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  1. Just remember, I’ve been to the part on TN where you live. I’m very sure there are some toothless people there. HEY!!! She’s only a SECOND COUSIN! When people think of Alabama, they just think of “rednecks”. They don’t realize that there is a large group of people with teeth, and wives not from their immediate family... who can still enjoy the success of our team.
  2. Nice Bucky!! I hope they work as well for me as they are for you. I must say, I’m super excited about the Forged Tec irons. They seem as though they were created for a player exactly like me, and I’m really hoping they’ll be something special. Don’t. You. Worry. It’s so on.
  3. I couldn’t agree more. However, watching your GIF over and over while typing this post really sucked. So you only get half a like for that.
  4. Participation trophies embody everything that is wrong with my generation. I shall be graceful in defeat if it come to that.... but it won’t Just as long as you come in your special hat! 1. We’ll see, probably not though. 2. Obviously not to both. He gets in at least a bar brawl every week with his attitude. 3. He’ll start off taking the high road, but we’ll pester him enough to see his true trash talking self. 4. He better, or I’ll do it for him. 5. Well, I’ve not heard enough from @daviddvm to dislike him yet, so hopefully they work out well for him. 1. MJ, no debate. 2. Patriots (obviously) Can’t stand cheaters, or arrogant QB/HC duos. 3. Look, if my fellow competitors can’t keep a level head due to some teenager’s comments, there is no way they can win. And, I’ll watch them slowly self-destruct until there is nothin left but a pile of ashes. No, but with how overrated LeBron is, I can only assume MJ was a helluva lot better.
  5. Let’s see what you think about excuses when yo boy @B.Boston has to come up with some cause he’s in 6th out of 5 competitors. Yeah, I do find the fact that the field thinks they can beat me pretty cute. So cute in fact, I think I will give each competitor a pat on the cheek. And what does she have to say about your posts? BS WARNING!! At least I’ll grow out of it. The guy from Boston will be like this his entiiiirrrrrre life.
  6. Now that I have the prestige of being a competitor, I now see just minuscule the likes of this “ @Wedgie ” peasant are. Yeah, you’ll need to turn to alcohol after the beat down you’re about to receive. I could beat you with Chrome Softs, Top-Flites, or, hell, I could even beat you with a mini golf ball. Just know, that the responding fire will be... CATASTROPHIC!!!! You’ve made a wise choice! Team Infinity Backswing!
  7. Crickets are louder in their support of me than you ever could be! You’re from Wisconsin, so you know just how loud and annoying crickets can be! If you really wanna say I have no support, you should put more research into picking a silent animal. Considering the best odds would be me, (even at -5000 or better) he’d be insane to bet on you. Maybe you can do like fantasy football, and trade around your loyalty based on who is winning. This is accurate. I’ll probably get grounded for 8 weeks... and still sneak out to play golf. Thanks man! With all this hate I’m getting from last year’s competitors, having a supporter is nice!! I dunno, is @B.Boston gonna record my game signals? Is he gonna tamper with the golf balls... if you can support a team that cheats... I’m might need to add a firewall to my Arccos!
  8. For as much as I hate those teams, I’ll be trying thrice as hard to beat you. We all know Pats fans are sore losers...
