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  1. Jeff / Michigan 6.7 Callaway Apex CF16 155
  2. Name and Location Jeff Montague; Grand Rapids, MI How do you currently get your yardages? Hunting for sprinkler heads that haven't lost their marker How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Technology has it's place. I like approximating my yardage and going with what feels right, but knowing the actual number on an unfamiliar course or having something to confirm the mark you find when you don't trust what it says and what it's feeling like would definitely give more confidence and allow more focus in those situations.
  3. Jeff Michigan Taylor Made Spider (red) Putting (lag putting specifically) is a weakness (though not the only one!)
  4. Jeff, Michigan currently have Nike pants and use my north face rain jacket due to lack of adequate rain gear, I linimit my rain exposure, though I’ve never called it and gone in just because it’s a little wet- if it isn’t coming down on the first tee, I’m committed to finishing the round. That said, the worst I’ve endured is high 30s/ low 40s with a steady 10-15 blowing and a steady shower for about the middle third of the round. Would love to try some proper rain gear.
  5. Jeff Michigan Callaway Great Big Bertha/ Kuro Kage Tini 50g Recommended and tested in play vs others, but not exactly "fit" (by numbers, etc.)
  6. 1. Jeff 2. Michigan, USA 3. 8 4. by hand on a scorecard, later transcribed to a spreadsheet
  7. I'm Jeff from Michigan. I currently hunt down sprinkler heads or just go by feel if one isn't close by in the interest of pace of play.
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