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  1. 1. Jeff in Illinois 2. 13 hcp 91 swing speed (stiff usually) 3. Taylormade M2 4. G410 Plus Haven't had a Ping driver since my son snapped the head off my Si3 driver.. man I miss that thing. still rocking my OG Zings though
  2. Jeff in Springfield, Illinois Ping Zing originals with KT-M shafts blue dot but i believe standard black dots are the correct fit because they feel just right when playing my son's black dot i3's .. when playing the blues (there is a crossroads joke in there somewhere) i feel a bit too upright.. holy hell i need fitted 😣 14 hcp i don't care which flavor.. anything born this decade would be an upgrade 😏 .. maybe.. i love my Pings. if you were to twist my arm i would say the i500's
  3. _Jeff _Springfield, (the other capitol of IL) Illinois US _Ping Zing black dot 2-S (yes a 2 that my son calls the "old man iron"; i use it semi-regularly depending on fairway wood/hybrid suck factor any given day/week/month - my bag is an ever changing mish mash depending on which course and which part of my game is sucking at the time) w/ KT-M stiff flex shafts _Taylormade LCG Burner Approach Wedge with Bubble 2 R-80 shaft ...old, old, old school _7 iron anywhere from 13 to 160ish yards depending on luck, (lack of) skill, frustration level and adult bev
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