  9. Official CCC4 Intro First and foremost, I feel it’s necessary to express my sincere gratitude to MyGolfSpy and Cobra for giving me the opportunity to be part of the most prestigious event MGS has to offer. I’m thrilled to be here and, I plan not only to win, but, I will also make 110% sure that every single forum member has more fun than they thought possible during this challenge. Now, I’ll keep the personal details pretty brief because, let’s be honest, you’re here to see super sexy golf club pics. My name is Grayson, I’m 17 years old, and I currently reside in Minnesota. I was introduced to golf by my Mom about 12 years ago, and I’ve been playing (addicted) ever since. Everyone who has been following along so far, knows that I’m the undisputed trash talk champion. Combining my trash talk prowess with the fact that this challenge is generously sponsored by COBRA, our official team hashtag is... #TEAMVENOMSPITTER Do you have a venomous comeback to any verbal joust? Are you a fan of wonderful wordplay? Do you just want to be on the winning team? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re a #VENOMSPITTER! MY GAME Currently my pre-Cobra setup includes a Wilson Staff C300 Driver (TrueGolfFit), Callaway Rogue 3 wood (not fitted), Mizuno Fli-Hi 2 iron (not fitted), Ping I200s (“self“ fitted), and Ping Glide 52° and 58° (not fitted). As you can tell, I’m playing with a very unfit, mixed bag. I’m definitely not “married” to any of my current clubs, although I might be “engaged” to my 2 iron. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the in depth stats Arccos provides, and it’s been very accurate in picking up my shots. I do recall that there have been complaints in other threads about it missing putts, but as long as you monitor it throughout your round, it shouldn’t be a big deal. My swing has a fairly smooth tempo (in my own mind), and averages about 108 mph with my “fairway finder” swing. It usually produces medium height shots and a pretty ugly two-way miss. (Disclaimer: My spine may or may not be made of rubber. And even if it is, it’s *probably* not cheating!) MY BASELINE As some of you may remember, I had posed the question of perception VS reality in relation to our golf game. (Full Post here) As far as my driving goes, I’m apparently a much better driver than I give myself credit for. It’s been a bit wet here recently, so I haven’t gotten a ton of roll on the fairways. Most of these balls are all carry. Okay, so my approach game is where it gets really interesting. According to Arccos, I suck at any iron shot and long pitches. I’m pretty shocked by this, but my theory is, while I do hit enough greens, my proximity is poor enough that I don’t have enough make-able birdie putts, which really kills my ability to score low. Chipping and Putting were both pretty much what I expected, there isn’t a whole lot to go over here, so I won’t bore you anymore. THE CHALLENGERS Once again this year, Cobra is selling with speed. Hell, it’s the second year in a row that “speed” is in the name of most of their lineup. If their marketing is legit, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t have multiple condors before the challenge is over. Okay, maybe not, but I still am expecting some BOMBS! (Spoiler Alert: There already have been some bombs!) Now, Cobra doesn’t just promise speed, they also promise precise and forgiving irons and wedges. They market the Forged Tec as delivering playable distance, and precision with forgiveness. Seeing the state of my approach game, I have REALLY high expectations for these irons. Not to mention they’re beautiful! (If you want to read about my fitting and setup in more detail, I posted a full write-up here!) Personally, I think this is the best looking driver on the market, especially in the matte white color. I could keep telling you how beautiful it is... or I could just show you! It’s finally time for some pictures!!! Aesthetically, the fairway wood and hybrid are some of the best out there, although, the hybrid sets up a little closed to me, so we’ll keep an eye on that. It’s tough to find anything bad to say about these irons. I have such high hopes for these, I really need the extra forgiveness. These are very beautiful wedges, from the slick chrome finish, to the precise milling. We’ve already discussed in detail, how great the Cobra/Vessel bag is, but I feel I need to reiterate just how lovely it is. It is the nicest, most well thought out, highest quality stand bag that I’ve ever seen. Everything from the embroidery, to the extremely comfortable backpack straps has been perfectly executed. If you’re still here after all those beautiful club pics, give yourself a pat on the back. To wrap up, I have 3 main goals for the Cobras. 1. More Speed, Less dispersion. Doesn’t that sound like the magic formula to lower scores? Well, seeing as this is my first set of properly fitted clubs, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. 2. I want the transition from player’s irons to player’s distance irons to be smooth. Sure, I’ll take extra distance, however, what I really want is more forgiving and accurate clubs that don’t sacrifice much playability. Cobra promises that with the Forged Tec, and I’m super excited to see if they pulled it off. 3. I’ll say it, Cobra wedges have been overlooked for years. I want them to live up to the quality of the rest of their line of clubs. I’m talking great feel, great versatility around the greens, good spin rates, and consistency on full shots. The MIMs are beautiful, now they just need to perform beautifully. Now, onwards to victory!!!!
