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  1. Edveed

    Traditions of past Christmas’s

    Wow. Now this sounds just like a Hackers forum post.
  2. Edveed

    Golf Trip Ideas

    I was adding the annual trip to see the mouse as well
  3. Edveed

    Golf Trip Ideas

    Annual trip to see the mouse ? going to Pinehurst when becoming a teenager? Those trips are both easily $10k combined.Maybe I’m old fashioned or come from a modest background.But when I turned 13 my dad took me fishing.Actually instead of old fashioned we were middle class modest.And still am.What a lucky little dude.These trips would be a bucket list item for us.Boy golf forums sure arent your every day joes
  4. Edveed

    What is your biggest swing fault

    It might be a lack of coordination.We all have our limits in what our bodies can physically do.Maybe just focus on short game and swing the way you are now
  5. Or/ do you have certain feels or positions you focus on each time out?
  6. Edveed

    Quitting golf cold turkey

    I think more avid golfers quit golf cold turkey than we assume.There are some hobbies that are extremely demanding. Both physically , mentally , monetarily and time consuming. Unfortunately golf fits all of those categories.Many just can’t continue giving all of their efforts for golf and playing well.
  7. Edveed

    Random Thread

    Want to give a big thank you to this great forum and the mods here.Its always so pleasant peaking in here and reading enjoyable clean threads.Was visiting a site called the hackers and noticed tons of bickering and bashing.Hate reading when current and past members get teamed up on.No reason even participating in a place like that.Glad this is my site
  8. Edveed

    Helping casual golfers improve

    A dozen times is a great year for him.He truly loves this great game like the rest of you.Just no time no matter how he tries reworking things.That is a great idea you posted. Will pass it on. I also told him to hit rubber balls in backyard. It’s not real golf, but better than nothing
  9. Edveed

    Helping casual golfers improve

    Won’t happen.He is all about family who are non golfers.His schedule is just jam packed.You couldn’t have played avidly your entire life.There is many many out there that just don’t have the time. But love golf and want to improve. Online golf (which are mostly avid players )are such a small percentage of people that actually play the game. The vast majority are casual golfers
  10. Edveed

    Helping casual golfers improve

    Nice.This guy and I believe so many other casual golfers just don’t have the time for swing changes or even small range practice.His schedule is so tight that a dozen rounds a season is an accomplishment for him. He wants to make changes. But it would be futile for him taking lessons or delving into swing theories. that advice is an easy fix. Thanks His only time available is the day we play golf. Has a big family and his work hours prevent him from improving like he would wish.But if he had the time. The info you provided would be very beneficial. Wish guys that wanted to get better and play more had more opportunities. He has the drive and motivation
  11. The vast majority of the golfing population are casual golfers.Which would be the group that plays less than a dozen rounds a year.They also lack the time of hitting the range or putting greens.Their only time available for working on the game is the day they are on the course to play. My buddy, for example, shoots low 90’s high 80’s as a casual.He plays the back tees and is actually a very athletic coordinated person.His driving distance is 250.Which is more than adequate for a most back tee golf He personally loses the most strokes 150 to 100 yards. Missing the greens short or left or right of the target. His putting and driving are actually very solid for his lack of playing and practicing. what would you recommend for this type of golfers for improving the game and making it fun?
  12. Edveed

    Analyze my swing

    Video or pics of a Swing are useless without flight numbers.
  13. Been reading on here about numerous posts focusing on impact. And even read a few where they said a proper backswing doesn’t matter. In my opinon (and my teachers) the backswing is the most crucial for a good swing. What are some of your personal checkpoint s for nailing a great backswing. And per my teacher, this is the one area of the motion that we have total control of. The impact of the swing just happens and isn’t a forced objective. A solid backswing makes a solid impact easier to obtain thoughts
  14. Edveed

    Got Problems?

    Not adding kerosene here.But if you are quitting this great game. Or have quit and haven’t played in years. Either an injury or life issues related. Than maybe find another forum that fits your needs and likes. Leave this forum for guys who are still playing and enjoying the grind . Not being harsh , just my 2 cents . I just find it odd that non golfers post here. And post quite frequently
  15. Edveed

    Best Halloween movies

    A little late with this one.But what is your favorite Halloween scare movies of all time