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  1. Here is a 2016 Newport 2 Notchback 35" for sale. Stock grip and headcover. $265 obo.
  2. I had a chance to hit this yesterday on a trackman indoors. Definitely felt great and dispersion was tighter than driver. Distance definitely lacked (I hit the 11.5 compared to my 10.5 driver). I'm not sure if I could see it in my bag though.
  3. I know, fitting is key, but I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are. I was thinking that, essentially, one could get similar results for accuracy with a shorter driver as they would with the TM Original One. As for distance I would think a driver at the same length as the Original One would get a little more distance since it would probably have a lower loft (assuming you're hitting both in the middle of the face). Has anyone had a chance to test this out? What are your thoughts?
  4. I decided to get fit for a new driver this year. Last year I was fit into a TPT shaft for my Epic at Club Champion. I never felt really comfortable with that shaft and Figured I'd try from scratch this year and see what happens. But the skeptic in me just didn't trust the results that I've gotten. I've ended up getting fit at 4 different locations to see/experiment with the results. Each producing a different result. This has led me to confusion and questioning what I should go with. My stats and results are listed below. I did see good numbers with the final result at each fitting but just surprised at how different each of the results were. I didn't make any significant changes to my swing and all the fittings have been within a 1 month period. Any advice would be appreciated. Current Club: Epic w/ TPT 16 MKP, MT SS: ~90mph Fitting 1 (Local Mom and Pop) using Foresight GC2 Result: Taylormade M6 Draw 10.5 Standard settings; GD Tour AD DI 6S Fitting 2 (Local large Golf shop) using Trackman Result: Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5, weight in Draw, set to Draw +1; Evenflow Black 6.0 75G Fitting 3 (Demo Day with Callaway Rep) using Trackman Result: Epic Flash 12.0, weight in Neutral, set to Draw Standard; GD Tour AD DI 6S Fitting 4 (GolfTec) using Foresight GC2 Result: Epic Flash 10.5, weight in Fade, set to Neutral Standard; Tensei AV 65 S -1/2in What do I do with these results?
  5. - Paraag - VA - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback - Putting is definitely a strength. Driving is weakest part of my game.
  6. I currently have an Orange Tour AD DI 6S Driver shaft at standard length with a Callaway adapter. I would like to have the black version. Willing to buy (if its a reasonable price) or trade.
  7. 1. Paraag - VA 2. HDCP - 18.5, SS - 98mph 3. Callaway Rogue w/ TPT 16 MKP MT Shaft 4. Epic Flash
  8. 1. Paraag, Virginia 2. 19 hdcp, 95mph 3. Callaway Rogue 4. G410 Plus
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