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  1. I figured I'd put out an unofficial review of the NX10 since I know MGS is doing a testing and will have more reviews soon, so here's my thoughts: I had been using the Tour V4 for the last few years with a magnet strap. The rangefinder worked well, no issues, but alas the magnet wasn't strong enough for my friend that drives over every bump at full speed in the cart. My Tour V4 fell a couple times and now the pin only gets picked up when it's in the lower left corner of the reticle, so it's a bit iffy and was time to get a new one. I reached out the Bushnell for a repair since I was about 5 months out of warranty but they could only offer a $80 credit towards a new one. I bought the Tour V5 shortly after, but Precision Pro had just released the NX10. Then, right before Prime Day rolled around the NX10 was on sale for $240. So I wanted to try something from them for a while and thought it would be a good chance to have 2 rangefinders at the same time to "battle to the death" (or return box, as it were). Tour V5 Shift: As you would expect from a Bushell product, it felt premium in the hand. Nice slimmer styling than my V4, and I liked having more of a rubberized tack to hold onto. The magnet (which is a must now) is very strong and assuring when it locks to the cart. The optics are bright and clear as you would expect. Now, the thing I didn't like about the V5; this V5 would only jolt after you move off the target, OR if you started to the left or right of the flag then moved to the flag it would jolt. I honestly didn't like having to wander off the target to incite a jolt. On my tour V4 you press and hold the button, then "jolt" as it locked on while aiming at the pin. Not a total deal breaker, but it was off-putting to me. I don't need to say much more, this thing's been reviewed by everyone everywhere. Precision Pro NX10 My first product by Precision Pro (PP), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'll say first that the whole "customization" thing was not a real draw to get this, and I didn't care for most of the "skins" other than maybe the gray. After digging a bit and seeing that PP had updated the laser and optics, etc, then I knew I wanted to try it out. I think that PP should make it more clear that the guts are also "better" than the NX9, but it's not obvious on the website (or it wasn't). The packaging gave a very premium feel to it. Taking it out of the box and into hand I found it heavy (not in a bad way), and it felt good. Similar heft to the Pro XE. The body is all matte plastic and no grip which I'm not as much a fan of. It just feels like I might drop it as some point. Also, it's very bland in appearance if you don't get a skin. Optics: 7x magnification took some getting used to over the 6x on the Bushnells, but I like that. I think the optics show a little bit of dark shading around the outside, compared to the very clear V5 optics, but no deal breaker. The accuracy: Compared to the V5 the NX10 was always a consistent 1yd difference (shorter) from almost any distance 45yds to 300yds, normal and slope calculation seemed consistent with the Tour V5, so I am happy with that and can't say which one was correct, but the consistency gave me confidence. Pin Seeking: This was more familiar. Point, click, vibe. It's ever-so-slightly slower than the V4/V5, but hardly noticeable. The good thing was, it picks up the pin frequently, easily, and hardly any false readings. This was something I can get behind. The magnet is strong, but not nearly as strong as the V5 magnet. So a heavier rangefinder and weaker magnet. That has me worried a bit, however I have hit many bumps and no detachment so far, so I do believe it's still strong enough. As far as the changeable skin on the side, I actually pulled the skin off when I reached for it once so it's not on there super tight or anything. Other than it being there to absorb shock if it fell, I might not even keep it on the rangefinder in the future. More weight and it doesn't add grip or ergonomics, so for me, I might just leave it off. (Or make a skin with a grip?!?!) Other things: Case is nice, quality, higher end feel to it, the PP is known to stand behind their products so that gives me confidence as well. Verdict: I ended up sending the Tour V5 back and am keeping the NX10. For the $400 vs. $240 price tag you really aren't sacrificing much. The big deciding factor (other than price) was that after a few rounds I have confidence that it picks up the pin from long distances and relatively quickly with accuracy. The Bushnell is the known "gold standard", but the NX10 is a great rangefinder that you should look into and buy with confidence (and decorate it too, if you're into that). Thanks for reading, -Ed
  2. Ed, Orlando, FL HCP 8.3, Driver SS ~100-105 Tour Edge Exotics CBX Hybrid w/HZRDUS Black 85g 5.5 20 degree Hybrid. My current set goes to a 22deg 4-iron. A 20 degree would be a good gap between my 4 iron and 3HL wood. I'm really interested in if there really is an improvement in the later generations of the CBX Hybrids.
  3. I played the Tour and Tour X yesterday, 9 holes each. Really liked how the Tour played, lined up the CG and was hitting great drives. Might have been the placebo effect, but still..... Then today I saw a review on the Dick's website recently where someone used a Check-Go to spin these balls and they were all wrong on the CG except for one. This would be concerning as that was the whole premise of the "CG Line" they have. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone else fact checked Maxfli's CG lines?
  4. Good information everyone, thanks for sharing! Question, I see now that you can get this with Slope AND Jolt now so am seriously considering it. I have a question for the CaddyTek owners: I currently have a Nikon Prostaff 7 (more of a hunting model really) but I really like to be able to hold the button down and "scan" to make sure I have the flag (picks up the distances behind the green as I pan across (300, 300, 175yd, 300....ok, now I know for sure 175yd). I really like that reassurance that I have the flag by scanning. Does this have the capability to do that? I had a few rounds using the Bushnell Pro X2 (the $500 mack daddy) and I found that I missed having that scan feature and that it would "lock" onto things behind the flag at times, I was not impressed really.
  5. Ed B. Orlando, FL Currently use either Nikon Prostaff 7 or I have on order a Bushnell Pro X2. Would really like to demo this out against the Pro X2!
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