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  1. I'm a 5 handicap 

    I live in Mobile, Alabama

    I currently play Srixon Z585 irons 4-PW

    160 yard carry with my 8 iron.

    I have only heard of Sub 70 through this website. I do not know much about Sub 70 honestly. Reading the review has definitely peeked my interest. I am in the market for replacing most of the clubs in my bag so I'd love to give the sub 70 a try.

  2. $260 Shipped. Excellent condition. 1 month old. I've played 2 rounds with it. Great driver, Im just needing a different loft and flex.

    Headcover and wrench included.


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  3. If you're going to separate I might be interested in the 19•



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    Not quite ready to separate them yet....

  4. I'm buying a new set of irons (srixon 565). I was fit for plus a half inch. Unfortunately, Srixon is out of PW and 9 iron heads and won't be making anymore with the release of the new 585 (that I'm not really interested in). So, I can't order a custom set from Srixon.

    My question..... Is adding a half inch extension to a set of stock clubs the same as getting a custom length from the manufacturer or does it jack up the swing weight and kick point?


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