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  1. That is a nice bag... and handicap.👏👏
  2. If you ever wear that, I need pictures...
  3. People who want to see another golfers dance moves.😬
  4. Congrats!!👏👏👏👏👏
  5. Assuming the goal is scratch, you know where seven shots went. And I would guess that the other 3 came from missing greens and not getting up and down. I would again look at the GIR and Scrambling.
  6. My local course is in okay shape. I have played better courses and I have played worse courses. They fairways and greens are decent. Their biggest problem is poor drainage which leads a bumper crop of mosquitos and gnats. To play a round I have to coat myself in vanilla and then deet to not get eaten. It is on a really pretty tract of land with prairie grass and woods. Though for a junior it is only $15 walking so the rate is pretty good.
  7. I believe that to be successful with an instructor you need to start as a high handicap. While you can have success as a low handicapper(like Rev did), starting as a low capper that has never seen a lesson you most likely have a swing that "works" but isn't technically perfect. Starting as low capper you will have things that work for you changed to something else that might not work as well. But, starting as a high capper have a swing that is still changeable. Then starting with a pro that will change things that don't work into a better swing. You don't have habits that are set in stone as a high capper. IMHO any pro can build a good swing, but not all pros can work well with someone who has a swing that "works". If you are a high capper; that is the time to start with a coach, then the coach can help you swing before you really engrain your bad habits. Any coach can turn a high capper with a bad swing into a mid-low capper with a good swing.
  8. I think it is about the same. I have never had an ace either so I am a little bit more jealous when the make aces. If the odds of an ace are 2500:1 then over the various tours. 4par 3s times 150 for 2 days time 70 players for 2 days over 4 tours. We should see about one per week over the four tours.
  9. I play in high humidity normally. I play all rubber grips(Golf Pride VDR) They are great in humidity they stay super tacky and don't slide. They are awful in rain though. In rain you need to keep them dry or else. They get a thin coating of water on them and they hydroplane right out of your hands in rain. If you play in rain you need corded grips.
  10. I think they should put big hazards on par 5s at 270-370 either bunkers or water hazards. This will limit the play off the tee. You have to layup to 260 then hit over the hazard to the green or lay up over the hazard. This will shorten the distance gap and then you won't need 1/2 mile holes.
  11. I went to a coach twice. I fully committed and did what he said. I tried that swing for two months and my handicap ballooned from 13 to 18. I then decided to get rid of the coach and work on my game myself. With myself as a coach I have had about 30 different swings. I usually revert to the original version and keep the best parts of the new version and combine them with the original swing. This has helped me steadily reduce my handicap. I am now at a 8.5 trending down. My ball striking has really improved to maybe a 4 handicap. I just need to improve my chipping and tee ball to get much better.
  12. Yes, I agree practice, practice, practice.I might disagree on the layups though. For me my 3W is shaky at best. It is very inconsistent. I would rather hit a 6 iron and another 6 or 7 iron. If you hit your 5W consistently than that is what works best for you. But for me I would rather have a longer club in than a possibly chunked or topped 3W. For me there is a 50/50 chance I would have a wedge or a 2 iron in. I would take a 7 iron every time over that.
  13. It sounds like your course management might be hurting your score. I am not sure I would ever lay up with a 3W or 5W. This might put you into no mans land with about 50 out. I would always try to layup to my best number. For me that is 115-52* wedge. I would try to go 3W off the tee, mid iron layup and wedge in.
  14. Y'all mentioned you can't take big divots with them. Does this make them harder to hit out of the rough or bad lies?
  15. What is your approach? Do you take 3W off the tee if you are gonna lay up anyway? Or do take driver try to hit it really hard going for it in two?
  16. Pencil and paper. I use the standard geometry on the card plus fairways, greens, putts, and penalties. I still believe this is faster than using a phone app.
  17. GB13

    Ping G20 issue

    Ping has notoriously good costumer service, so I would contact them, give the serial number, explain what happened and they should give you a prepaid label to send it in. Even if the piece is just cosmetic I would want it fixed anyway.
  18. Now the real question.. Who wants to buy a shirt!?! Seriously though how did this get past the 1000 focus groups that saw it?
  19. I take it off between every shot. In MN the summers are usually HOT so it cools my hand and and dries the sweat. If I leave the glove on the whole time it will be soaked with sweat by the 4th hole. I also find that it has become part of my preshot routine and helps me commit to the shot. For putting it takes all of the feel with my left hand out of the putting stroke. I don't need it for grip so I would rather have the feel. P.S. I write left handed but play right handed so I would have to take the glove off to write my score after the hole anyway.
  20. Yes, that is what I was thinking too. The WGC already has the Match Play, so they already have the idea to do something different. The WGC are great events but pale in comparison to the majors. If they added something special to them they would be much closer to the majors.
  21. Maybe he will do high performance underwear next!😱😱
  22. I know this isn't the main event this week but I am curious how many are watching and if you like the Stableford scoring. Do you think the PGA should make a more popular event Stableford? Or, do you think Stableford has no place in a pro golf event?
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