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    Super Speed Golf

    That is a lot nicer than my setup of a net, putting green, and space heater...
  2. By that definition, everyone is an athlete, we just need to determine if they are good, bad, all-around, specialized, etc.CC Sabbathia was athletically inclined as a pitcher but put him at shortstop he would have been useless. He has specialized athletic ability, just not all-around athletic ability. I suppose that all golfers are specialized athletes just some are more all-around athletically inclined than others.
  3. That theory makes sense. It has been said many times, you need a club fit to you not a club that you need to fit your stroke to. If you don't pick a specific target or use the alignment aid on the ball, the Evnroll probably isn't the putter for you. It sounds like you had a good thing with the Cleveland so I am not sure I would change putters at this point.
  4. Some are, some aren't. Most pros are athletes but you can't say all are (John Daly). Some amateurs are but your 400 pound, can't walk to the ball from the cart aren't athletes. However this is looking at the word athlete in a physical sense. Looking at the word athlete in the mental sense, all pros are and some amatures are. They have to have mental fortitude to compete, practice, and take mental beatings from weather and the course. While some amatures have this attribute not all do.
  5. There is always a learning curve with new clubs especially putters but if you feel that it isn't going to work for you, then bench it. Evnrolls work best for the MAJORITY of golfers. Enjoy the search. The search is half the fun.
  6. GB13

    Super Speed Golf

    Nope, I am in MN with 7.6 months of winter and there aren't any indoor facilities within 3 hours.
  7. Mitsubishi CK Tensi Orange Aldila Rouge Black
  8. It is a shame we are losing this event. I have always enjoyed this one. I think Bubba will get it done this week and get his 2nd WGC this year.
  9. ^^^ Capitol building from Congressinal for me too.
  10. I have been working on swinging more to the right. I am swinging the club to far to the left and getting some nasty pulls. I can do it when I focus but if I lose focus, I revert to my old ways and the pull returns.
  11. I don't know. I think the gold ones feel softer, and roll better. I'll tee it up on a diamond tee though.😉😄😄😄
  12. That is a neat idea. I would definitely like having that.
  13. The people that go into the golf industry don't do it for the money. They do it because they enjoy it. They just love the game and want to be around more. It comes down to this question. Would you rather have more money being at a miserable job or would you rather have less money doing something you love? P.S. It is amazing how these threads evolve.
  14. If you can play, have the money, and it makes you happy, go for it. Make it $3,230.28 and get a ball grabber for the end of your putter.😉
  15. Yes, now that the brands all have 99% recognition it doesn't really matter. The best endorsement should be someone you are NOT paying to win while using your clubs. Most golfers already have brand loyalties anyway.
  16. Congratulations, next time out break 80😉 Good luck, keep the ball in play and minimize blow ups.
  17. TM Aeroburner driver (clearance) $160 TM Aeroburner 3W (clearance) $110 Mizuno MP-18 2 iron $150 Titleist 710 AP1 (used) $250 Ping Glide 52 and 58 (clearance) $120 Ping Sigma G B60 $180 Precision Pro NX7 $180 Callaway Stand bag $100 Grand total $1250
  18. Yes, the problem with carpet practice is that you are ingraining the speed of the carpet into you head and expect that on the course. Working on you stroke is good but either get the speed right with a putting mat or use the yardstick and pillow like Cnosil suggested. Then you will remove the speed bias.
  19. The speed of the carpet will be quite different than the green. If you are really looking to improve, I would get an artificial putting green for inside your house. Personally I would recommend Birdie Ball Putting greens. They will help you speed and consistency in your stroke.
  20. Yeah, the pro at my clubs last name is Hack. He gets plenty of lessons....
  21. https://twitter.com/ScottMccarron/status/1023276732336496641 There is a lot going on here! How do you not see the six foot hole in the ground?!? Thanks for the laugh.
  22. I should give up picking winners! I just should say on Monday that I knew it and sound smart.😉
  23. Yeah, but I still enjoy seeing different parts of the world and the different wildlife.
  24. Technique, Technique, Technique. They have proper sequencing and rythym in their swing. Most armatures just try to hit it as hard as possible where pros focus on sequencing so they can move faster. Look at Finau. He takes the club back 1/2 way. It is all in technique. P.S I take the club very far back and can't generate anywhere near that kind of speed. I hit it 280 on average.
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