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  1. 2 hours ago, Kenny B said:

    I'm sitting here on Sunday night after dinner watching the Cowboys beat up on Philly.  During the commercials and when play is especially poor, I browse through some of the recent posts to see what you guys are writing about on the dreary weekend.  My wife just yelled at me to get in the kitchen and help wash the dishes.  She said if I don't get in here right now, she's going to bang my head on the keyboard.  I think she's kidding3ytef47$j&ksutenmkdjney69#65%miduehskhnd9275478hs7^908ujdhydhkdunwko02hs64$kd8ms*nskdmhsytendhystej&83%63kms;pi0ehdujdu83h3u&974*0oldidneucbsgsvxmjlzjsgeyt25384gsijehdysksh4beyw8oiuudnkiosu73636dhje. Ow!

    We think she’s kidding too...

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  2. My personal scoring theory for myself is hit as long of a club off the tee, without creating significantly more risk. I’m better the closer I am to the green, therefore, as long as I’m not bringing crazy risks into play, I’m pulling driver. I’m not really thinking backwards, but usually when I’ve played a course once before, I know where I need to hit it, to give myself the best angle for approach. I pretty much instinctually aim toward that angle, and then just hit the shot. I’d say I work backward much more when considering my target line, than when I’m considering my club choice. 

  3. Actually played pretty well, shot 75, ball striking was phenomenal, but putting continues to be a weak spot. Four 3-putts today really turned a great scoring day into a solid scoring day. I’m thinking the Betti might need a time-out for a round or 2 😱! Never thought I’d say that!! Either gonna roll with a Ping B60 or an old White Hot #1 that was good to me for a long time. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, Kenny B said:

    Shooting 80 while putting terribly is not that bad.  Tighten that up and you are right there!!

    Just laugh at the ones by the "ladies tee box".  A couple of months ago I barely got past the "ladies tee box", but it was 200 yards out!!!!!!   😂

    Haha! 😂🤣 One of my main goals on the course is to keep a positive attitude while playing and limit the amount I get frustrated. In the past, I’ve had some “finer moments” that I’m quite embarrassed about now, and have vowed never to repeat. One of the unexpected benefits has been the ability to recover much quicker after a bad shot or two as opposed to spiraling even further.   

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  5. Streaky - I show flashes of brilliance where I can play -2 or -3 but then I also have rounds that can be mid 80s. My main goal is to become more consistent and that starts with a better mental approach. I need to start hitting the right shot for any given situation, not just going pin hunting or pull driver on every hole. 

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  6. For me, conditions/greens are paramount. I kind of combine those into one category since they are so closely related. Yes, scenery is important, but good scenery on a poorly maintained course leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    The main other characteristic that goes into judging a course for me, is pace of play. If any given day on a particular course is a 5 hour round, the chances of me returning are slim. Occasionally, I’ll go on a day that isn’t busy, but that is only if the course is phenomenal. 


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  7. 8 hours ago, perseveringgolfer said:

    OH! one other reason I quit a few rounds early was Gang fights on the 11th fairway!🙄

    2 rival schemes (housing projects in the US) would meet there armed to the teeth with iron bars, rocks and anything else (occasionally they would rob a couple of golfers of their clubs to use as weapons) and sort out who was the most stupid.

    Fortunately you could see ahead a hole and any movement in the adjacent fields meant it's time to retire early.😮😡

    Sounds like your playing on the wrong side of the tracks... 😬

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  8. Mainly only for weather. I will rarely walk off if slow play becomes unbearable or I have somewhere I need to be and a round I thought I could get done in 4 hours ends up taking much longer. The only other time I can recall walking off, is when the people I was paired up with got into an altercation with the group behind us. It was a situation that definitely could have escalated and become something I didn’t want to be involved in, so I told the club house and left. 

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  9. Not very well, ball striking betrayed me, but I made some good up and downs and started to exorcise some putting demons. There were some positives to take away from today I guess. 

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  10. 31 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    It won't move them from #1 IMO.  Notre Dame was up 14-10 wen we headed out for a dinner party.  I was concerned about a solid Virginia squad but glad to see my team prevailed.  Pending the outcome of the Utah vs Washington State, it looks like week 5 is following the script.

    It won’t but IMO it should. My opinion is LSU and UGA should be the top two. Clemson 3 and Bama 4. Bama hasn’t really played anyone, and Clemson played a very over-ranked A&M team, but otherwise has struggled. 

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  11. I’d say I’m in the actively look for but only selectively use found balls. I “usually” only lose 1or 2 balls a round, and can pretty easily find enough high quality tour balls in good condition to not have to purchase any balls. I don’t think I’ve bought golf balls in a few years, and I absolutely hate doing it. 

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    15 hours ago, Rickp said:

    77 and 330 yards I’ll take also. I can’t see 300 yardsemoji106.png

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    To be completely honest, it carried about 230 yards landed on a downslope and rolled 100 yards. It hasn’t rained here in 3 weeks and everything is rock hard. 

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