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  1. How does this tournament work ? Is this remote style or located in specific area ?
  2. Joshua Lapham Ocala Florida 34482 19.5 hcp Adams Idea A4 pro forged s300 dynamic gold shafts Your PING choice - i210 I am a avid golf that golfs almost every day and would love a chance to test these irons.
  3. Joshua Lapham Ocala FL USA 31 yr old HCP 19 Adams Idea A4 forged pro clubs 5-PW (Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. 20 deg Adams pro gold hybrid 23 deg Adams pro gold hybrid Srixon 765 Driver
  4. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Matthew Fitzpatrick Tier 3: Byeong Hun An Tier 4: Brian Harman Tier 5: Hideki Matsuyama Tie Breaker: -14
  5. I did this and haven't gotten grip yet it has been a few weeks
  6. Joshua Lapham Ocala FL Callaway R11 5W Stiff shaft 19 deg loft Callaway Xhot 3W Stiff shaft 15 deg loft
  7. Has anyone seen this simulator that is inside of a golf ball. It is the smallest simulator on the market or soon to be market. It is on Kickstarter now it seems pretty cool, but I did email them about more info on it I will keep you posted when they reply. Was not sure if anyone had more info on this. Does it capture spin days as well as a training system to get your skills honed in on your distance?
  8. https://woobox.com/zi6gfx/kfqa11 Here is a link to enter contest every 24 hours.
  9. I have been using Chase Duncan and his Own Your Own Golf system. I see he makes great videos and shows stats that help along with detailed videos on how to. You also get on a private Facebook page to submit videos for him to review and track progress. I love what I am seeing, but waiting on chipping and pitching videos. This is where I struggle at feeling comfortable. Over all I would recommend checking him out.
  10. Has anyone tried the Flight Scope Mevo ? How does it do and is it better than SkyTrack??
  11. This tracks ball flight as well as club data. This is a good price for what you get, however it is not in the price point for most people. Like myself I would rather do SKY track. This does come with several course at no price increase.
  12. I am new to golf and retired from the Army and looking to get very serious into golf. I live in florida and looking to shoot 80 here soon. I am shooting 95 for 18 holes. I am having issues with my iron game and chipping at the moment. I have been practicing on my ball strikin and shallowing my swing to increase ball striking and consistency. Thanks all for intrested. a. Iron specs (Standard length, -1 flat lie, stiff flex) b. Driver specs (9 deg loft with stiff shaft) c. Dexterity (right handed) d. Where You Live (Ocala Florida) e. Hcp is 95.3 through VGA ( Veterans Golf Association)
  13. Joshua Lapham From Florida I golf every single week as well as go to the driving range every week. I currently don't use anything to gauge my distance on the course. I go based off of feel. I would like to test out this product to see how this may help me make better decisions on shot making and see how and if this will help me drop my hcp. I am just getting into golf I am retired from the Army and have golfed about 11times. Thanks everyone and good luck!!
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