the way to make picks. I made picks, but guess I created two accounts. Hopefully going forward I don’t do it again
  3. So you could essentially draft your whole team roster who out having to go waivers after the draft and save your FAAB?
  4. Absolutely amazing @Berg Ryman and others who chipped in! Super helpful for a newbie to fantasy golf and gets me even more excited! I've always watched golf but never at an in-depth level. I think just like fantasy football, fantasy golf will help take my knowledge to the next level of players for golf and I'm pretty intrigued by it. Def looking forward to trying out this new fangled game I stumbled upon!
  5. I don’t think there’s anything much worse than watching the game and agonizing every positive play that your opponents players make. Not how I like to root for fantasy. Just the worse especially when you lose by a handful instead of an onslaught and you second guess yourself when you have points on your bench… not how I wanted to end my first MGS fantasy football season. Thanks for having me anyway.
  6. I saw it first hand throughout Fantasy Football this year! Def a MASTER wheeler and dealer! And I'll just ride it out and fly by the seat of my pants like I did in football! Thanks!
  7. Super excited for this and heard many great things about this league while playing in the fantasy football league this year! Any tips/tricks or absolutely don’t do/do do I need/should know?! Thanks in advance and see you all on Fantrax, in the Forum and on Slack! ️
  8. Now that Urban is out maybe that will revert Robinson the pumpkin back to his normal self!
  9. True, Edmonds needs to get cleared though. Maybe they’ll just swap out. Edmonds started the year then Connor tugged the middle and Edmonds will finish it off!
  10. Holy crap I made it! I am/was in battle mode trying to pick up as many Ws to get in. Was really hoping to go 2-0 this week but James Conner had other plans! He was in a proposal to me earlier this year and I was dead set on Edmonds, lmao!
  11. Definitely interested in trying that out! Heard great things about it from @blackngold_blood!
  12. Better late then never… I’ve listened to Fantasy Focus on ESPN w/ Matthew Berry and Field Yates. Berry is quite a lot at times but if you can get past his shenanigans and constantly talking about his teams, they do give some really good insight and seem to be on it with updates and breaking news. Since I’ve started playing fantasy I’ve listened to them season after season and have made the playoffs every year, and finishing in the top 2 or winning it multiple times through the years. I’m in to deep now with their inside jokes and what not to stop listening and but addition to the first two, Stephanie Bell and Mike Clay provide great information and analytics with helping set lineups and determine matchups. And it’s an easy listen through podcast form on the ride home from work during the season.
  13. You chased the tougher matchups for QBs right? Same could be said for RB/WR/TE. Hoping they don’t have huge games correct? Bc we need to fill a complete roster still, just crazy good points for punters, kickers and DST (if played right!). Very interesting, never played in a league like this. Only different league I played was our Pirate league. If you win you would “pillage” (trade) a player from the opposing team if you won (no questions asked if you win). Similar to Vampire but everyone drafts at the same time from the same pool. Can’t “pillage” 1st or 2nd round players. We learned that the hard way and it was deflating once you lost CMC, DHenry, etc. Looking forward to trying something new!
  14. The 8 starts is what gets me. How do you juggle that? Guess that’s the million dollar question huh?!
  15. Looks like it didn’t update but it should be good now.
  16. I just updated bc I was using the wrong handle. It’s Crossroads Golf. I just posted an update for myself so everyone knows. I am open to trades, just want to see what my team looks like the first couple of games before I start trading parts away.
  17. Couple of things: For those of you sending me trade offers, I apologize if I haven’t sent back a reply along with the decision. I’ll do a better job at that so you know what’s going on. I don’t regularly check the forum during the week. My new teaching job has made me in the evenings making dinner, doing some work and maybe a little Clash of Clans before bed. I don’t check anything else. You can contact me through Fantrax chat as I have the notifications on and Slack once I figure out how to join. As for trading, I believe no player is untouchable and welcome offers. But as we haven’t seen a game yet I’m holding off until I can see my team in action and re-evaluate from there (unless the offer is just amaze balls!). As of now I like my team (even though I was late on the QB train) and would like to update my receiving core. Does anyone have the Slack channel name so I can join? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere! This is my first foray with Fantrax, and am still getting use to it and all its features and using a FAAB system. What’s everyone’s opinions on the recent acquisitions of players that used so much FAAB? It’s hard to evaluate how much a player is worth and if you’re wasting your money. Guess it doesn’t do you any good if you have any FAAB left at the end of the season anyway. Thanks for reading and letting me squabble. I look forward to the season and what a 58 team league is like season long!!
  18. Not true! Albeit others have tried, especially @blackngold_blood ! Lol
  19. My goodness, very thankful no one was hurt. Be safe out there.
  20. What is the best way to view Fantrax? Website either through phone or desktop or the app? Still getting use to Fantrax and everything it has. Pretty overwhelming compared to the others (ESPN, Sleeper, etc). Any advice is helpful and welcome!!
  21. Same, this will more than make up for a league I ran that disolved this year.
  22. So excited for football again! How many leagues does everyone play in? Including this, would be 3 leagues (I run 2 of them ).
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