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  1. Wash machine, insert hand while wet, let air dry. I quit wearing a glove years ago. I sweat, I don't perspire. Club's not stable in my hand with a glove on. Anyway, I do this with gloves I've found, I just gave a friend and his wife 15-20 "reconditioned" gloves and they couldn't be happier.
  2. Big Shot Tuned Golf I'd love to compare them to my Oaks and my Smith Axis. Thanks for the chance! -LB
  3. 1. No, but I do read some of the reviews. 2. It has made me realize that there's a sucker born every minute and people think if it costs more, it must be better. I've learned that that's simply not the case. 3. No. I shoot the same scores regardless of equipment and I've tried a ton. 4.I enjoy the game, period.
  4. Landon, Mason, Ohio 12.5 Innovex Type S GDT Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 80i- stiff flex, 4-LW. Custom built by me, 38,25" 4 iron and 1/4" increments down from there. 36.5" in the GW, SW & LW. I've mostly stayed away from forged irons over the years because of forgiveness. I've played many, as in hundreds of types of irons, including forged, but have never tried the Mizuno brand. I've played their drivers, fwys and hybrids, but never the irons. It would be nice to find out what I've missed, if anything.
  5. Yep, "EVNROLL Putters". I find it funny that the guy can't even use his own name. What a world we live in today NN.
  6. $100 shipped Review - http://www.mygolfspy.com/rife-legend-2-bar-putter-review/
  7. on the right side of the screen that drops down and covers up pictures in posts/threads??
  8. This is in very good used condition. Comes with original head cover that is both velcro & magnetic. Plays @ 34.5" and has a Golf Pride New Decade grip that is blown on with air for easy changing. If you don't like the length I can cut it down to the length of your choice. $100 shipped OBO
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