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  1. DJ P - Orange County, CA I use a Bozily range finder, the cheapest one on amazon and apparently it is not tournament legal.
  2. I did these about 2 months ago and did 2 more recently as gifts. $18 for the weights custom cut 1018 steel round bar and shipped. https://www.onlinemetals.com/en/buy/cold-roll/mild-steel-round-bar-1018-cold-finish/pid/4797 The sizes if you are curious (1" diameter). Green: 1.5" (target weight 139g) Blue: 1.85" (target weight 174g) Red: 2.3" (target weight 219g) I then drilled them all out around 3/4" depth (until I hit the target weight) with my handheld dewalt drill, which was challenging but doable (high torque, low speed, with some oil).To steady them I drille
  3. Just put a Stroke Lab #1 in my bag. I've always used face balanced mallets and after testing all of the stroke lab mallets and the face just felt so strange and I couldn't get any distance control. Tried the #1 and it was a completely different experience. A well hit putt feels strange in such a good way, almost like its in a track it just sticks to the green and starts rolling. Not sure if I buy into the shaft weighting thing helping stroke, but it has forced me to take a longer slower stroke rather than a shorter faster stroke with the weight. That is a weird concept because you're
  4. DJ - Costa Mesa, California 115 MPH Titlelist Pro-V1x Never played a Snell, but I have eaten a Snail if that counts.
  5. If you have only a small area to practice in checkout birdie balls. It's a good limited flight alternative if you have no driving range. They feel like a real ball when you make contact and will give you ball flight feedback.
  6. Hello mgs forums from Orange County, CA. I'm dna113p and I absolutely loathe golf marketing I use mgs to make better decisions and prefer to buy used equipment from years past that get fantastic reviews! What a great forum this is!
  7. Welcome to the forums dna113p :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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