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  1. What type of scores do you shoot when your ball striking isn’t spot on?Just curious
  2. You just don’t get it.When your on one side of the tracks versus the other
  3. Reminds me of dating. One second you think the date went wonderful. Next second the biatch won’t return your calls chock it up as a loss.And hope the membership develops a mass herpies outbreak
  4. I’ve been fortunate attending all 4 rounds of the masters back in 1996.It was an wonderful experience.Fast forward now, and I can careless.Its a complete travesty how this tourney has turned into a marketing endeavor.And just reeks of elitism and the extremely wealthy and privileged.This tourney hurts our great game.It completely shows the world that golf is only meant for a select few.If your not wealthy or not born Into it then you don't belong.Absolutely dread this time of year
  5. .So let me get this straight.Your main vehicle you use is the one in question? And you come on a golf forum for advice on a vehicle that shouldn’t even be on the highways?Do they not have a service station near you?And I read you buy a lot of new and the latest golf equipment.Why not get this fixed first than think about buying the golf equipment.That is just me i guess.Dont worry about others safety around you.(face palm).This has to be the craziest thread I’ve ever read.#PRIORITIES
  6. I would say just worry about your short game. Your not a pro and will never be. If using your natual swing makes golf easier and more enjoyable for you . Than just do that
  7. As I stated (amateur) golfers like us for this thread. When do we determine our swings are functional. And go out and just play knowing your ball will go right to left or left to right? This game can be so expensive when it comes to golf lessons. I’m sure we know of, or might be one of us, peeps that decided this is what they have. Just grip it and let the ball fly. Only take a lesson when things completely fall apart comments ..
  8. I know the big PGA show is going on. But I went to another trade show this afternoon. The Home Depot building materials-doors-window expo. It was massive is an understatement. Learned about all the forms of drywall- adhesives - lumber- synthetic porches- man doors- custom doors- rock- mulch- lighting - and on and on. Was invited by a friend who is a contractor. Was 5 hours of pure boredom. But just amazed how they fit in all the booths- vendors and exhibits in such a tiny area. The visitors and exhibits were just fanatical about this stuff. Glad that is over
  9. Great posts.Feel bad for ya Gswag.Maybe just stop playing golf and spend more time in the range and practice facility.Not necessarily working on your game.But taking a break from on course.I know a few that are range warriors and really if ever play golf.They just love hitting the ball
  10. So far I’m all in.But did anyone’s interest of the game ever leave them for a while?Or leave for good?
  11. I guess this is sorta like a small good bye.And thanks for your feedback and participation here.You will spend years ingulfed in a new world of Facebook groups.They are fun and as you said super addictive.Any topic you need is available on there with a huge following and endless posts and threads. Stop back on here and say hello once in a while.Your going to have a good time for sure and have a ton of catching up
  12. Just purchased this for my phone. Anyone else use it ? And what are the advantages and disadvantages ?
  13. We have a lady we hired a few years back that was completely slaughtered on the net. An angry ex and his family. On revenge websites, posts you name it. She is a darn good worker and a great hire. Feel terrible for her really. After this hire our head of HR said it is the last time they research anyone on the net before hiring. The internet is getting worse and incidents like this are happening more and more.It almost needs to be regulated or let the people regulate what can be shown and what can’t. It’s getting to the point where I believe very little of what I read on it anymore. As far as the OP, if I knew who the person was it would be a bad day for them.I would personally find them and pummel them into submission. That would be my idea of revenge.
  14. I give you credit for posting j Luke’s.You have a long road ahead of you.I would seek an instructor that focuses on lower body dictating the swing itself.Your issues aren’t the actual motion.But more being extremely out of sync.All coming back with very poor lower body movements best of luck
  15. Semi- brag here.But on video, I may have the most technically sound swing of any internet online poster._The pro said it is scratch level quality or lower.He just raves about it being mega flaw free.Oddly it doesn’t live up to its expectations on the course when playing.I still have no clue at times where the ball will go my numbers on track man are very strong and the video backs it up.But why do I still stink it up so badly on the course?When I miss one it will be 2 counties over
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