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  1. As someone who plays as a single quite frequently, I feel my answer varies widely based on who I’m paired with. By nature, I’m a fairly quiet person and if I’m paired up with someone else who is quiet, it’s mainly just pleasantries and not much else. And I’m happy with that. 

    As for the social people? I usually find one of two types. (Painting with a broad brush here.) People who chatter incessantly and boast about themselves, and people who want to have a good time with good conversations. With the first type, I’m not very chatty, just the occasional, polite, “Very interesting.” With the second type, I’ll be much more friendly and chat back and forth, inject some good natured trash talk etc... 

    So for me, it depends. I’ll gladly be quiet, and I’ll gladly have a good time with it, I just kinda go with what everyone else wants. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Shankster said:


    I didn’t like the fan anyways...

    Old house I put a ball through a wall on accident. Destructive game this is. Haha


    You’re not the only one who’s done that...


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  3. 1 hour ago, joen said:

    Thread bump. Any of you guys still rocking this putter?  I had to give it up. It just wasn’t getting it done for me. Curious how others are faring?

    I’m still rocking it. It got benched for an old Odyssey White Hot #1 for a few rounds last year, but after reviewing my putting in each round, the armlock was still way better. I really believe my struggles with the putter come from green reading inadequacies. When I make the proper read on putts, I am pretty confident I’ll make a good stroke and scare the hole. 

    So, yes I’m still rocking it, no, my putting still isn’t where it should be, but it’s mainly due to green reading, not my actual stroke. 

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Thanks but actually the great work has been done by everyone who has done a review here in he past couple years.

    My contact spent the better part of a couple days reading almost every review thread from the past 2 years and was blown away by the quality and depth and effort put into them.  That was what sold them on wanting to be involved, I was just the messenger.

    So as Barbs always says and he's right...YOU GUYS ROCK! 

    That’s so cool. I might be partial, but your contact is right. 🙂

    This is a really cool opportunity, I’ll be really interested to see how this one turns out. 

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  5. I love making challenges like this for myself. I know I can usually pull 8 of these off with reasonable certainty, but that pesky high draw has never been in my bag. 

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  6. 6 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    If you want less vibration graphite shafts or sensicore shaft inserts are the way to reduce them.  Club heads aren’t necessarily going to reduce them. Proper compression of the golf ball on contact will and anything that’s not perfect contact will have some level of feedback up thru the shaft. 


    Exactly what I was going to say. This would probably be your best bet.

  7. First round in over 6 months for me today, and while the final score (82) wasn’t great, it was just great to be out. Turns out, I need to shake some rust off my iron game, and relearn distance control on my putts! 

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  8. 2 hours ago, silver & black said:
    I went to the grocery store at 6:30 this morning. Not a roll of toilet paper to be found.... or any paper towels. No frozen pizzas or any snack foods left on the shelves. People are nuts!

    Gotta load up on Doritos for he apocalypse! 🤪

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  9. 10 hours ago, sixcat said:

    Media, social media, it doesn't matter.  They are all untrustworthy! 

    The media is ridiculous! The quote the first guy is referencing doesn’t even make any mention of moving the PGA Championship! It’s just a standard reply of, “we are monitoring the situation.” which everyone should know, means nothing at all. 

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  10. Another positive vote for the MCC grips. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and haven’t wanted anything else since trying them. Iomic grips are wonderful for initial tackiness, but wear out way faster than most grips in my opinion. As for grip size, it really just comes down to comfort, and what size keeps your grip pressure the lowest. For me, midsize grips are the best, but it varies from person to person. 

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  11. Wedges, all wedges. I love my original PING Glides, but I’ve had them for 3 seasons, and the grooves are wearing out. (Not to mention my gapping has changed significantly in those three years.) The Glide 3.0 are obviously top on my list, but I’m gonna start testing them out with an open mind. 

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  12. 6 hours ago, Jmikecpa said:

    Second week in a row that a US Open has broken out. A little wind and some water make distance a non-issue I guess.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Exactly, some thick rough, hard greens, and a little wind really challenges any argument for a “distance issue”. I love watching these tournaments with difficult conditions, you really get to see how good these guys’ shot making ability is. 

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