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  1. Hey folks, I started playing in early middle school. My grandma would pick up a couple of my buddies and drop us off at the course while she played bridge over the summer. That makes about 24 years playing now. I currently play of around a 10 index. I just love the game. It's more like my down time to clear my head. I'm beginning to learn the joy of teaching it to my two kiddos. I was originally drawn to mgs checking out product reviews. Always lived in Iowa, but had plenty of travel opportunity through work. I work as a quality manager at a major ag company based out of
  2. Jacob - Iowa Island Green pants and jacket Played until play was cancelled in a hailstorm at a tourney a couple years back, worst all day was a full 18 where it rained steady (not a downpour) until we got off the 16th green. Only one on the course all day haha
  3. Jacob Iowa GPS watch that gives front/middle/back Never actually wear the watch, just sits in the cup holder or attached to the back of the bag
  4. Welcome to the forums NC IA Hacker :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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