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  1. Us citizen Jamie, typically in Brooklyn but I'm in Boca with family for Dec/Jan iPhone 11X Pro Testing Outdoors No net
  2. First Name: Jamie City, State: Brooklyn, NY (though good chance I’ll be in Florida nov/dec to see family and chase the sun) Current Driver in Play: G400 Max 9 / Tensei Pro Orange 70s Handicap: 6.6 Swing Speed: 102 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: the heart says the 3, but I know the 2 fits my game better 10.5. Would love to try ventus shaft
  3. Name/City State Jamie/ Brooklyn, NY How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 3-4x’s a week at home using a Putt-Out mat and mirror + pelz trainer. Just this started taking putting lessons and have seen huge improvements in my stroke. Typical session is 30-40 min or the length of whatever podcast I’m listening to. How many 3 putts do you average per round? Still 1-2. Distance control is my #1 issue but improving. What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? The ability to practice distance lag putting indoors. I feel good about my stroke, line and read. What kills me is not having the ability to improve lag putting and longer distance pace.
  4. I check box one, I am right handed. Jamie | Brooklyn, NY 460 Head SS: 100-105
  5. First Name / State of Residence: Jamie / NY Handicap 9.0 Current Hybrid in Play PXG 0317 original, 22 turned down to play it open with a steel shaft What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid ideally, something that can stay straight. Versatile out of the rough but still a reliable tee shot club. I know I like a hybrid when I forget all about a long iron and can play it high low, and finesse if needed. I’m not trusting mine right now and it’s 100% costing me shots.
  6. Handicap and Location: 8.2 Brooklyn, NY Social Media Accounts: @thebalata on Instagram Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 10-14, will play almost daily over the July 4th week Current OEMs in your bag: Ping driver, PXG few and hybrid, national custom works irons and wedges, Bettinardi FCB putter. edit: before going back to my national customs I chased some distance irons. I’ve played t-MB’s, PXG (0311T and tried 0211) and had some really good success with i500 but never had the time to get used to the change. Think these cobra irons could be a lot of fun to compare. Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge: - SZ Extreme/9/Tensei Av Blue S white head, tour length/65 - SZ Big Tour 13.5/ tensei 75 - speed zone tour 5 wood/tensei 75 - Fowler 4 iron / S - forged tec 5-PW / Modus 120 S - MIM wedges, 52/58 / Modus 115 tour velvet across the board
  7. These look great. I was a huge fan of the Edge lineup back in the day and would love to give these a go. First Name/City State or City Country: Jamie | Brooklyn, NY Handicap: 8.2 Current Iron Model Played: National Custom Works short set Which would you like to test: PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  8. Here is one more at the Black. Don’t know why I decided that was a good day for Eye 2 irons.
  9. They sent an email today. Park opens 4/24. Black opens 5/5.
  10. Nike Tour Classic. Haven’t tried the new version but it’s my go to. For a glove that will last, I love the G4. They are expensive, but I usually buy the colors on close out.
  11. I loved these irons. Think my wife would kill me though if I buy another set while on lockdown.
  12. If you can find them, the old flyknit Nike racers are great in hot weather. I haven’t tried the Puma shoes but hear nothing but good from the guys I regularly play with.
  13. To add to the reviews here. I’m coming off of i500. In the short irons, the 0211 are great, but I miss the mid and long irons. These seem just a bit to long blade length wise past the 8 iron, maybe the 7. I can look past it because the feel and sound is miles better than the i500 (not as powerful, much softer with the PXG) and in the scoring clubs I get less flyers. Distance wise I’d say the go about the same. I gamed gen 1 0311 for a bit and these seem to hold up appearance wise a bit better and don’t scream PXG as much on the first tee. Anyone try to remove the badge on the back? Maybe it’s boredom kicking in but I’m thinking about giving it a try.
  14. I only got to play one round with the triple track Chromesoft X before the shut down, but I've go to say for me it felt so easy to line up and trust it. I'm sure we've all been there where you line up a put, stand over it and it feels off. The ability to have 3 lines seems to help make sure the ball is sitting perfectly square and upright to the line. The ball, I don't love as much as my experience with TM TP5 or some of the Bridgestone balls, but the lines work. They have also been great for indoor practice this past month because you can see the roll quickly and tell when you miss-strike the ball. I think Callaway is on to something and I'm likely to either self mark or replicate this mark on some other balls. Excited to try the new PIX as well as I had some decent rounds with the old version (and no one ever accidentally picks these up or hits them).
  15. Has anyone tried Mirror Vision? https://www.mirrorvisiongolf.com seems like a good option if you have an iPad and an iPhone. Going to give it a shot for some in home putting tomorrow.
  16. Surprised to not see a thread for the amazing Mac bags so had to share mine. I’ve gone through a lot of equipment over the last 5 years but this bag has been a constant. I had it custom made with a water bottle pocket, utility loop (I added a second strap) and in all black ballistic nylon. Still looks brand new. If anyone has ever been curious to order one I think it’s well worth it.
  17. I played a round with a guy on the UST marketing team who did this. Took an F5/XS recoil shaft and an old steel tip. Interesting feel. Having tried both the stroke lab and the BGT shaft I’m not 100% sold but if it helps you feel good over the ball odds are it helps.
  18. I had no idea Ping brought this bag back. So classic, clicking in here may have just cost me.
  19. For me, iPhone tripod to record swings between lessons. Instant review and something I can share fast w a coach.
  20. What’s up guys. With my brain and game on quarantine it felt like a good enough to officially start posting. im based in Brooklyn, play mostly public golf in the New York area but got a car last year so I could venture out and take advantage of club invites from friends. high single digit golfer fluctuating between 6-9 (prob higher after all this). Gear head and golf nut. Here is a pic of one of my prized buys: some National Custom Works irons that made their debut round in Scotland a couple year ago.
  21. Your first name: Jamie Your home state/province/country: Brooklyn, NY Your handicap: 7.1 Your current irons set/shaft: play both T-MB and I200 Your PING choice - i210 or i500: would love to try the i500
  22. - Your first name: Jamie - State/Province/Country: Brooklyn, NY - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: T-MB, C-Taper S - Your 7-iron distance: 165-170
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