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  1. Those murdered out irons are awesome!
  2. Love the setup. I've heard nothing but good things about the 410's.
  3. The Apex Plus/Pro's were pure. Pure pure. I had a set of the Pro's and MB's when the '99 model came out and loved them! It was well before they released the FTX combo set. I gave them away and it haunts me!
  4. Beautiful setup! I wish I could find a set of those Strange Grind irons at a reasonable price. The fleabay sellers are all over $1000. Probably going to pull the trigger on a set of CB92's. Grail would be a set of Clay Long "bulletback" Pro-82's.
  5. You should add T206 to your signature! Awesome!!!!
  6. I went to the Modus 105 last year from decades of DG S300 and so glad I did! Very nice setup!!
  7. +1 on the Snells. I tried them a few years ago and made the full switch when the MTBX came out. Love them! Now I give a couple away almost every time I play because others want to try them.
  8. Let us know how those Kirkland wedges play on the course.
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