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  1. While sound and feel is subjective, I have hit them all and will give you my opinion. The UDI has a "softer feel" and a more muted sound. The Apex is a "mid feel" but maybe a little clicky(to me, others may feel differently) The FLI-HI has a "firmer feel" but gives the ball a good "twack". Edit: Now that I wrote this, I think I misinterpreted your post but will leave it up anyway.
  2. That is an interesting thought. The greens at my home course are really really sloped but they keep the greens slow enough that they are still playable..... barely. There is one green that you can't put the flag on the right half of or the ball will roll back into the bunker any putt you hit. I guess that shows that you can have a lot of slope and still be playable.
  3. Well, that's better than a grown man in no shirt with a giant beer belly and a need for a man bra. I saw this last year on the local hackers course when my course had a tournament.
  4. Great stage 2! Very well stated and clearly a lot of thought went into it. I apprectiate the time and effort to write a though review.
  5. My home course is getting a little brown. It hasn't rained here in about two weeks and the barely water the fairways. The greens are fine but the tees, fairways, and rough is a little brown. It has been really fun to play. You get more roll but can still hold the green. You don't get many bad lies either. Still lots of trees though.
  6. I'll take Bubba, Rickie, or Mickelson. I will root for any of them.
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    Random Thread

    Is it sad that I just typed amazongolfspy.com into my browser?
  8. I second this. I would never buy from that fitter. Look at other brands and places that have more than 4 brands.
  9. Then it probably isn't a club face issue. Most likely you are coming from inside to out. This will put more hook spin on the ball. If you get a little more out to in and hold off the release the hook will likely dissapear.
  10. That is a really cool idea. Looks like it is only out in Europe though? 😟 I hope this makes it to the US. Then I will have to buy three clubs instead of just one.
  11. I think you mixed up the definition of best and worst. I would consult a dictionary. 🤔😄
  12. I500 4-6 and I210 7-PW Glide 2.0 50,54,58 I need the help in the longer irons but hit the shorter irons just fine. Those I500 are sooo pretty and the I200 are nice and low offset. I have always like the wany Pings feel and look and now they convinced me I need new irons.... I didn't yesterday.
  13. Well, now I have convinced myself I need the I500's. I may have a problem now.
  14. I know, I would love to see some extra roll. While the green is pretty to look at, it makes the golf a little more complicated. I am so excited to see the Open. I hope it doesn't rain. I would like to see them have to think about hazards 430 off the tee. It will probably still play incredibly difficult (if the wind blows) so it would silence the roll back the ball crowd for a while. It would show that the best courses can withstand time and advancements in technology.
  15. Yay!! The ball striking slump is over. I finally got the irons back. 39/38-77(+5) Two birdies, no doubles. FIR 7/14 GIR 9/18 Putts 30 Two three putts
  16. I play 3 wedges. I play a GW that I hit 120, a SW that I hit 105, and a LW that I hit 90. I hit my 8 iron 150, my 9 iron 140, my PW 130. It can be difficult to hit wedges consistently however if you take them out to the range you will improve. If you struggle with wedges; maybe try One Length wedges so you can setup and swing more consistently?????? I carry more wedges for around the green more than full shots. I like the previous idea of a 4 crossover for off the tee.
  17. I had 2 today. Par 4- I hit a 2 iron to the top of a mound off the tee. I the pulled a 9 iron from a crazy uphill lie and hit it to 8 feet and made the putt. Par 5- Driver, 3W to 10 feet and left the eagle putt 5 inches short.
  18. Yeah, I am definitely not your normal forum person. I will probably never join another forum. I am definitely the face to face person who isn't a huge fan of technology. However, I was a reader for about a month and then decided that y'all seemed like such nice people that I just had to join. It has been a great experience so far to be around such genuine people.
  19. That was an incredible round by Stone. I thought he made the putt for 59. Great win though. It was a lot of fun to watch golf in its purest form.
  20. Every gap for me is 10 yards a choke down takes five off. If I know my 8 iron goes 150 then I can just count up. 7-160 6-170 5-180. If I choke down on a club it is 8-145 7-155 etc. This is true for all of my irons. Things change a little with the wedges. For the wedges I have; Full 3/4 1/2 1/4
  21. If you want the 4 iron and think it helps you game, get it. If you get the 4-PW set plus the 5W that gives you 10 clubs(I think maybe 11 depending on you set up). But you then should invest in 3-4 wedges. The PW for your new set is 45.5. I would get a 50,54,58, for sure and maybe a 64*. This then fills out you bag quite nicely. I am not sure if you have a brand loyalty to Ping(if so the glides are great IMO) but if not get fit by the same fitter and have him do a wedge gapping and wedge fitting.
  22. Does that mean they bounce 4 yards back when they hit the ground?🤔 Yes, my course was like that until a week ago and now it is absolutely baked. There is no middle ground at my course.
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    Me?? No no no, you have it all wrong. I didn't pull the toilet paper across room and tear it up. You have no evidence to support that.
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