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  1. I believe I had added a player from the “waivers”. I dropped him and submitted the claim the correct way.
  2. Maybe I should have been placing bets. But either way, I enjoyed the survivor pool, it was a fun side game.
  3. Is that really a hard decision for me?
  4. Thanks guys! So everything is going well. Hopefully that continues. It was more filled with snow than birdies, but it was still good!
  5. I’m in again if I’m not too late!
  6. You beat me to AB, he’s an all or nothing player, and with my team where it is, I needed the potential.
  7. Thanks! It’s taken me a while to get used to as well, but it is growing on me.
  8. Just like your fantasy golf performance.
  9. If you ain’t first, you’re dead last. Participation trophies are for... Well, I can’t finish my thought on this forum without breaking some rules, but you know what I mean.
  10. So... I came in Dead Last... even losing to the guy who withdrew with 2 weeks left. That clearly wasn’t my best performance. Oh well, I still had a blast with this challenge. We’ve got so many great member who contribute to this thread year in and year out, too many to name, but y’all should know how much we appreciate you. Somehow, even with a significant swing rebuild, and coming in a verrrrrrrry distant last, I still managed to drop my handicap 1.4. That not nearly as much as our newly crowned champion @B.Boston, but it’s still very respectable. Baseline New average Coming into this challenge, my goals were; 1. More Speed, Less dispersion. Doesn’t that sound like the magic formula to lower scores? Well, seeing as this is my first set of properly fitted clubs, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. 2. I want the transition from player’s irons to player’s distance irons to be smooth. Sure, I’ll take extra distance, however, what I really want is more forgiving and accurate clubs that don’t sacrifice much playability. Cobra promises that with the Forged Tec, and I’m super excited to see if they pulled it off. 3. I’ll say it, Cobra wedges have been overlooked for years. I want them to live up to the quality of the rest of their line of clubs. I’m talking great feel, great versatility around the greens, good spin rates, and consistency on full shots. The MIMs are beautiful, now they just need to perform beautifully. Let’s answer these questions! 1. My decent swings are certainly longer with the SZ, and the dispersion is the same as my old driver. So anytime you can pick up distance without losing accuracy is a win in my book. 2. Welp, almost my entire handicap drop came from better approach play. Seriously, these irons a legit, try them out. I don’t think I need to say much more about that. 3. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I’m in love with these wedges. I can’t say one bad thing about them, even my playing partners are saying how much better my chipping looks. And I’ve hit some Phil level Phlops with the 58°. Overall, I love the Cobra lineup. Minus some nit picky things here and there, I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Most of all, this has been an awesome challenge, and I can’t believe it is over already. Huge shoutout to my fellow competitors for making this such an amazing journey.
  11. Frankly, I agree. Well, they won’t end well for the guy talking to me. Seriously, congrats on the driver, and you did an absolutely excellent job keeping this thread entertaining! Well deserved!
  12. Pfft, it wouldn’t be a CCC thread if someone didn’t rag on my age. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! 58* wedge, then surprisingly the 3W. The flop shots I can hit with the 58° are absolutely amazing. Not to mention it is just automatically within 10-15 feet from 80 yards. The 3W because of the Baffler rails. I finally found one I can hit off the deck, and it’s nice. This is interesting, I’ll need to post a photo of mine, but I’m seeing significantly more wear on my 54*. I’m not sure if it is due to the soil here being mostly clay, or what.
  13. To add to what @edingc said, the system also uses your phones microphone to detect the sound of the ball being hit. Usually the system doesn’t mark practice swings (for me), because there is no sound. I’ve also had no real issues with Arccos detecting shots where I took no practice swing. I don’t get up and play at the break of dawn, so I’ve had no issues with there not being enough light.
