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  1. ahh, that’s what I thought, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t some new stat I didn’t know about.
  2. What does the gold star next to a player mean? I thought the active symbol was a green check mark? P.S I’m always open to trades, just send me offers!
  3. I dunno if I just wildly overspent on waiver claims or not.
  4. You can always go in through your browser too. That works perfectly for me.
  5. Yeah, for as big of a story as the PAC-12 officiating crew was going into the game, I thought they did an executional job. The calls seemed fair and well balanced. Even the PI call you’re referencing, I don’t think was all that controversial. It was nice to see a game where the officiating didn’t dictate the outcome.
  6. I gotta agree with that, he just seemed out of football shape and largely ineffective. I’d have loved to see them run Homer a lot more against the Packers; I think he could’ve given them the spark to pull off the upset.
  7. That was an amazing game to watch!! So glad Burrow and LSU pulled it off! Great win Orgeron.. and I’m rather happy to see Goldilocks lose. Real gracious loser..
  8. I’m gonna go with Sungjae Im. I’ll be rooting hard for Phil, but I’m not sure his game is where it needs to be to win again.
  9. Possible stupid question but, since we are having four duplicates of each player, when we rank players for the draft, if I want to put “Tony Romo” as my first pick, do I need to add him 4 times? Or just once?
  10. I will NOT be posting footage of this.
  11. If the waivers are the $200 budget, are those the same as the football bidding system we used?
  12. I’m going with JT for a Hawaiian sweep.
  13. GB13


    I’m with @GSwag here. Like most of you have said, nobody BUT Reed would get this reception after what happened at the Hero. And why is that? Well, because he has a reputation. If it happened to someone with a clean past, we could chalk it up to a honest mistake and move on. But since Reed is a notorious cheater, he deserves to have the moniker follow him around for a while. I also don’t mind him being called out for being a cheater. If you cheat, you need to be prepared for the consequences. I think people should be allowed to voice their opinion on someone whether or not those opinions are positive. The only thing I have a problem with is that we continue to drag Reed’s family matters into this. It should in no way affect our opinions of him as a golfer. While I agree the optics of his family aren’t great, I know firsthand how much things can get twisted. I personally don’t have a relationship with my father, and if y’all were to only hear from him, you’d receive a completely inaccurate portrait of him and me. He was an abuser, emotionally and otherwise, but if you heard from him, he’d portray himself as a saint, and wonderful father. This isn’t/wasn’t the case, but you wouldn’t know that just hearing from him. So please, stop bringing personal matters into a public setting. Nothing good comes of it, and we will likely never have the full story.
  14. Well, I did something very stupid while practicing today. It’s been three weeks since I’ve gotten up to the simulator to hit balls, and during that time, I’ve been putting for a few hours every day. Well, my putting grip is a reverse overlap and my regular grip is just a plain overlap. So in my incomprehensible genius, my instinct was to just grab a club and swing with a reverse overlap. Needless to say, the first 30 minutes didn’t go that well. (Not that the next 30 minutes with my proper grip went much better.) At least I identified a grip that isn’t for me.
  15. I like the Hawks over the Packers, and I dunno if Ten will actually win, but I predict it to be much closer than everyone expects. Otherwise I think KC and SF will take care of business.
  16. I dunno, I think the Dolphins might finally be getting on the right track again. With 3 first round picks this year, and coach that the players actually seem to respect, y’all could be doing pretty well soon.
  17. Frankly, I’m okay with the fan that called out “cheater”, especially since it was after he hit the putt. I like people who say what most everyone else thinks, but don’t have the guts to say. It’s a no BS approach, and I’m okay with people calling it how they see it. I’m happy JT won, it really would of been a shame for him to lose with how well played all week.
  18. GB13

    Golf Ad

    Well, that does explain why you’re an 8 handicap...
  19. I gotta go with NO and Seattle. I just don’t think the Eagles can keep up with Seattle even though both teams were struggling to the finish. And I think NO should be playing in the NFC championship (and maybe the SB) so I don’t think a Kirk Cousins led Vikings team can slow them down too much. We’ll see though, if it’s anything like yesterday, should be a fun day of football.
  20. This is a very difficult question to answer, there are many tour players that I like, however I can’t say I have a favorite. In no particular order, Spieth, Phil, Schauffele, Kuchar, to name a few. Like Tony above, I do have certain set of players I’m not a big fan of, Brooks, Sergio, etc.
  21. Well, most of us mere mortals don’t have personal servants... ahem, caddies who carry umbrellas and 10 towels for us.
  22. Thank y’all!! I’ve not been quite as active in the past couple months as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to be back more as a lot of changes are winding down!
  23. Last year our playoffs coincided with the FedEx Cup playoffs. I’m not sure how the scoring is gonna work this year, but last year we played 5 teams for majors instead of the normal weekly 2.
  24. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. Like you, these leagues have been my first fantasy leagues, and it’s been great. Stud, Berg, and Shooter do a wonderful job running the leagues.
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