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  1. Yes, I remove the little flagstick while practicing or preparing for a round. I always strive to practice in conditions that match my actual rounds as closely as possible. For the month that I committed to leaving the pin in, I left it in on the putting green as well. I have absolutely no doubt in the MGS test which says that leaving the flagstick in is the better mathematical move. However, I want to know if there is a psychological effect of leaving the pin in. Does it create a good vertical reference point? Or does it disrupt your focus? What I’d really like to see is a test of 10 golfers who always leave the pin in, and 10 who always take it out, and see if they putt better with the pin in or out. I’m curious if my hypothesis is right, and changing the visual messes with your head enough for you to hit worse putts, or if it’s just a fantasy I created to justify my personal idiosyncrasy.
  2. All time: Jack beyond a shadow of a doubt. Currently: HV3 and Jordan
  3. I’ll take Tommy Fleetwood this week. First time PGA Tour winner, but certainly a top caliber player.
  4. That’s about to change... cause I’m going to beat you both this year!
  5. Just wait... he’s won literally every other league we’ve had.
  6. GB13

    WGC Mexico

    I dunno, all I know is he wears some horrible cuffed ankle pants.
  7. I’ll do this! Hopefully I can get that elusive 54 and just be done with it... although while that will almost certainly happen, I’ll keep track just in case.
  8. GB13

    WGC Mexico

    I think the drive is there, otherwise he wouldn’t be as frustrated as he is with the state of his game. I think he just needs to get the mental block of “the weekend” out of the way because his game is mostly there on Thursday and Friday. If he can put together a week with two good weekend rounds whilst in contention, I think he’ll be back to his winning ways sooner than later.
  9. GB13

    WGC Mexico

    I’ll be pulling for Ancer here, although I’d love to see Jordan get a win too.
  10. I think Rhambo will pull it off this week. I am ecstatic that Brooks lost his #1 spot... and frankly I hope he continues to fall. I just find it difficult to root for someone who doesn’t care at all about golf. There are so many players that work so much harder and give so much more back to the game.
  11. I don’t wanna talk about it! I’m trying to totally set my team up for the playoffs this year, although I have to actually make the playoffs first..
  12. Have I adjusted? No! I just can’t get past the visual of having the pin in. It makes the hole look smaller. Is it rational? Again, no, but in a game where confidence can be so important, leaving the pin in makes me doubt my putts more. That said, if I’m just playing a casual round, I’ll just go with the consensus among the group which is usually 75/25 take it out.
  13. GB13

    Velocity Alternative

    I concur with most of the posters above that you shouldn’t give up the stopping power of urethane. From my experience, I’d say the Q-Star Tour and the Tour Soft are the best of both worlds.
  14. This thread has some wonderful advice! I’m usually can forget one or two previous bad shots, but I struggle when bad shots get strung together. Then, I lose focus on my current shot and start saying, “don’t chunk it again”, which, surprisingly leads to another chunk. I really like the advice of drawing upon the memory of a good shot I’ve hit, I’m going to try that next time I’m faced with negative thoughts.
  15. I’d do Poston for Ancer or Casey straight up, or maybe something a little bigger. Everyone except JT is on the block for the right price.
  16. Of course I’d love to play Pebble, it’s every golf addict’s dream. But that said, I’d have a real hard time dropping my 3k on just one round of golf. And, there are probably another dozen courses I want to play just as much. I’d either go with a golf academy (still a once in a lifetime experience in my book) or an in home golf studio.
  17. I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can help you...
  18. Absolutely horrible. I couldn’t decipher it for a while. I also can’t imagine that they have a large enough potential customer base that the advertising money spent will be recouped. Especially with Titleist ProV series being pretty much the “best” ball in golf. That’d be wonderful to see.
  19. Hey, I’m the guy with ZERO players playing this week! My only week with a full roster was the Phoenix Open, I’ve had 2 for the AmEx, and now none this week... I’m hoping some of my players will start playing again...
  20. I get it, who really wants an invitation to something they don’t feel they deserve just based on their name? It means so much more to earn it for yourself than to just be handed it. I hope Phil has one more tournament in him, but if Phil isn’t sure, it’s not very convincing.
  21. What a game!! At no point during the first 50 minutes did it look like the Chiefs could score, let alone put up 31 points. Andy Reid absolutely deserves it, and Mahomes is such a great face for the NFL.
  22. He’s definitely gained speed, but I’m not sure it’s helping other portions of his game. I hope he can turn the rest of his game around and get back to winning tournaments again.
  23. I’d say my chipping for sure, mainly thanks to advice given to me by @Shankster. Just a couple of pointers on setup and some good practice and I’m much more confident in my ability to get up and down. Otherwise, my putting and iron game has slightly improved, while my off the tee has regressed.
  24. Yes the pins are in the exact same place for the first two rounds this week, and were for the first three rounds last week. On a side note, this is the first tournament that I’ve heard DL3 be a commentator for, and so far, I’m not a fan. Hopefully he’ll become a little more comfortable and loosen up.
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