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  1. Thomas Overland Park, KS Walk 90% of rounds Have A four wheel bag boy cart but do not use it because it seems easier just to carry.
  2. Those murdered out irons are awesome!
  3. Love the setup. I've heard nothing but good things about the 410's.
  4. The Apex Plus/Pro's were pure. Pure pure. I had a set of the Pro's and MB's when the '99 model came out and loved them! It was well before they released the FTX combo set. I gave them away and it haunts me!
  5. Beautiful setup! I wish I could find a set of those Strange Grind irons at a reasonable price. The fleabay sellers are all over $1000. Probably going to pull the trigger on a set of CB92's. Grail would be a set of Clay Long "bulletback" Pro-82's.
  6. You should add T206 to your signature! Awesome!!!!
  7. I went to the Modus 105 last year from decades of DG S300 and so glad I did! Very nice setup!!
  8. +1 on the Snells. I tried them a few years ago and made the full switch when the MTBX came out. Love them! Now I give a couple away almost every time I play because others want to try them.
  9. Let us know how those Kirkland wedges play on the course.
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