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  1. DJ P - Orange County, CA I use a Bozily range finder, the cheapest one on amazon and apparently it is not tournament legal.
  2. I did these about 2 months ago and did 2 more recently as gifts. $18 for the weights custom cut 1018 steel round bar and shipped. https://www.onlinemetals.com/en/buy/cold-roll/mild-steel-round-bar-1018-cold-finish/pid/4797 The sizes if you are curious (1" diameter). Green: 1.5" (target weight 139g) Blue: 1.85" (target weight 174g) Red: 2.3" (target weight 219g) I then drilled them all out around 3/4" depth (until I hit the target weight) with my handheld dewalt drill, which was challenging but doable (high torque, low speed, with some oil).To steady them I drilled a 1" hole into a piece of scrap, cut from the end of the piece to the 1" hole only on one side and clamped each piece of metal into the hole, knelt on either side of the board and drilled. The first one I tried to rig up some dumb thing to center the hole, and as you can see below the 2nd two that I just eyeballed were much better. I used a 8.6mm drill bit off amazon the first set for .335" shaft tip size, but the second time around I used an 11/32" drill bit from Lowes and it worked just fine. No weights flying off the clubs (yet). Also these are starting to rust already so in hind sight it might be better to do stainless, but the density is a bit different so you would have to re calculate the lengths above.
  3. Just put a Stroke Lab #1 in my bag. I've always used face balanced mallets and after testing all of the stroke lab mallets and the face just felt so strange and I couldn't get any distance control. Tried the #1 and it was a completely different experience. A well hit putt feels strange in such a good way, almost like its in a track it just sticks to the green and starts rolling. Not sure if I buy into the shaft weighting thing helping stroke, but it has forced me to take a longer slower stroke rather than a shorter faster stroke with the weight. That is a weird concept because you're going to have to adjust your stroke around the putter rather than getting a putter that fits your stroke. I'll post a full review after using it a couple more times.
  4. DJ - Costa Mesa, California 115 MPH Titlelist Pro-V1x Never played a Snell, but I have eaten a Snail if that counts.
  5. If you have only a small area to practice in checkout birdie balls. It's a good limited flight alternative if you have no driving range. They feel like a real ball when you make contact and will give you ball flight feedback.
  6. Hello mgs forums from Orange County, CA. I'm dna113p and I absolutely loathe golf marketing I use mgs to make better decisions and prefer to buy used equipment from years past that get fantastic reviews! What a great forum this is!
  7. Welcome to the forums dna113p :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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