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  1. Price drop, open to offers. Want to get rid of these!
  2. Pingman corded. I've messed with a bunch of others but kept coming back to this one. Slightly bigger than the pistol Scotty grips but not as big or squishy as SS, and the cord helps my sweaty hands feel secure with the putting stroke. And it's like $6! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Best part of my game, probably in line with the chart in the previous post, and feel like it's going in every time, especially if it's a big money putt. Sadly, a similar percentage to my pull hook chances with the long irons... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I know this is delayed but I game the iE1s and just demoed both the i210 (7i with stock DG 120 stiff) and i500 (7i with stock AWT 2.0 stiff). Curious to hear your thoughts as well if you've tried them out by now. i210 Feel - I thought the i210 felt pretty close to the iE1s - closer than I expected actually. Now, the 210s did feel better, but the difference wasn't eye-popping Distance - I was carrying the 7i about 2-3 yards further than the iE1, around 166-169 vs my normal 164-166. Ball flight - A touch higher than my gamers, but also not something where I would've noticed if I wasn't paying close attention to it Look - The top line looks noticeably thinner, and coloration is for sure better - would think the clatter issue that iE1s have might be fixed. They look fantastic. i500 Feel - Felt better than the 210s on the flushed shots, slightly worse on thin/toe strikes but nothing like pure blades that I have tried before. As a ~6 handicap I would feel plenty confident in the ball striking of these (I do not feel comfortable with traditional blades). I also didn't notice any tin-sounds that I had read about, which was nice Distance - Carried about 10 yards further than my iE1. I'd be curious how much of that effect is due to loft vs. a hotter face. The iE1 7i is 32*, vs 30.5* in the i500 Ball flight - Substantially higher than either the iE1 or 210 - this part was what made me less comfortable especially given the lower loft of the i500. I was using the stock AWT stiff shaft, so I would be curious to check out a shaft with a lower flight like the DG s300 or x100, and would also want to mess with lofts at a fitting. I could definitely see this being an issue for some golfers so if you are an off the shelf buyer, beware. Look - maybe the best looking iron I've seen. Lordy. Compact head, sleek back side, soles were thinner than the i210 but not as thin as a typical blade. In love. All in all, I would probably go lower with the 210s if I gamed them today because they are an improvement on, but similar to the iE1. I am far more intrigued about the possibility of dialing in a set of i500s though, if only to get to look at them every time I see my golf bag. #itmoved. Now I'll go back to praying I get selected as a tester
  5. I personally have been really impressed with Snell, both red and black, relative to my previous gamers e6, Nxt tour s, & Project a (performance) and ProV (price). I'll be sticking to the MTB Red for now, unless I win the test contest for the i500s and need a lower ball flight . The MTB black seems to fit a "mid-spin" profile though, at least for my game. Also Dean Snell signed my receipt on my first order from them, which I thought was a nice touch. I can't speak to the Cut & Vice brands, but would rather give those smaller independent outfits a shot before buying refurbished (I've had inconsistent experiences here at best) or Kirkland.
  6. hartrick11


    Cobra F6 3-4 wood with Fujikura Pro 65 S shaft (the stock shaft for the F7), standard length. Bought new & used for one year before unnecessarily buying an F7 at a tent sale a few weeks ago. $85 $80 $75 shipped SOLD Set of 2 Vokey SM5 chrome wedges, 54* & 60*, both M grind, stock shaft & lie. Bought new in summer 2016. 54* is in great shape still, 60* was the bunker club so is a bit more worn but still plenty of life left. SOLD
  7. Update - loving the glide wedges, and in this case it was shockingly not the arrows' fault. I think with irons, woods or putters in the past I have only become intrigued after seeing an immediate positive reaction when first hitting a new club (similar to Will_Mac), but in this case it was just love at first sight combined with a pretty worn out sand wedge.
  8. It seems like X flex is as trendy as "power spec" iron lofts. As a number of posters identified, so many variables go into the right shaft selection. In the more seasoned fitters/equipment junkies opinions, how much of the trend is marketing mumbo jumbo vs newer technology advances that make X flex appropriate for a growing group of people?
  9. I thought the Hogan irons opportunity was ridiculous - this is over the top! I went out to the range to test both of these, just in case. Patrick California 6 handicap Currently playing Ping iE1s with CFS stiff (formerly i20s and before that Eye2s. I am a Ping lifer) i500 blue dot retro spec would be my choice, along with the Dynamic Gold x100 shafts & 5L cord grips
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys - I got the stock clubs for both but neglected to analyze the specs closely (I play Ping irons going back 8+ years so just assumed they would fit my game and let's be honest they just looked awesome and I couldn't say no). The length is the same, lie is a touch more upright for the Glides by 0.4* on the 54* and 0.6* on the 58* (I think - Titleist spec sheet rounds to 64* even whereas Ping shows 64.4* and 64.6*). The big difference is with swing weights as the Vokeys are both D5 while the Glides are D3 and D4. I got another range session in this afternoon and think I'm getting comfortable slowly, but may mess around with some lead tape to see if it makes a difference.
  11. I just upgraded from Vokey SM5 wedges (54 M,60 M) to Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth (54 SS, 58 ES) last month. Have played 3 rounds + 2 range sessions so far and the ES grind is a dream out of bunkers, but my dispersion on full shots has been all over the map with both clubs. I don't change equipment too often but I have historically not had significant adjustment periods. I'm probably just playing poorly for a stretch and it should even out. My plan is to give it another month (3-4 rounds & 2-4 range sessions) but it got me curious about how long most people work with new equipment before they go back to their old sticks or buy something else.
  12. These irons look sweet - awesome opportunity! Patrick from California 31 yo and 5.8 index currently Ping iE1 5-UW (50*) / blue dot, CFS steel stiff shafts, and Cobra King 23* utility iron / Aldila graphite stiff
  13. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Luke List Tier 5: Keegan Bradley Tiebreaker: -11 This contest is so much fun thanks!
  14. Patrick / California Ping iE1 50*, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54* (ss grind), and Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 58* (es grind) Would love to test the 50, 54, and 60 (black over satin chrome, but I'll take whatever!)
  15. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Phil Mickelson Tier 3: Thomas Pieters Tier 4: Danny Willett Tier 5: Keegan Bradley Winning Score: -8
  16. - First name & home state/province - Patrick, California - Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes - Cobra King F6 3W (14.5*), Tour AD Di 7s Stiff & Cobra BioCell (18.5*), Matrix Stiff - Current fairway wood lofts - 14.5* - 3W, 18.5* - H
  17. 1. Patrick 2. CA, USA 3. 6.2 ghin 4. 18birdies
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