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  1. Not sure if it can hang with the test pool, but my G400 Max was ridiculously loud. Well struck shots would literally ring my ears, to the point where I had ear plugs in my golf bag, though I never used them.
  2. My G400 Max crossed the rainbow bridge after a few thousand shots, a couple grips, a cut down, and a few hosel adapters due to slipping. It probably slipped again which led to failure. A new shaft and grip was only $90 but I figured it was money better spent on a new driver. Here's Cru Jones... eh, maybe it's Bart Taylor since it's yellow. I've wanted a RAD speed since I first saw it. Though most reviews stated it being negligibly better than even the F9, and that the LTDx was way better. I put it up head to head with the LTDx. Ball speed and spin were very similar. But, I had a lot of trouble finding the face with the LTD, and the RADspeed just kept crushing the ball. Both were light years ahead of my backup driver Fly-Z+. Went from 220ish average to about 250avg, with 3 shots hitting 281. 149mph ballspeed max but consistently over 140 vs low 130s with the old driver. Went with the R flex Fujikura Motore X 6-R. I had them regrip with my favorite Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 Mid. The tech put the wrong grip on, then switched it out quickly. So it's on its 3rd grip before ever leaving the store!!
  3. I've had the luxury of taking part of demo days and signing up for free fittings during those times at my course. The Titleist iron fitting I did was great. The fitter listened to me and my ideas of what I thought I wanted. He got me into a shaft that was one of the stock offerings (they had many). We finished early, so he also helped me quickly find a driver head/shaft combo that worked. Check with the brand website and find out all the available shafts. I know Titleist and Mizuno offer dozens of shafts for no upcharge. Though I think for drivers those lists are shorter. You should be able to find a few in the list that may work. I've heard countless times about how CC fitters push to put customers into expensive upgrade shafts.
  4. That was just hypothetically speaking/typing, but I've definitely had double digit scores on that hole. But I definitely do get strokes here and there from ESC. Thanks, I'll likely enter something next week
  5. What about ESC? Do I have to putt for 14 on the 18th hole or can I pick up after the 3rd water ball?
  6. Name the time and place, I'll do what I can
  7. I just turned 48 yesterday, so maybe you can help an old man out : 1: My Macbook browser sorry I've forgotten its name? Dinosaur... elephant...Safari! Sometimes Chrome. 2. Themes? Currently searching for how to select these 3. Samsung galaxy S9. Google Chrome browser
  8. All the updates sound excellent. Is there any way to make both the desktop and mobile site faster? It's been extremely slow for at least a year, from here at least.
  9. With the help of a fitter, I had this split set put together. T200 5-7, T100 8-P. T100 are 1° strong. All bent 2° flat. 1/4 short PX LZ 5.5 (R+ish) 115g. When I asked "why not T100S", the fitter said "something something tungsten something something ball flight" I trusted him. Now I know it was the right move. These things rock. The 100 keep up with the 200 but have more precision and better feel. The 200s feel great too. Everything is at least 10yd longer than my previous sets. Thanks everyone for reviewing these
  10. T200 5,6,7; T100 8,9,PW. T100 bent 1° strong. All 2° flat 1/4 short. Project X LZ 5.5 115g (between R and S on their flex scale) Range session says the T100 keep up with the T200...no gap issues. Didn't need T100S. Everything at least 10yds longer.
  11. I suppose it was the right time for me to get fit for new Titleist irons, even if by the time I get them they may drop the name and photos of newer irons. It has been an honor to be involved in 3 product tests. Cant wait to see what's coming down the pipe.
  12. I had a lightning fast driver fitting w/ the local Titleist fitter and he put me in the Tsi3 10° D4 setting, so 10.75°, w a PX Evenflow Riptide 6.5. It did what my current driver does, but way more often I just had issue with the looks of the face at address. The rounds along the face edges are huge, it's almost like a 440 face inside a 460 head. But, the golf ball didn't seem to care.
