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  1. Yes No No Yes No Hovland Cantlay
  2. I definitely believe seeing the distance is a skill associated with the game. What I’ve found is that playing a course I know well is pretty easy without a DMD. Playing courses that I’ve never played without one is almost impossible. My depth perception is linked to my memory of other shots and distances I had on course. If you just give me barren land with a pin, with no recognizable landmarks, it’s hopeless. That said, the challenge of golf is just hitting the shot, not getting the yardage. The yardage is a measurement that should be available at all times, to see who can actually execute shots.
  3. WOW!! What a game! Those Saints totally deserved it after that roughy the kicker call!
  4. GB13

    Random Thread

    Pics or it didn’t happen...
  5. @Berg Ryman, sorry, meant to accept that, I like it a lot. I’d also do Guice for Jordan Howard if you want.
  6. Well, that sucks, but seriously a huge CONGRATULATIONS to @blackngold_blood, you’ve been a formidable opponent all year, and it’s been a lot of fun battling with y’all! I thought I had a chance with Rory winning, but it shows the depth needed to win!
  7. Good luck next weekend guys, looks like @GolfSpy Stroker has the advantage with 3 players starting instead of 2. Oops, looks like BNG did too. Oh, and f****** Kevin Tway finishing 31.
  8. Seeing as any of the dates work fine for me, I’m not gonna vote, so I don’t needlessly skew the results away from what the group needs.
  9. Wow, I can’t believe this challenge is over. I just went back and read over all of the reviews, and they were all magnificent. The mods picked 5 great competitors, and y’all did a wonderful job, not just for the forum, but for Cobra and Arccos as well. I’m sad I missed the fun of the last couple weeks, but even as a reader, I really enjoyed this challenge.
  10. 20 yard chip-in. I hit it 40 () feet too hard, but it hit the stick dead center and dropped in for my only birdie of the day.
  11. @GolfSpy STUDque Total improvement of 19.6.
  12. That’s pretty darn impressive. Are you happy with the gapping they give ya?
  13. That’d be great, another putter for you to miss with.
  14. Yep, I’m in the western part, and the mountain courses are absolutely beautiful.
  15. That’s the biggest thing I’m excited about being here...better than an almost 3 month golf season.
  16. Ahh, Peffercorn, okay. Yep, NC from MN, and it’s been a fun move. But lets not dwell on that. I don’t know if I had much of a mind before, but it’s definitely gone now. I had to play a round with a rented Top Flite driver with two ball dents. (Shot 46-39) It almost killed me...
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