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  1. I seem to have 2 nemesis holes on each of the 4 regular courses I play. The latest round was no different, doubling both of these holes, which along with a few putts that burned edges and a couple sloppy chips led to another uninspiring 85. The HC is officially trending up for the first time since February. Typically these holes involve trouble left, with either driver or long irons required off the tee, and my old standby miss is a pull hook. I have worked this year on a swing change to reduce the frequency of this miss (shoutout to Monte & Rebellion Golf!), but I have had an increasing number of misses from mis-alignment (not trusting the new swing & ball flight when I should) and also some new errors as I work to ingrain the new swing . I know overall the swing is in a much better place, but the doubt still creeps in at the worst times...
  2. Glad to hear it! I have moved on to a nice pair of gently used Vokeys that I found for a song on eBay, and the lower flight they provide (I never figured out how to do it with the Bridgestones), along with the D grind on the 60 have been really helpful. I do definitely miss the feel of the Bridgestones though!
  3. I hear ya! Just gotta keep the short memory and the longer term trend in the right direction, but man is it testing on some days. My last two rounds have been a 77 and then 89. Working shots in both directions and firing at pins one day, and two-way misses and 4 tee shots OB a few days later. WTF! Two rounds coming up this weekend though, so on to the next...
  4. I know that this take is the logical one and I will definitely care less over time, but that mentality was a lot easier for me with the earlier sets I bought on eBay! In the meantime I'll play a few rounds before doing anything and see if I get less annoyed looking at it in my bag...appreciate the insight
  5. Thanks, I will probably start with low impact sanding to be safe. I wonder how that would impact the DBM finish on my Cobras since they are supposedly chemically implanted...
  6. I hit a hidden pebble under my ball this past weekend that left a decent gouge in my 8 iron. It won't affect play at all, but these are the first set of irons I purchased new and are less than a year old. I want to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible. Anyone out there have experience/tips for sanding out dings on 1025 forged carbon steel?
  7. No, I just mean time and money were constraints on continuing in-person lessons, which I think would otherwise be the best option for working through swing overhauls. I have my own plan and online resources & individual drills have been very helpful in their own right (especially Rebellion Golf), but for me at least, additional individual lessons would likely prove to be more beneficial than just what is online.
  8. OOOOH that putter is a beauty, great opportunity. Good luck everyone!
  9. Can the wedge users comment on the grinds on these? I saw a little bit of commentary in the thread, but not too much. Are all lofts the same grind, or does the grind vary by loft? Any comps to the larger OEM grinds like Vokey/Callaway/Ping? Looks to me based on the limited pics/commentary that they are pretty full-soled with a sharp leading edge, a bit of trailing edge relief and moderate heel relief, kind of similar to the Vokey S grind but with a little more heel relief. Is that about right, or am I way off? Also the black CBs look amazing...might need to test them next to the new black Hogan PTX pros in a battle of the consumer direct brands!
  10. I have had my Scotty Hollywood model locked in for ~4 years now after extensive self-fitting, trial and error and general bad putting with a classic Ping Anser handed down by my dad. The flow neck, high toe and less than full offset on the Hollywood just suit me. I do wonder if a real fitting would confirm my self-fitting and my guess is one of the newer mallets with some toe hang might technically be an improvement for me from an MOI standpoint, but I have been putting well for a couple of years now and don't want to ruin a good thing! *also have a Monterey 1.5 on standby after some buzzed ebay-ing one evening, but that hasn't made it to game action.
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  12. Got an email that the black version was released today. I love my Cobras, but maaannn do those look nice. If the feel is anything like the Ft. Worth with a little bit of help in the long irons, it will be impossible for me to resist!
  13. Nice! Do you use that 58* D grind in the desert too, or do you switch to something with less bounce when you go there?
  14. Ugh what a bargain for that Del Mar! I'm a sucker for the California line, but already have a Monterey 1.5 collecting dust in the garage...
  15. I'm late to this party but great start fellas! I love this test and will be following along closely. Like many I have spent countless hours tinkering with this part of my bag, generally with mixed results.
  16. Made it two weeks with mismatching wedges in my bag! Mental midgetry. Anyway, seems like a waste to have them sit around in my garage, and I am not going to go down the re-shafting route, so I will be putting the Bridgestones up on the classifieds soon in case anyone is interested, and will be sure to send back some of the proceeds as an MGS donation thank you. All in all, I would definitely consider these with the next set of wedges I purchase, but it would need to be a custom order vs. the stock wedges we tested. Even then, I would ideally like to see more selection on sole grinds, at least at the SW lofts of 54* & 56*.
  17. Great start fellas! I'm a fan and user of the MTB-Black for the last year or so after I got a test pack of the Red and Black, and am looking forward to hearing more about the MTB-X. In addition to seeing if your individual experience backs up the performance of the MTB X in the MGS testing, I'm curious for any and all descriptions of feel, especially compared to the other Snell offerings. Thanks in advance! In the looks department the MTB-X seems pretty close to the Black which I like, last year's Red had a weird sheen to it that made it seem cheap IMO. I also like that they got rid of the red paint on the "S" that tended to streak.
  18. Update - I took the 50* & 60* out of my bag. Not 100% ready to throw these wedges on the BST yet, but want to go back to a LW that I feel comfortable using for chips with a square face, which is my preferred shot for most chips. My Glide ES grind LW allows for that, and is a rock star out of bunkers. The 50* is more of a full shot club for me, and the Bridgestone's high-flying Modus 105 shaft can't compete with the heavier $-taper in my set GW. I still have the Bridgestone 54* in the bag and love it for full swings and the more creative short game shots, but my OCD about matching SW & LW might lead me to go back to the Ping 54* too LOL.
  19. So with this news, when should we be seeing current model sales start to trickle out?
  20. I have two: the first was not purchased by me though - a junior set of clubs my dad got me when I was ~12. Instant improvements from the MacGregor blades from the 70s that he had cut down and re-gripped for me (I still shudder at the thought of thinning that 3 iron on cold nights at the driving range), and these babies got me hooked on the game & stayed with me for 6 years until I scrounged up the money to buy a used set of adult size DCIs. The best purchase I made was an ebay special in 2016: Scotty Cameron California Hollywood that I had refurbished by BOS Golf. It got me down into single digit HC range and will never leave my golf bag, except when I send it back to BOS to refinish it again in another year or two.
  21. I had an iron fitting last fall and before I left we got to talking a bit about wedges. One interesting thing the fitter said was that the most common setup he ends up recommending is to use the same grind for both SW & LW, and then set wedges for PW & GW. It seemed counter-intuitive to me on the SW & LW part, but his theory was that for the average amateur, the consistency of turf interaction provides more benefit than the versatility provided by various grinds. I think unless you're able to get a lot of practice working on the varying shots that you hope to take advantage of with multiple wedge grinds, this concept is pretty logical.
  22. Always love this topic. The great part is, with the expansion of product lines we have endless options. 20th century options: Blade, CB, shovel 2019: Blade, CB, "Players" GI, GI, SGI, and now more and more companies are blending their sets (I think this will only increase too). To each their own! Personally I love my Cobra CBs and they are far more forgiving than CBs of old despite being scary small when I first tried them, and the feel absolutely cannot be beat by a multi-piece GI offering. The one compromise I made was to start the set at the 5 iron (26* if we're comparing apples to apples ). I definitely appreciate the forgiveness on my GAPR LO and Forged Tec 4i for longer shots where, for me at least, mis-hits are penalized more. Anyway, I lose way more shots from sh*t drives and mental midgetry than from my irons that I am technically on the fence for as a 7 HC.
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