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  1. John Sunset Beach NC 2.5 TM P-790 T-200 it seems is the right match for “distance” players iron?
  2. John North Carolina 1.8 As a former high school coach (10 years/60-4 record/State Champions) and owner/operator of golf school in support of high school players we used dozens of putting training devices to help players work on what we believed were the keys to the goal of "make a great putt". Our method boiled down to two objectives: get it started on the line you intended at the speed you intended. Virtually none of the devices we employed worked on BOTH aspects of that model. We were always cobbling together one piece of equipment to help with intended start line and another to figure out speed. My goal in this test would be to see if the "system" met both parts of the model-line AND speed. If effective it seems it could be a real help to players of all levels. Good luck! BTW to Harry N. one of our former players, David Rabil, says hi.
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