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  1. They look sweet! Love the all black/white, just a tick cleaner looking than gen1 IMO. Also they are listed on the TM website at the low low price of $1,399 just FYI, so no markup compared to the chrome version.
  2. For me the tipping point would be how much straighter is one vs. the other. I got fitted at the Titleist Performance Institute as part of the MGS TSi driver testing and this was one of the main things I was interested in. Turns out the TSi3 with the adjustable weight out in the toe helps me keep the face square through impact better than the TSi2 (and therefore better minimizes my big left miss), so it was actually more forgiving despite not being billed that way. Basically the moral is to get fitted because the marketing speak consists of broad generalizations that may or may not apply
  3. I have a MIM 52* classic grind. It's well built with a good feel, just as soft feeling as any other wedge I have tried save for maybe Bridgestone's Tour B Forged that I tested for MGS a couple of years back. Lots of shaft options if you order on their website, and 3 grind options at the 56/60* range I think. Only thing to keep in mind from my perspective is that the soles on these seem a bit narrower than offerings from the other big OEMs (though maybe not on their widelow grind which I haven't seen in person). In Southern California we have pretty firm conditions and I'm not a huge digger so
  4. Our 1 year old could use some space outside to play now that he is starting to run around and our house is v small; we have a 11'x26' section off the side of our house that is basically just pebbles/DG and would fit the bill. My wife suggested turf after initially pushing for pavers in the area (which we would need to put some sort of padding over anyway), to which I responded that "it would be a little strange to have just a section of turf adjacent to our small grass lawn (this is currently just my dog's bathroom :)), but if we made it look like a putting green maybe it would have a better f
  5. Got some heads for sale today. I am not really looking to move the shafts as I like tinkering, but if there is interest I will listen to offers for a full club and can send through additional pics - the Epic was paired with Atmos Black 7x at 42.5", Gapr & 818 both had Tensei white 90x at 40.5" Callaway Epic Flash SZ 15* Weight is 214g after swapping in a 10g OEM weight for the stock 6g, as I was playing it at 42.5". Good condition, not much sandy range time with this guy, but there is one small idiot mark at the top line that I tried to capture. $130 shipped lower 48. TaylorMade
  6. I had the best results with the 130x C-tapers in my fitting but they were not enjoyable to swing; $ taper was a close second on performance (slightly higher launch and spin with a better descent angle but slightly larger side to side dispersion) and far and away better on feel, but if I didn't keep it in the KBS family it would have been the X100 (or the Modus 125x). Now my next set of irons is most likely to have MMT 125 tx (soft stepped 1x), but hopefully I can hold off until they are at least on an upcharge menu somewhere... For this DI experiment I was looking to maximize accuracy off
  7. In my experience turf interaction varies substantially from brand to brand even when grinds and bounces are equivalent, but ymmv obviously.
  8. I am 2 weeks into an experiment with the MMT 125tx utility shaft on a Ping i500 3 iron. Bought it blind on the classifieds because I have a golf spending problem and I couldn't find another way to try it out. I play $ Taper 130x in my irons for reference. For me at least, this thing lives up to the hype and then some. It plays more stout than the $ Taper, more like a C-taper, but feels fantastic like the $ taper (again, for me). I don't play DG shafts and haven't for over a decade, but FWIW it was designed to have a similar profile to the X100 and most forum feedback indicates similar experien
  9. In case there’s any doubt how the TSi test turned out for this tester six months later...
  10. I went in blind on an i500 3i with the 125tx and it was love at first range session...
  11. I don't have much to offer on all three, but I just have to chime in re: MMT. I recently picked up a Ping i500 3i with the MMT 125tx...disclaimer that it has only been 2 range sessions and one round but I am in one of the best honeymoon periods I've ever had with a club. For reference my driver ss is ~108, not exactly screaming for rebar-type shafts, but with a fast tempo and quick transition; my stock shot is a draw and my misses are a pull hook and an overcooked draw. The MMT feels more stout than my $ Taper 130 X iron shafts when you waggle it, kind of more like C-tapers, but when
  12. i500 3 iron with MMT 125 tx utility shaft. Holy santa claus **** this thing is a winner. The MMT is stout. I know it has a profile designed to mirror the x100 but I have much more KBS experience so would put it in those terms. It plays stout like the C-Taper, low spin, tough for me to turn over (I am 108 swing speed w/ driver, quick transition and big pull hook or overcooked hook misses), but the feel is more $ taper, i.e. much better for me. My transition necessitates the stiffer/heavier shafts more than the swing speed so I was worried about the tx being too much for me, but I seem
  13. Wow, awesome. I just tested the TSi so will steer clear of this one but will be very jealous of excited for whoever is picked!
