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  1. I agree with the last few posts.The sport is really trending more elitist.And going back to its 1960ish “ I’m better than you roots”.Its real obvious every where I go.Kinda holding back and not saying a lot but just enjoying the game.It is getting to the point where the members are starting to look down more on others more than I can remember.If it keeps trending this way I might be looking into new hobbies as well.The nerve of these people and the aura they give off is just so toxic for growing the game.Im at the point now in my life where instead of fighting a bad situation.Im going to just walk away with my head held high.So yes!! I can see why many avid golfers walk away.Only so much one can take of elitist a*holes.And the sad thing they see nothing wrong with the way they act or how their cronies act.And I was actually very pleased my son never had any interest as of late for golf.Im not going to promote this game to anyone knowing what I know.Was always a huge backer of this game.No more,at times I’m embarrassed telling my friends I play golf.Honestly,,...If your an a**hole, or rich elitist than you most likely play golf.
  2. This just shows me the USGA is getting desperate and ‘pulling straws’ drumming up new players.They can see many an area is noticing loss -major to medium- of people playing this game.Its just how the times of the world are now.Unfortunately, golf has really taken a back seat in society now a days.Priorities for so many have changed and just doesn’t allow a spot for golf in their busy schedules.Cant force people into the game.Which is basically what they are doing now
  3. We have a great facility here that has 39 holes of golf.Two regulation 18’s, and 3 holes for casual play.The 3 hole course has gotten so busy on the weekends.That the pro is actually taking tee times for it.Tons of families come out and just duff it around for the 3 holes and have a blast.They are regulation par 4’s that even have tees by the 125 plates if you want to play as a par 3.Many a time I’ve saw people in line to play the 3 holes.And hardly no one on the 36 hole regulation courses.I think the 3 hole idea is a smart one.But the USGA has to be careful.Altering the golden rules too much will take away from the integrity and history of this great game.The idea is making the hole larger and I even heard allowing certain handicaps a chance improving lies with no penalty isn’t golf.If that is the case why not just let people tee off 100 yards from the green and play from that location.Nothing wrong with teeing way forward.But putting tee makers at the 200 yard plates on a par 4 is a little ridiculous.
  4. Being a weight lifter and baseball- softball player has helped me in golf.From my first swings.Ive always hit the ball a long distance I was told.My first few times on a course were with a buddy that also excelled in baseball.He told me “hit it like a low inside fast ball”.And within 1 month of playing heavily.I shot an 85.Now many years later I’ve wanted to improve more on accuracy.So I started taking in person pro lessons and have been watching the scores start coming down rather fast.Its like any other sports endeavor.Once you taste some success you want more.Hate to say it.But being a natural or athletic with coordination is the only way one can get this game.Non athletics are the ones who just can’t get over the hump no matter how hard they work at it.This is truly a sport where coordination and is a must
  5. I will credit where it is due.Mr David Leadbetter and Mr Hank Haney for sure.Not only have the experience with tens of thousands of amateurs.But also taught and maintained a awesome stable of top caliber pros.Will throw in Mr George Gankas as well.As for the rest! Especially the online post all day forum golf pros.Hmmm, no thanks.There is a reason that some teaching pros post all the time online bashing successful instructors.While the top of their professions are actually out giving lessons.#priorities
  6. Quick follow up.I contacted my pro and discussed my driver woes over the phone.According to him, having two grips would be a disaster.But he did say that some clubs need a different release pattern than others.So he proposed I try a open palm release style with my driver.And bingo, low cutting fades nicely in play on the golf course.Maybe not my longest drives.But having the ball 270-290 in the short stuff is good for me.The release feels more like a side medicine ball throw with the hands never turning the club over into well in the follow thru.With my irons I can release freely.But the driver using his method requires a different release style
  7. Hiya. Worked with an Instructor last year who focused more on a body swing.It was effective but really hard to maintain with my love of gym heavy lifting work outs.Just hard turning when my body is tight and stiff. So I went and found another instructor who has more of a physical body background.According to him.People with my build need to utilize their assets.Which for me is a very strong upper body.He proposed we work on more of a right sided swing.One that uses more hand hit and shallowing.Versus the body shallowing the club.Its a little forced with the hands dominating this motion.But my irons have never been better.The driver produces an excess amount of snap hooks for my liking.For some reason the excess strong grip really throws off my driver swing.Would you recommend using a weaker grip for the driver?And maybe get a stiffer shaft for the driver?This swing really produces a nice shallow divot that always points slightly right of the target.Ball flight is lower draws with a hook bias.He is booked up solid now for months.Wont be able to see him until mid October
  8. I met my current girl friend 4 months ago online.And we are a perfect match.She is huge into fitness just like myself.And she even golfs(which has no bearing on me at all).She is gorgeous and would easily be mistaken for a run way model.And is financially well established For online golf.I met some great folks at an custom clubshaft event .Really enjoyed myself.Unfortunately the guy running the site made the event uncomfortable and not as enjoyable.Never posted again after the event was over
  9. I actually had a great experience visiting a club for possible membership.The normal price is an astounding $9k a year for all the amenities.However; do to the clubs need for new members.They are offering a casual member pass for $1k for the season.This is for unlimited golf-range balls-and cart Monday - Wednesday.Sure we can’t play the weekends.But for the course conditions and challenges it is highly worth it.Many courses are really pushing for more members
  10. In the big scope of things the Dan and Monty are a bunch of nobodies compared to George.Online golf is such a small niche of less than 1% of people who actually play golf.Im going with a guy that makes a presence by the players he teaches that compete on the big stage.Either the junior - collegiate or the tours is where he is known.Not a online forum that people maybe visit once in their lives or maybe even never by the majority
  11. George is light years ahead of all the other online golf instructors.They are getting lapped actually.I purchased some videos from an online instructor from golf works last week called drive for dough.The videos were just gawd awful.My gift for myself will be joining Gankas new website.He has the results and is in huge demand.The rest of these guys are a real disgrace
  12. I just started taking golf seriously the last 4 seasons.Ive ran into many an online golf scam without prior knowledge of what I was buying.Im hoping I’m at least better now in deciphering all the BS out there First :signed up for a generic Golf Digest tip website.That basically was a clip and paste from online magazines or articles of other various websites. Second: Bought some arm gizmo called the Greg Norman secret.Some hodge podge training aid that caused me more pain and discomfort than fixing my swing Lastly: signed up for the membership on the Hackers Website.Will leave it at that
  13. I just saw this video on YouTube. And I’m going to buy a few dozen and try them.What the hell do I have to lose anyway
  14. If you posted this on the Hackers Website.They would strip you of US citizenship and deport you immediately no questions asked
  15. For a body competitions.You dedicate every hour to your body.Your sleeping and eating-fasting regimens must be perfect before you even hit the gym for 4-6 hours daily.Than you have to develop a stage routine and make sure every inch of your body is symmetrical and better than anyone else.These drastic steps must be followed months before a competition.So going to a big event and failing badly can take a huge toll on many.It sure did with me.Really put in perspective on how far behind I was.Made me realize the hard way that I just couldn’t compete with these guys.Couldnt sacrifice anymore
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