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  1. Tier Five. Fitzpatrick, Matthew Winning score -9
  2. Mark - Peoria Az. At present I use the Precision NX7 Pro, which I bought via Golf Spy's recommendation. I used to own the Bushnell's 4 tour, but purchased the NX7 after reading about it on the forums with Golf Spy. Would love to test the newest version from PRECISIONPRO.
  3. Mark. Peoria Az USA. Handicap 7.1. Never used a putting aid, would be interesting to see if it actually helps.
  4. Mark. Peoria Az. Handicap 7. Callaway CF 16 Irons. Looking at the specs on Lynx, Prowler VT irons would be close to my specs of my Callaway's, that's the only way I could honestly test them against the clubs I have already. Lynx site says 5 - PW but the option of 3/4 iron, would need 4 iron added, I love hitting the 4 in my Callaway set. Would need stiff flex, standard lie is perfect.
  5. Mark. Arizona. Qworks 34 inch. Putting usually one of my strengths, spend time just on putting green working out kinks, lately putting not so hot. Was thinking of trying the Evnroll putter but love Callaway. So this could be a good test if selected.
  6. Slow play is a result of golf courses not giving a crap about players and more about how many people they can get out on a golf course. If they understood the principal that slow play courses stop more rounds from playing then they could get a grip on the issue. Also Marshall’s that only want to Marshall to get free golf, they don’t seem to understand that it’s there job to move people around the course in a timely manner.
  7. Mark - Peoria AZ. Handicap 9. 95 - 100 Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9 degree - PROJECT X HZRDUS 65 STIFF. Epic Sub Zero, 9.5 Degree Stiff
  8. Mark, Peoria AZ. Handicap 9 Swing speed 95 - 100. Driver Callaway Epic Sub 9 Degree. G410 SFT 10 Degree.
  9. Mark / Peoria Az. Handicap 9. Current Wedges. Taylormade Tour Grind 50 bent to 49, 54 and 58 Desired for testing, 50 M Sole/ 56 A Sole / 60 M Sole.
  10. Mark / Peoria Az. Current Handicap 9. Current Ball Callaway Chrome Soft. Looking for more Speed.
  11. I would love to be a tester. NAME: Mark. Buckeye Arizona. WILSON D300 irons. Shaft Kbs Tour 80 Stiff. Carry, 150 - 160.
  12. Welcome to the forums Golfhelp :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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