  14. Along the same lines as the hybrid/utility comparison that others mentioned, I think a 4i test between a GI/players distance, or players distance/players iron would be interesting to shed light on what is a common trouble spot in most amateur bags. I'd LOVE to see a test of the heavier MMT shafts since they are apparently all the rage but really hard to actually test even with many fitters, but I realize that is a small market. I'm sure the big names will continue to be well represented since they seem to be well aware of the impact MGS has on the market. I am ready to drool over any
  15. Nice to get a confirmation that what you have is working. I have the 818 H2 at 19 and am really getting along with it as well but like you it is the oldest club in my bag and I am restless. Was the TSi2 too large and/or left-prone to consider?
  16. Nice write up! My normal buying decision would probably be to buy the Cobra too given the price difference- and I would feel smart and more justified in buying a new club but being more fiscally responsible! Then I would pine over the TSi after every bad shot and end up buying a new driver again 12 months later . I am mentally weak like that...
  17. I have the 54S and 58M in Slate Blue on the SM7s. Finish holds up really well - not quite DBM level of indestructible, but the best I have played outside of DBM. I picked up two of each when PGASS dropped the price to $119 about a year ago so I will be playing these bad boys for the next few years. The Modus 125 was a better premium shaft to make the stock offering than this version's S200 in my opinion, but still a great club (if not a great value)
  18. Yeah, one of my absolute favorite courses, but definitely offers a big test for both the boom stick and the flat stick.
  19. Nice! I am still enjoying mine. I think it checks every box that a driver can check, and the level of adjustability for the fitter to get me dialed in makes me feel confident that I have a club well-suited for me. That's not to say it's got any magic properties! I had a rough day this weekend off the tee on a tough course (Barona Creek), and I actually switched to 3w for the back nine because it was dry and rolling out plenty. I think it was more related to the margaritas I had on Friday night before the early Saturday round though .
  20. Funny, I went with the H2 and it has been a good club for me, but now I am wondering if the TSi2 hybrid would be more appropriate for me than the TSi3 or the SIM2 rescue. Can't wait to run all three of those through the paces and maybe even compare vs. a 5/7 wood before pulling the trigger.
  21. Got out on Torrey Pines yesterday, south course. It was so foggy (<75 yds of visibility) we had to yell out all clear to the group behind when leaving the green for the first 7 holes before it burned off. The conditions made for quite a challenging start, plus those fairways are so tiny right now! I actually drove the ball well but still only found 5 fairways, with a few that were thisclose to the short grass but nestled down in the thick stuff. They had cut the rough down from the Farmers tourney in most places, but it's still extremely thick, wet, and penalizing. The highlight of my
  22. I played the black in 2019 for a while before switching to the X which is the only ball I've played since the start of 2020. I did not notice any launch differences between the two FWIW. I did notice a bit higher spin from the X across the whole bag (possibly too high for some off the tee - YMMV). I liked the feel of the black, but I usually prefer a firmer feel, and think they've dialed it in 1000% better in the X than they had it in the Red (which was no bueno on looks + feel + performance). I don't think it's the perfect ball, but when I'm buying in bulk at $27 per dozen and supp
  23. I picked up better launch and forgiveness switching my 3W from Epic Flash SZ to a TSi2. The shaft made a lot of difference on the launch (from Atmos black to AD-IZ), but the TSi seems to be consistently more forgiving for me. BUT I still haven't sold the Epic yet because she has been a good one for me especially off the tee... I need to be 300% sure before totally moving on from a 3 wood. I am thinking about upgrading my 818 h2 hybrid to a more forgiving TSi2 this year, but I think I will test out a 5w/7w as well just to make sure. Why? Well I've never used a higher loft fairway wood befo
  24. Dangerous is right. For me I just need to not even test out anything; it's like inception; just plants ideas in my head...slippery slope!
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