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    Before kids....Surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, Golf, motorcycles, Flying and anything fast. After kids...The schedule got a lot tighter and some hobbies had to go. Golf is my main interest now and I'm in deep. I do almost all of my own club work and really enjoy learning about the industry. I try to play and practice as much as I can.
    I also enjoy wood working and spending time with my wife and children.
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  1. I bounce back and forth between grip sizes. I prefer a midsize pistol style grip. One of my favorites is the PingMan cord grip. I ended up going with a bigger grip(SS pistol GT) because with a smaller grip my hands would get fatigued when practicing. Through a round of golf I never had the issue, I was always comfortable. But if I practice more than 10 minutes or so, my hands would tire from holding the smaller grip. lately I’ve been blocking putts out to the right and having trouble releasing the club head. I went back to the smaller grip and I’ve been putting phenomenally.
  2. I have changed weights several times but there always seems to be one “magic” weight that works best for me. I’ve heard of swapping for green speeds too but never actually done it. this thread has renewed my curiosity.
  3. Stephen Cunningham/Madison, AL 118-120mph Taylormade SIM2 10.5 @ 9.75 Tour AD IZ 6x Yes. Modus 120 x flex. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Stephen Madison, AL I walk 90% of my rounds I currently use a clic gear 3.5.
  5. Stephen, Madison, AL iPhone 11 Pro I have adequate space to test indoors and outdoors. I can test with or without a net indoor and outdoors. I also have a Flight scope Mevo so I can compare directly against it. I have multiple iOS devices to be able to run both monitors simultaneously.
  6. Stephen in Madison, AL I have used two types of hitting nets, each with their own issues. Not over impressed by either one. I have a flight scope Mevo that I use when hitting into the net.
  7. I also had an M3 break a while back. I took it into dicks sporting goods and they did the warranty claim with TM for me. No receipt necessary. I did not purchase the driver at dicks. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Stephen Madison, AL Taylormade Sim 9.0 8 112-118mph TSI3. Beautiful drivers!
  9. Stephen. Madison, AL 8.1 Taylormade MG2 raw face. maximizing spin and that sexy rusty appearance. I just ordered my wedges a month ago and was deciding between these Cleveland’s and the taylormades. I honestly felt like I like the Cleveland’s better but at the time they didn’t offer raw finishes so I went with the Taylormades. I’d love to be able to do a head to head comparison.
  10. stephen Cunningham. Madison, AL I have a cheap wooden ramp putting Matt that returns balls at work and I have a PuttOut Matt at home. I have used a 2x10ft callaway mat that used a Velcro half circle as a cup. I have used a cheaper wooden ramp with a 12ft carpet attached and most recently the Putt out Mat. The Calloway may was ok but kept curling from being rolled up. It was very thin as well so any imperfections in the floor would influence roll. The wooden ramp used a very cheap nylon mat that did not provide a true roll. The Putt out mat is nice but I’d really like to be able to practice longer putts. It is also influenced by the wood grain in my hardwood floors and gets a “track” in the carpet from continued putts and that doesn’t allow for a true roll. I would like the Faster speed as I normally play at private clubs. On the website I only saw the medium speed available. I am really interested in this mat. I would love to have the chance to test it and write a detailed review. I am very picky and the birdie ball mats seem like the best option out there, especially for the price.
  11. Stephen Cunningham/Madison, AL/ USA. Scotty Cameron pro platinum Newport 2 The answer 2 fits my eye but I’m also interested in the mid mallets if they would help my consistency. The Floki and Tomcat 14 look good to me. I am right handed and right eye dominant so sometimes I struggle with missing putts to the right. The copper/black color scheme looks like it would help me “square up” to the target. I wonder if the longer site lines on the floki or Tomcat 14 would help me also. I’ve really started to geek out with putting lately. I got a laser to test my alignment with different putter types and I have a few mats and target devices to test speed. I hope for the opportunity to test these putters. Thank you My Golf Spy for offering this to members!
  12. GHIN 8.3 locates in Madison, AL Nike VR forged Pro Combos. 8 iron = 165 I read a bit about their wedges last year. Forum chatter has my opinion that they are good clubs but I’ve never seen them in person.
  13. Stephen Cunningham in Madison, AL I had a handheld GPS back in 2014, I can’t recall the name. It wasn’t super accurate and the battery life was no good. I use a bushnell range finder for specific targets and the 18 birdies app for a birds eye view of obstacles and hazards. thanks for the opportunity!!!
  14. Congratulations guys! Very jealous of this one! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Stephen Cunningham Madison, AL I practice putting an average of 4 days a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. I generally practice for 15-45 minutes depending on if I’m at home or on the course. Most of the time I have zero three putts. I do have off days and have 1-3 three putts during those rounds. Normally when I’m tinkering with different putters. This happens maybe every 4-5 rounds. I play 1-3 times a week. I’m very detailed oriented. I’m obsessed with numbers and fascinated by new things. I regularly try different putters. Various styles, shapes, and weights. I have never had a really good way to tell how much those things affect my putting. The ExPutt could give me all that information and make it fun at the same time. I love this kind of technology and especially that companies are pricing it in a way that normal folks can get it. The ExPutt looks like a fantastic training aid and method of entertainment.
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