  10. Unlike you, I actually HAVE the game to back up my trash talk.
  11. Smack talk is like a second language to me... wait... I think it’s actually my first. This was my reaction as well! Not only were you late in realizing your selection, you game also only showed up late... 7 weeks into the competition. I hope there isn’t anything about power rangers. I’d be in over my head like I was with the Muppets last year!
  12. A lone wolf is always a lone wolf by choice...
  13. Allow me to be the first to say, even as a spectator, you are not safe from my “fun” There will be many a roasted observer left in my wake.
  14. Ohh, it WILL be interesting, now, I have to decide, do I want a cult following like last year? Or do I want to be a lone wolf?
  15. WOW!!! I’m SUPER PUMPED and honored to be a member of this group and event!!! To the mods, MGS, Cobra, thank you!! As for my 4 fellow competitors, congratulations, I’m ready to have fun and put in the work with y’all.... and that will be the last nice thing I have to say to y’all.
  16. Couldn’t agree more! Good luck to everyone.... but mostly good luck to me.
  17. Somewhere, the mods are laughing heartily at the pain anguish, and insanity they’re causing. Direct quote from Stud: “How long can we drag out the selection process before it becomes suspicious that we’re doing it on purpose?”
  18. Definitely the Betti Armlock that I reviewed for MGS last year. Not only is it the best performing club in my bag, it’s also the prettiest. In a far distant second would be my 4 iron. I can always hit it well, and it is a great get out of trouble club.
  19. If I could only use one club to chip, I’d pick my 52°, it’s the most versatile club in my bag. I can use it for high soft shots, and low runners. That said, I rarely use my 52° for shots around the green because it isn’t as specialized as other clubs. My 3 most used clubs are 58° (for high soft shots with no green to work with), PW (for medium shots with some run), and my 8 iron for all bump and run shots off of tight lies. I’m not sure how technically correct these methods are, but they work really well for me, and are some of the most reliable shots I have.
  20. If only I knew... At least: 2 gloves, 8 ball markers, 20 pencils, old sunscreen (that I’m surprised hasn’t leaked and made a mess), bug spray, rain cover, mint gum, 4 bottles of water, 10 more pencils, change of socks (comes in handy waaaaay more often than you’d think), and some loose change.
  21. I’ll have to try this, the gnats here are always a huge problem for me! The best remedy I had found before this was artificial vanilla mixed with a little bit of water in a spray bottle. This seems like much less mess!
  22. I usually get 30-50 rounds out of one. My hands aren’t very sweaty and the first thing to go is the thumb starts to rip. I wonder what that says about my grip pressure...
  23. .... I have more questions than you have answers....
  24. It may not be a surprise anymore, however, it’s still the coolest opportunity on the forum. Big props to Cobra for keeping this going! Whether or not I get picked, I’ll still have an incredible time joining in with my trash talk! 1. I’m a 4 handicap located in Mankato, Minnesota. 2. To be honest, I currently don’t have any social media accounts, and if that disqualifies me, that is totally okay. However, if selected I will create some accounts. 3. In 8 weeks, I’d expect 32-36 rounds averaging about 4 per week. 4. Current Bag: Wilson Staff C300 9.0° driver Callaway Rogue 3 wood Mizuno MMC- 18 Fli-Hi 2 Iron PING I200 4-W PING Glide 52° and 58° Bettinardi Armlock 5. Dream Set: (I’d see if I could get a fitting first, but if not, I’d go with this.) Cobra SZ 9.0° Yellow, Fujikura Atmos Black 60 TS Stiff Cobra SZ 3 wood Yellow, Fujikura Atmos Blue 70 TS stiff Cobra SZ 3 hybrid Yellow, PX Catalyst 80 stiff Cobra Forged Tec 4-PW, KBS $taper Black Stiff Cobra MIM 50° 54° 58° KBS Hi-Rev Stiff
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