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  1. When I was growing up it was a great honor being on the baseball field. My folks were very animate on the sidelines. And put tons of effort into my game and seeing this as a chance leading into a possible scholarship one day. For many, baseball is a way out of a ‘ rift raft ‘ life as you call it. So as you see as being loud and obnoxious. I see it as parents pushing their sons or daughters into being successful. You also learn team work , honesty and pride in what your doing as a player. Valuable qualities needed leading into adulthood I also took advantage of the golf clinic at the local country club for kids who live on the other side of the tracks. Being in early high school, I observed what a country club atmosphere really is . Don’t get me wrong, I learned a new sport and it’s rules. But behind the smoke and mirrors I saw the members living it up. And saw the average joes doing the greenskeeping or waiting tables or washing clubs. It just didn’t seem right with me that a select few could live that life style while the others were slaving it at the club. I’m sure we were just a tax right off for the club. And a token showing that they are trying too care about the other kids who never could experience golf. Remember telling my father one night what I experienced at the club. And he told me “ son , this is how the world is unfortunately” . A world of haves vs have nots.
  2. Maybe the upper echelons of golf are illuminates.When your wealthy and own it all.Who is saying you can’t control the weather as well. A possibility.Its a world of Have and Have Nots
  3. Wow!!! More amateur golfers need the gym than they need golf.Many I see can’t even function unless they are riding a cart.Some of the most out of shape-lazy-sick looking individuals I’ve ever come across are golfers in general.Change your life and live longer.The gym is a life style change that our bodies need. Great work Ole Grey and Rev
  4. When I first started playing golf I never went all in. And cutback my playing down to nill. Golf for me never signified a true manly sport or endeavor. It portrayed more of a leisure activity for non athletic types. It just wasn’t cool enough and didn’t give me that rush I was looking for. Now 20 years later I respect golf and it’s difficulty. I don’t see it as a true athletic activity like my other likes. But the daily challenges draw me in.
  5. I think the amateurs themselves are honest and realistic about their games. But the online instructors who act like their methods are the nirvana for great golf are delusional. Many of their philosophies are just whims of grandeur. Heck I read where one instructor is going to play in a major senior event soon. And he actually said he could beat all the so called ‘has beens’ out there on that tour. Really? Can’t wait to see the outcome of that one
  6. Well my thread really took some different twists and turns on the subject.
  7. Not looking for any conflict here.But in general.Most PGA tour players are extremely weak for their builds.I will agree that they work out more than previous generations of pros.But in my observations.They just are very weak for an professional male athlete.Ive worked out with many professional athletes that are some of the most strongest-flexible-coordinated individuals I’ve ever met.I would never trade my physique for any current pga male tour player.So what makes these guys so unique?How are they so gifted in what they do?
  8. This just proves to me how golf is becoming a smaller niched sport. I honestly believe the golf channel won’t be around in less than a decade.
  9. I’m noticing a new division happening in golf. More financially strapped clubs are opening up their doors to almost anyone now a days. They are almost begging people to join. Many who are joining are people you were never considered ‘country club material’ . Which I find almost comical in a way. At one point in many country clubs lucrative pasts. Many of these new members would be looked down on or ridiculed. Now they are begging for them to join and help a losing cause. It’s almost a two faced type of a move. At one juncture it was a “you don’t belong and will never belong here mentality”. Now it is a “ please join, we will take anyone”. I so look forward to the day when local one time exclusive clubs will have big hair bands or heavy death metal playing at their social functions. As other old fart members scoff at what is happening (or will be). I personally find this a hoot and love the much needed change
  10. Just a fun thread here.But what course did you play that you hit multiple shots all round?For me, it was the TPC of Sawgrass on a slow hot summer day.Me and my partner each hit multiple tee shots all day getting our fill of this great course.Was also fun hitting 2 shots off of the famous 17 Th tee.And was great having all 4 of our balls laying on the green.Course was pretty wide open and very few rangers.We replaced all divots and ball marks as well
  11. It’s almost equivalent to getting the ugly sister out of the house. No matter how hard you try.You can’t even give her away.Tough sell is being overly kind.Its a hobby where less than 5% of new adult potential players will show any interest in.
  12. What type of scores do you shoot when your ball striking isn’t spot on?Just curious
  13. You just don’t get it.When your on one side of the tracks versus the other
  14. Reminds me of dating. One second you think the date went wonderful. Next second the biatch won’t return your calls chock it up as a loss.And hope the membership develops a mass herpies outbreak
  15. I’ve been fortunate attending all 4 rounds of the masters back in 1996.It was an wonderful experience.Fast forward now, and I can careless.Its a complete travesty how this tourney has turned into a marketing endeavor.And just reeks of elitism and the extremely wealthy and privileged.This tourney hurts our great game.It completely shows the world that golf is only meant for a select few.If your not wealthy or not born Into it then you don't belong.Absolutely dread this time of year
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