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  1. $200.00 shipped Purchased brand new a month ago in an attempt to relieve back pain while putting but, no luck. 51 inch length. Center shaft. Excellent condition.
  2. Not unhappy at all with the readings. It is very accurate. I purchased it to get a base line for my swing speed and distances. It did the job very well. Now I need a new putter so selling a couple of things to fund that.
  3. Installed in my driver (Tsi2) the length is 45.5 I don’t have the shaft with me at the moment but will post the shaft length in the morning.
  4. $165 shipped. Excellent condition. New grip. standard Titleist length
  5. It is the new version. Purchased new about a month ago.
  6. $130 shipped. Newest version Excellent condition. Works perfectly.
  7. Lux

    Evnroll Midlock?

    My apologies if this has been discussed but I couldn’t find any info. Has anyone tried one and what was your experience like? Thanks!
  8. Possibly...let me know what you are interested in trading. Thanks!
  9. Sold standard Titleist driver length. grip has plenty of life left. Thanks for looking!
  10. Lux


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