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  1. Just for the record, I have a friend that takes the club back to their waist and swings though just about as far. They have back problems and it takes off all of the strain. They just play a sort of punch shot with wrists. Even if you can do that, you can still try to get out and play some.
  2. GB13

    Random Thread

    I wonder how many righties would apply saying; I have always wanted to try Lefty clubs. Please, Please, please. 🤔
  3. Yeah, I would love to see the quality produced by NCW. Good luck, getting back into it.
  4. That article summed up my thoughts exactly. It was really, really bad. I am also glad I am not the only one who hates that Connection song.😬
  5. Yeah, I doubt you could see anything. Even if I wanted to watch Tiger(I wouldn't anyway), I would watch Rose or Fowler. That way I could see what is happening and be in less of a crowd. I am not a people person and don't like crowds anyway.
  6. GB13

    Got Problems?

    (Sounding panicked) Its a conspiracy!!!!
  7. Yeah, it got merged into the Cleveland New gear for 2019 thread.
  8. Okay, I suppose I have never practiced enough with it. I have just tried once or twice. I could see that it would lead to a more repeatable stroke. I guess that just shows the individuality of the game. I am glad you have found something that works for you.
  9. Maybe they think with the versatility of the 60° XLow, you wouldn't want a 62 or 64.
  10. Great write up as always. That XLow grind looks very intriguing. I might have to try that out.
  11. It probably isn't the best option today. The best option is a putter grip but if you want to try it go for it. I am a tinkerer and like to try new things.
  12. Then I would recommend, MLA, Bettinardi BB56, and Odeyssey EXO series. These are all firmer faces and mostly milled. Milled are generally firmer. Avoid inserts for a firm putter. Thinner grips will make it feel firmer too.
  13. Sorry, going to thread jack a little bit here. I agree that if you line it up and trust the line, all you have to worry about is speed. Speed is probably the most important part of putting. But if you look at the hole you might know how hard to hit it but wouldn't you miss hit the putt more often resulting in worse distance control? If you look at the ball wouldn't you have more consistent strikes leading to a consistent smash factor? Couldn't you just say, hit this like a 10 footer and never even see how far the hole is?
  14. PGA is notorious for first time major winners. Rickie or Kisner??
  15. I am looking forward to this one. I have fallen out of love with my current 3W and it is time for a change. The insight will be appreciated.
  16. GB13

    Shot Shapes

    How much were you fading it? I know a fade takes distance off but 20-30 yards sounds like a lot. I will hit a small fade on occasion but they go within 10 yards of my small draw. With irons there is almost no difference. I like the extra control of the baby cut over the baby draw. The draw gets a little wild for me.
  17. Great write up and comparison. I have never heard of DF and will have to check them out.
  18. Not yet, I don't think. This is the replacement for the RTX line. Seeing as the prices were just slashed in the RTX and not the CBX, I doubt they are coming out with a new CBX yet. Probably next release with new putters would be my guess.
  19. GB13

    Shot Shapes

    Thanks for the logic. My tee shots generally have very low side spin. Maybe 10 feet of curve one way or another. When I miss fairways, side spin is never the issue. I struggle to start the ball on the intended line. My miss is either a pull or a push. I tried to hit a consistent fade earlier this year and still had the same miss. I pulled most things left and didn't get any cut spin. The problem was, I aimed 10 yards off the left and tried to peel it back. I then pulled it 15 yards and ended up in the rough. I would then aim down the middle and pull it 25 yards and still end up in the rough. When hitting at greens, I aim at my target and will most likely pull it or push it. If I pull it 3 yards, it fades 3 yards. If I push it 3 yards, it draws 3 yards. I like what I do with the irons but would like a shape with the driver. I think I will try to have the 10 foot curve go to the right for the next few rounds. I think my problem before was I didn't pick a small enough target and I went for too large of a cut. The logic convinced me. I probably lose 6 of the 9 shots I need to be scratch of the tee.
  20. I can relate too. I could break my last round into sixes. First six +6 next 6 +2 next 6 -1. If only I could play -1 all three times but hey, that's why we go play the next time.
  21. I have been watching TNTs coverage for less than ten minutes and the commentators are already driving me crazy.
  22. Do you like soft or firm feeling putters?
  23. Haha! I just burst out laughing and had a whole bunch of people look at me like I was crazy. They don't know what they are missing.
  24. I don't think reworking a swing is the way to go. No one has a cookie cutter swing to begin with and trying to force them into it won't work. I think you can make subtle changes to a natural swing to make it better but reworking game it entirely will cause more problems than there was before. No student can take a reworking in one lesson. I don't even know if they ever will be able to implement all of the changes. How many tour pros have cookie cutter swings? They are all great swings but how many are the exact "perfect swing"? These pros made subtle changes to their natural swing to turn it into to their own personal masterpiece.If a pro can't have a perfect swing, no instructor can build one in an hour with an amateur. Anyway, swing your swing, make subtle changes to improve, and practice.
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