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  1. Played really well again today, ended up with a 72, my irons weren’t *quite* as sharp today and both of my birdies were chip-ins. Nothing to complain about, and it’s just nice to be playing golf decently again.
  2. I mean, you could add someone like Spieth to list as well. It’s just extremely difficult to maintain that level of excellence over a longer period of time. As we look at people who fell off the “peak”, being a short hitter seems to be a commonality. For these guys it’s a combination of the game evolving to cater to bomb and gouge style, and the need to have such strong short games and putting. Without above average length, you’re kinda behind the 8-ball after every tee shot.
  3. Congrats MPR!! I think we’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a higher quality per post ratio!!
  4. I broke 70 for the first time today, so I played really well. Shot 69 with 6 birdies, so it could’ve been better yet. Putter was on fire as were the irons. Driver not so much, but my misses were still manageable. 3/14 fairways 10/18 greens 22 putts
  5. After rain is 100% okay, during rain is 100% not. If not getting paid to play in the rain, I’m not going to.
  6. I have two from today, first was a 30 yard chip and run that got lucky enough to hit the pin and go in. The second was a 250 yard 3 wood into a par 5 that I stuck to 6 feet. That probably would have been my best shot had I made the putt...
  7. After the way I played today, I’d probably score better with just my putter than trying to use any of my 13 other clubs...
  8. I don’t personally have any experience, but I will say that I’m not a believer in these “one size fits all” miracle swing techniques. The golf swing is an athletic motion, and while certain swing positions help with consistency, there are millions of ways to get to those positions, not just one. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some people, I’m sure it does, I just don’t think the everyone in the general golfing public should start using it.
  9. I’ve played 5 rounds so far this year, and I’ve birdied, 6 out of the 18 I need. So far, so good. I *think* I should get to 13-15 rather soon, but there are about 3 holes that are *really* going to be challenge for me.
  10. I played really solidly today. Ended up with a 37-35-72. I didn’t do anything super special, just kept the ball (mostly) in play off the tee, and chipped and putted well. Overall, about as stress free and enjoyable of a round as I’ve ever played.
  11. I prefer playing in the mornings before the courses fill up with players there for a “drunken good time”.
  12. GB13


    I know, it’s been so hard for me not to respond to lot of these posts. But I’m biting my tongue. I just tell myself that I’m not gonna change anyone’s mind who does disagree with me, and arguing about it would is just a waste of my time. But it’s still been hard not to chime in.
  13. For me my (probably not biggest but certainly most memorable) was a 49 front and 31 back. For the front 9 I was paired up with an obnoxious group of strangers that I let get under my skin, and after they left after 9 holes, I was so relaxed that I didn’t even realize how well I was playing.
  14. Lately? Anything off a downhill lie. It’s just chunks, chunks, and more chunks. Otherwise, it comes down to poor decision making than lack of execution.
  15. Got out for my first round in a while now that the golfing ban has been lifted. Ended up shooting a 76, so not too bad. Iron game needs a lot of work though, really saved my score around the greens.
  16. I’m rolling with a 2 utitly iron, but mainly because of wind. Where I play, 25+mph winds are typical on any given day, and hitting high floating hybrids just doesn’t work out well. (Not to mention I struggle to hit them.) But having a club that I can use for a reliable stinger both off the tee and on some par 5s is quite valuable.
  17. I play alone probably 75% of the time, and I love it. Around here, the golf courses (usually) aren’t very busy, and I can get around in under 3 hours. And, since the courses are so empty, it is a quiet peaceful environment. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than spending hours outside alone. As @ZenGolfer said, it can be a meditative experience, and a calming escape from daily life. On the days courses are busier, since I can’t play a quick round, I love being paired up with people. Meeting new, interesting people is always fun. Basically, in case you can’t tell, I like golf.
  18. Minnesota just reversed their closures today, so it looks like we’ll finally get out on the course again. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get re-re-reversed, but ya know.... politicians....
  19. As long as it isn’t blazing hot, I’m walking. It’s good exercise, plus, I find it much more relaxing than riding in a cart. A push cart is a must however.
  20. As someone who plays as a single quite frequently, I feel my answer varies widely based on who I’m paired with. By nature, I’m a fairly quiet person and if I’m paired up with someone else who is quiet, it’s mainly just pleasantries and not much else. And I’m happy with that. As for the social people? I usually find one of two types. (Painting with a broad brush here.) People who chatter incessantly and boast about themselves, and people who want to have a good time with good conversations. With the first type, I’m not very chatty, just the occasional, polite, “Very interesting.” With the second type, I’ll be much more friendly and chat back and forth, inject some good natured trash talk etc... So for me, it depends. I’ll gladly be quiet, and I’ll gladly have a good time with it, I just kinda go with what everyone else wants.
  21. Great group right there!! I can’t wait to see how these work for y’all!
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