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  1. some sort of weight change causing you to close the face more? or visually setting up with the face closed causing you to strike it with the face more closed to path than usual.
  2. Thanks for the feedback - i get the impression there would be little benefit from buying new gear at this point. Probably best getting a couple lessons in for the driver!
  3. I have a Callaway Big Bertha 815 (2015 model?) - I seem to hit it quite well, but would there be any real benefit to a 2019 upgrade?
  4. I am doing lessons (block of 11 paid for) and my coach has helped me to start recording and self analysing my swing. I thought a swingtalk might help provide more immediate feedback on my swing change efforts when practising alone (path etc). I know it will not be perfect, but I like having a few stats to think about. As a side note, I actually bought one on eBay yesterday
  5. I have started taking lessons but want something to supplement my practising. I am looking at buying a Swingtalk to help review my swing. Most reviews seem positive, but since it was released in 2015 and now mostly unavailable in stores, should I wait for a new product to be available?
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