  13. Do you mean The Clone Wars animated series? That and Rebels were awesome too
  14. I wasn't sure where to put this post. I have been swindled by a site, more or less a person, under the name of Discount Golf Co. https://discountgolfco.com/ I'm about to fill out the BBB complaint. I'm sure I wont get favorable results; however, our bank will likely refund our charge even though it's been nearly 70 days because we've never had to dispute a charge until now. I purchased a box of 13 GP MCC +4 grips. Excellent price (should have been the first red flag). After 30 days I emailed and the response was that Golf Pride's March shipment was late, and it would go out mid week. Another week, another inquiry, same answer. The guy Joe eventually called me, giving me a sob story about how Golf Pride is taking forever with deliveries, very believable at the time. So my order was placed 3/1, for an item listed as in stock. Again, another email and on April 18, was told he shipped them. Another week, another response saying they shipped. I ask for tracking number, silence. I ask again and he says "call me tomorrow". I ask for refund. "We already shipped". 2 emails later asking for the tracking number, and a response of "our golf pride March shipment is on the way, we will send yours out mid week." So he forgot who I was. That's when I stopped and disputed the charge. There are dozens of complaints filed with the BBB and review sites everywhere about this guy. Luckily he only got me for $95 but its happening to countless people I'm sure.
  15. 1) totally fine. Maybe the guy could benefit from a couple lessons also. Maybe something in his swing has him off in conjunction with the wrong clubs. 2) i don't think I'll ever make it to blade level, but that hasn't stopped me from owning some nice blingy Cobra MBs. Not my gamers, though. I would say if your ball striking is fine, dont move away unless your yardages drop or something. At that point consider maybe a flow set.
  16. Stoked for the upcoming Obiwan series! Book of Boba Fett was ok. It was neat to see Boba Fett as old and kinda washed up. Champions Tour time for him!!
  17. Scottie, cam, Rory, Im, Thomas. Oh wait... hey, dudes Sucks, wish I had thought to do this pool. Scotty and Cam would have been on my list for sure Good luck everyone!
  18. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 midsize. I've been regripping with these since I reviewed a set here. 2 iron sets and all my woods and wedges now habe this grip. Love it.
  19. I like it way better than the optishot. I gave up trying to configure Optishot to track my clubs properly. I have to check out the different tapes people say work well. And, due to that, I need to dedicate a club set just to Optishot, and was considering thinning the herd a bit. G5EC just added a track, and added a tweak to the shot tracking settings, which I tried and didn't really like.
  20. Broke 40 on the front 9 of my course, 39. Then again my very next round. Then shot a 45, and then a 38! Never put a sub 80 round together, but milestones nonetheless for 2021
  21. I'd love to think "MYGOLFSPY" was simply a troller in disguise. But, I think those comments are all vetted by someone or...something.
  22. I was just simply going to post and ask if others have tried this game, but figured I'll just do a review. So, stand by and have some patience as I build out the official review template. For now, here's a linkey link: Initial thoughts: I absolutely love this. I have an optishot2 and G5EC in the VR space is so much more realistic, accurate, and fun! I'm super stoked I found this. The headset had been packed in the basement for nearly a year when I figured enough time had elapsed for golf games to be developed. There's also Golf+ by Topgolf. I have V1 of the Quest, so that game only provides limited features. That's what drove me towards G5EC If you have a VR headset. Check it out.
  23. "1. On not picking up the shots - not sure if it's a communication error between the Link and the phone (fully charged and connected to usb charger) or a sensor issue. Anyway to check?" I keep my phone in my front (left) pocket. I have my bluetooth on but not connected to anything. Wifi off. I have very few missed shots with full shots. Most often the misses are putts, which it seems to be pretty bad at. I keep score on paper, and making the corrections at the end only takes a few minutes. "2. Sensor issue? If so can you replace the batteries?" I've never had issues where I thought I needed to troubleshoot, replace, or disassemble a sensor. I believe the batteries do eventually die and then you're supposed to replace the sensor. If its faulty I think Arccos may replace it. "3. Do you find you have to check the info after each shot/hole, etc? She doesn't normally look at her phone until we're done and she's in the car." I don't touch it during my round. I have a watch and scope for yardages. Ill occasionally check how far I hit a shot or ask the caddie for options, but mostly ot stays in my pocket. It can use up phone battery quickly just doing its tracking stuff
  24. Starting to go the way of Cobra, Ping, Taylormade with the low/back mass section.
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