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  1. I bet if they released TW MB irons, there would be loads of people who are less educated about what golf clubs are best for their game will to pay. They would line up and shell out big bucks just because it is what Tiger plays. There are so many dedicated TW fans that would play them no matter what. While I think MB's as a whole are a loss leader; TW MB's might draw a different market share than typical MB's. TM's other option would be to release them as a limited edition collectors product and eliminate the "unplayable for most" factor. This would just capitalize the TW effect.
  2. I think they might lose a shot or two a round. The pros rely so heavily on the green books. It has been a while since they didn't have a "crutch" to lean on if they are truly baffled by a read. I think the scoring average might go up for a few months and then come back down to where it was before the spike.
  3. Finally, I can't believe it took them so long. Green reading is and integral part of the game. It takes skill, not the skill of being able to read a chart but being able to see breaks. I wonder how the scores will suffer or if they will at all?
  4. I am 6' 1" but have long arms so I play standard length, +1.5 lie. The main measurement that matters is wrist to floor.
  5. GB13

    Got Problems?

    This isn't really a rant but I don't know where else to post it. I was playing on my home course the other day. I was on 12 tee which is right next to 14 tee. There was a foursome on 14 waiting on a group in front of them. I then noticed the one guy was hunched over on the ground and then just kind of rolled over. His three buddies then hit and helped him half carried back to the cart. I thought that was odd. Anyway when I get to the tee there is a Sharpie that had the ink tube pulled out and cracked open and a latex glove stained with Sharpie. Again odd. Well it turned out the guy was huffing Sharpie fumes and was high. Well I just was astounded that something like that was happening on a golf course. If you are going to get high, why do it on a golf course? I guess my point is just do NOT do drugs. After seeing the way this guy was acting, I know I never will.
  6. +1 for the utility club. That should get rid of the hook bias. There are some pretty forgiving ones like the Ping G400 Crossover and Cobra Utility.
  7. Exactly, I putt way betting with a quicker tempo. I play all shots with a really quick tempo. If I slow my tempo I will hit push slices and push all of my putts. If I get too quick I will hit pull hooks and pull all of my putts.
  8. Best: do what works for you Worst: here use my swing as a guide (proceedes to chunk 3 in a row 10 yards) And here fit into this cookie cutter swing that gave no thought to you as a person or as a player.
  9. In case you need a good laugh here are two pictures of my convulsion.... wait I mean swing. Well, it isn't a pretty but it gets the job done. I bet you will think I shank it every time. Just for the record that drive went 290 with a little draw.
  10. Yes, the move to May should help but it just doesn't have the same history as the other majors. I don't think Tiger will win. He might win a few more times and maybe a major but he will never be the same as he was before his hiatus. I don't really want him to win either. While he has been great for the game and helped expand it. It will be good for the game for him to win but I just don't care for him. I will take DJ or Day to win.
  11. Yes!! Currently it is the most boring (IMHO) major even worse than the Player's. They should go to some beautiful unheard of courses in other countries. They need to do something!!
  12. I am at 105 but with a really quick tempo so I play X stiff. If I play stiff there is just way to much bend in the downswing. At 114 I would almost certainly recommend the X stiff in all clubs unless you have a really smooth tempo and don't bend the shaft as much.
  13. Impressive golf by Molinari. Bogey free over the weekend at Carnoustie... that is impressive. Great round by a great player. Really compelling Television. I thought we were going to have a 6 man playoff.... oh well maybe next year.
  14. Yeah, I had never heard of them either but I got used irons with them installed and fell in love with them. There are no "best" grips though. It is mostly personal preference. It is whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Personally the corded, hybrid grips hurt my hands and are to abrasive.
  15. 39-38-77 (+5) 28 putts 11/18 greens 6/14 fairways I have never been so disappointed with a 77. I had a chance to finally break par today. I made a dumb double bogey and two bad bogeys on the last three holes. I was on with the wedges today. I hit 4 inside 3 feet. This was the best day in a while. I should have at least shot even. Aghhh!!
  16. I was playing in a junior tournament two weeks ago. I shot a legitimate shot by shot 76. I was in a foursome, we all exchanged scorecards. I was playing well while the two other kids shot like 120 or something. Well the other one shot probably 85-90. He lost 5 balls but played okay otherwise. I didn't have his scorecard so I didn't know what he said he shot. Well anyway at the awards, third was 77. I got second at 76. After that they say, "and with a 71 (insert name)" and then here comes the kid that shot 85-90. Not only was this cheating, this was awfully blatant. He didn't just shave 1 or 2 shots and could say he miscounted. He shaved 1 or 2 a hole!! I couldn't believe it, how could anyone cheat that much and get away with it. I didn't say anything because if you need to cheat that much for your ego, I really don't want to get involved over it.
  17. I play Golf Pride VDR Midsize grips on all clubs. I really like how soft they feel. I do tend to gravitate to all rubber grips though. I play midsize grips to stop my wrist action. They are nice and tacky. I generally regrip every other year. They get the 100% seal of approval. 💯
  18. I know this is a little off topic but... This may not help but I would feel bad if this is your problem and I didn't say anything. I have been having troubles with my putting lately and I finally figured out that I was strangling the grip. I relaxed my grip pressure and shaved 4-5 putts a round. I also allowed a little wrist flow with really relaxed hands. It certainly helped my speed. I just wanted to see if this helps you. It may not but it is worth a try. Good luck with the new putter.
  19. I would be willing to bet he will get a major in the next 2 years. And then the floodgates will open. I bet he will end his career around 15 wins and 2 majors. He has what it takes, he just needs to get it if hit head. Hopefully after he gets married and settles down his mindset will improve.
  20. I hit three wedges from 125, 90, and 65. 125- to 2 feet made birdie putt 90- to 15 inches made birdie putt 65- to 3 inches made par putt Best wedge day ever.
  21. So many good players that deserve a major near the top.
  22. Absolutely, I think this happens to everyone. There are ebbs and flows to the game. You can't expect every hole to be perfect. I just try to keep doing the same thing and it does come back. You just have to hold on and grind it out during the tough points in the round. You can't play perfect golf for 18 holes. I think it is best to pick a swing, any swing and not change it, just try to work in consistency with it.
  23. Bunched up leaderboard, high winds coming. Who hoping for a playoff? I know I am.
  24. Tommy Armour Impact #3 Ping Sigma G Tyne Ping Vault Oslo Ping Doon CB? You can get the Pings from 2nd Swing in good condition for a good price. All great putters my favorite is the Oslo. I didn't think I was brand biased but now that I wrote this post I am rethinking that......
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