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  1. Ed, Orlando, FL HCP 8.3, Driver SS ~100-105 Tour Edge Exotics CBX Hybrid w/HZRDUS Black 85g 5.5 20 degree Hybrid. My current set goes to a 22deg 4-iron. A 20 degree would be a good gap between my 4 iron and 3HL wood. I'm really interested in if there really is an improvement in the later generations of the CBX Hybrids.
  2. I played the Tour and Tour X yesterday, 9 holes each. Really liked how the Tour played, lined up the CG and was hitting great drives. Might have been the placebo effect, but still..... Then today I saw a review on the Dick's website recently where someone used a Check-Go to spin these balls and they were all wrong on the CG except for one. This would be concerning as that was the whole premise of the "CG Line" they have. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone else fact checked Maxfli's CG lines?
  3. Good information everyone, thanks for sharing! Question, I see now that you can get this with Slope AND Jolt now so am seriously considering it. I have a question for the CaddyTek owners: I currently have a Nikon Prostaff 7 (more of a hunting model really) but I really like to be able to hold the button down and "scan" to make sure I have the flag (picks up the distances behind the green as I pan across (300, 300, 175yd, 300....ok, now I know for sure 175yd). I really like that reassurance that I have the flag by scanning. Does this have the capability to do that? I
  4. Ed B. Orlando, FL Currently use either Nikon Prostaff 7 or I have on order a Bushnell Pro X2. Would really like to demo this out against the Pro X2!
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