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  1. Maybe he will do high performance underwear next!😱😱
  2. I know this isn't the main event this week but I am curious how many are watching and if you like the Stableford scoring. Do you think the PGA should make a more popular event Stableford? Or, do you think Stableford has no place in a pro golf event?
  3. I have been working on matching my speed and line while putting. I used to pick a line and then hit it any speed. I am learning that line and speed need to work in tandem. I am making myself think about speed when aligning my ball. I have noticed a marked improvement in my green reading because of this. While I thought that green reading was a weakness, it turns out I just didn't have the right mindset while reading a putt.
  4. Yes, every time I play my swing feels different too. I think this is normal for all golfers even pros. I believe if you look at your swing nothing really changes too much. All of the mechanics are similar day to day. I think it is caused by little things; slept different, ate more or less, stretched differently, muscules looser or tighter, etc. All of these things will change a swing day to day but I have learned to ignore the feel changes and accept that some days will be better than others.
  5. Yes, I play in a lot of junior tournaments through Bluegolf. I always study the hole mapping and tour in detail the night before the tournament. They have pretty much every course in my area and are very accurate based on my experience. This website has probably shaved 3-5 shots of a round on course I haven't played before.
  6. Yes! I am excited that this is finally happening. It needed to happen 10 years ago when they were both in their prime though. I hope that it is an exciting match.
  7. But in turn they are making no one happy and everyone angry. You either feel like it is too many restrictions or it isn't enough. You can't please everyone, they tried to and pleased no one.
  8. GB13

    Random Thread

    Good luck. Hope it works out for ya!
  9. Yes, you can give me the money and specs but you aren't going to get a putter in return.😉😄😄
  10. I don't know, Bubba has the length to win. It depends on his putting.
  11. First off, welcome to the forum. Secondly for the entry price of $250 you can have any odessey putter you want.😉
  12. Couldn't agree more. I am 6' 1" 135lbs. I can hit it 290-300. I have the Chesson Headly build.😁I guarantee you that if I put on muscule from lifting wieghts or spending time in the gym my distance would plummet. I have the golfer strength not weight training strength. I would never claim to be a gym rat or weight strong.
  13. ^^ (sigh) Wow, I don't even know what to say anymore.
  14. IMHO it doesn't really matter how fast you swing during the exercises. It only matters if it translates to club and ball speeds. If it doesn't translate to club and ball speed, it doesn't matter how fast you swing the trainer.
  15. Yep. That is the exactly what happened to me today. I was -1 thru 5 and then got in my head and totally lost it. I will totally ignore score until the last putt drops from now on.
  16. Undershooter gave a great explanation. They are forged VS cast and softer VS harder metal. I am going to add that you probably wore the finish off exposing the raw metal. The bounce is where the main friction is directed. This portion of the wedge is now like a "raw" wedge and will rust. Unless you wear it out the rust won't hurt the performance. I wouldn't get to hung up on it. I think the finish should be a little more durable though.
  17. I still wear soft spikes. I have some uhhh... interesting footwork with a lot of torque. I need the grip to stop from slipping around. I like the idea of waterproof sneakers but I don't think the would work for me. I have heard great things about them and the work for most people.
  18. PW from 135 to 2 feet for birdie.
  19. 40-46-86 2 birdies 3 doubles FIR7/14 GIR 10/18 Putts 33 This was my first tournament in a while. Started out with a tap in birdie. It started raining really hard on the back 9 and that made things a lot more difficult. I struck the ball well but had no chipping game to speak of.
  20. This rule is ridiculous. At least they tried something but this is a total flop. Unenforceable, confusing, and weak. They need to ban them altogether. The USGA will face some major backlash over this.
  21. The 18th (par 4 386) at my course is in my head and has derailed many a round. It has a 50 yard wide fairway but a drop off to water on each side. It should just be an easy 3W and wedge hole. Well, at least 50% of the time I find that water. I could hit that fairway 9/10 times if the water wasn't there.
  22. I consider myself an athlete (and a pretty good one at that) and I am not at all offended. We are discussing the definition of the word athlete and how to applies to golf. While golf doesn't take the brute strength of wrestling or boxing, it does take more athleticism, to play well, than you realize. The weekend hacker may not be a golf athlete but someone who plays and practices day in and day out are athletes. Distance runners aren't muscle balls but they are athletes. Golf requires a different blend of mental and physical athleticism than other sports. This does not preclude golf from being an "athletic sport".
  23. I think at only 40 bucks more many people will buy them. That is IF they preform better. If they preform better I would definitely spend $40 for a better performing club, especially considering wedges are one of the most important parts of the game. I guarantee you many people would pay $40 for a better driver even for 2 more yards. And those 2 yards are no where near as important as wedges.
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