  14. Official Arccos Review -GB13 So it’s finally time to review the unsung hero of the Cobra Connect challenge and winner of the hardest worker award... Arccos!!! I’ve never used any type of shot tracking before, so I was a blank slate to be impressed or disappointed. We were given both screw-in sensors for our old clubs, and our new Cobras came with smart sensors embedded in the grips. On the Course Performance - 3/5 Stars Arccos offers a very slick app interface (although it lacks a tutorial on how to use it). You simply download the course beforehand, pick your tee box, hit start round, and you’re off. Well, until you have to mark the first pin. As @edingc mentioned, the tracking is only as accurate as the GPS. And while the GPS is remarkably accurate, it just isn’t precise enough for putting. I found myself pacing off every putt and then editing on the way to the next teebox. Good thing I mainly play as a single!! My course mapping has proven to be pretty accurate. Most of the courses I play, aren’t heavily forested, so it’s a pretty wide open shot for satellite imagery. The smart yardages that has assigned each club seem reasonably close, however, especially in the mid irons, where I lack the most shot data, the numbers aren’t what I typically experience. For example, the smart distance for my 8 iron is 164. Now, I’ve taken 21 shots with that club, and 12 of them have been on a par 3 tee shot that average 10 yards downhill. Now, here is my complaint. Arccos KNOWS what that shot plays like; it’s rangefinder tells me on the tee, plays like 154 to the center. So then why is my smart distance calculated off of the actual distance I hit the shot (164), vs how far the shot I hit played (154). The complaint is the same for windy shots etc. Why isn’t the “plays like” number used for my smart distances? That brings me to my biggest complaint, I can’t stand all of the time I spend on my phone on the golf course. It’s not the phone in pocket thing that bugs me, I got used to that right away. It’s all the editing, marking pin locations, checking putt distances, advancing to the next hole, and moving shots from hole to hole that bothers me. I counted one round how many times I had to check my phone, and came up with 118. That just isn’t how I want to play golf. I understand I can edit later, but then the data isn’t as accurate. It’s tough to remember every 1st putt distance. Frankly, my favorite part about the app is the GPS rangefinder, I like having a GPS number for when I’m out of position or hitting uphill and can’t get a rangefinder yardage. Off the Course Performance - 4/5 Stars For all of my complaining about the actual data collection, the data that Arccos gives you post round, is pretty neat. You can see analytics, and set filters for pretty much anything you want. My personal favorite chart to look at is the fairway accuracy, and average dispersion data. It really gives me an idea of how wide a fairway needs to be for a certain club to be the right play. Again, as @edingc said, the web interface and app don’t always matchup perfectly. Often I’ll find a different handicap on the website and the app. Frankly, this bothers me a little bit. It makes me lose a bit of faith that the system is calculating things properly. Like I said earlier, the club data and dispersion charts are my favorite features, however this data is only as accurate as you make it. There is significant editing required to make sure your data is correct, if not, you’ll be making decisions based on faulty data. Miscellaneous - 3/5 Stars Getting set up with Arccos is very easy, and pairing the sensors was very quick, however, the billing method is a recurring subscription, AFTER you buy the sensors. Now, as a consumer, I’m terribly biased against subscription billing, so I won’t complain about that anymore, but if you’re as biased as I am, you’ll probably be looking elsewhere. The Arccos app does drain my battery significantly, and has also crashed a few times, but I am using an older phone, so I don’t think I can blame too much on Arccos there. If you plan on getting Arccos, I 100% recommenced the smart grips. The other sensors were a bit bulky and a little distracting. The grip options a plenty varied enough that you can easily find a smart grip that fits your hand. Play it or Trade it - 2/5 Stars I will not be renewing my Arccos subscription. The data is fascinating, and the technology is pretty cool, but overall it’s more of a hassle for me to use than the utility I receive from it. Overall - 3/5 Stars I’m not really sure if this is a knock on the Arccos system, or if I would cease using any tracking system. In fact, it’s probably the latter. The product Arccos has turned out is pretty slick, it just isn’t for me. If you are willing to take on the work of getting your data right, and think it’ll be worth it, Arccos’ data UI is probably the best there is. So, personally, I wouldn’t recommend shot tracking, but if you really want to do it, do it right, and get Arccos.
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