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  1. Hit five chips from different places, then go putt those and repeat. It spaces it out and practices making up and downs.
  2. The weakened grip is why you lost the draw and added the fade.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you've said here. Thank you for organizing these thoughts in a way that I couldn't. The league is a joke. I hate watching the Patriots win. They will probably cheat their way to another Super Bowl this year. The one other thing I have to add is I don't like watching arrogant people with no respect for the law getting paid millions of dollars. (Yes, I know some football players are good people and have positive impacts in their community.)
  4. Probably, but it would cause a bunch of other problems. I think strengthening your bottom hand grip is the easiest fix.
  5. You take the club away to the inside so you have to be open to fight the hook. Try and get the takeaway a little more neutral so you don't have to open the face so much. If the takeaway gets steeper the face will have to be more closed to get a straight flight. But I am not sure I would advise changing. I am very steep and have a very closed face at the top and my miss is then a dead pull. If you get too closed then a pull will form. Make a very small change if you do. Small changes can do big things.
  6. Toe down so you are open. Not a bad thing if you get it square at impact.
  7. I have four par 5s at my course. 3 are reachable 1 isn't. The three will usually be driver iron unless a pitch out is required. The other one is 525 with a water hazard in front of an elevated green. I will usually take 3 wood off the tee. Lay up to about a 115(52°) by hitting a 8-9 iron at the trees on the left cutting back to the fairway. If I hang it to the left it gets a good kick off some mounding. The trouble is right where you can get blocked out by trees.
  8. Don't feel so bad. I can move the ball 280 and find about 20% of my fairways. The rest of my game needs more work than yours.
  9. Jlukes is right. You will see less spin, more distance, higher launch, and more forgiveness.But that still shouldn't change the ball.
  10. No, I play either PV1x or Snell Red. I have switched iron sets lately. I went from SGI to GI. I can't see myself switching balls any time soon. I wouldn't expect that you would need to change balls unless you went from 1960's blades to modern SGI. Then you might need to make a change.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I think 10 is about where you get the true benifits. Obviously there are execptions. You can be a 5 HC ball striker and a 20 HC putter. I can honestly say that playing a high quality ball off the tee doesn't matter too much. Where it really matters is off the irons and around the green. Bardle- if you want to play a high quality ball, hit a cheap ball off the tee and the swap it for the high quality ball for the irons. You will lose fewer expensive balls and it won't hurt your game.
  12. I don't think it matters whether or not it's a scoring putt. A stroke is a stroke is a stroke. Whether it be for par birdie or double, 1 is 1. I would take missing every birdie putt and making all other putts over making every birdie putt and missing other putts.
  13. In theory the chips should be closer to the pin than a GIR. So in theory the putting was worse because you were closer to the hole to start. If you are the same distance then maybe the chipping needs to be looked at too.
  14. GB13

    Random Thread

    I have been hitting the ball really far (for me) lately. But I am only hitting a few fairways. I have noticed that I am carrying it about 290 which gets me over all of the trouble. I don't know if it is good to be long and slightly crooked or shorter and in the trouble zone?
  15. Abosolutly you can keep playing. There was a group of 4 behind me last week that hit it 140 off the tee and then hit 3 shots up to the green. They played in under 3 hours! If you enjoy it keeps playing. And if you are slow, be considerate to others.
  16. GB13

    9 vs 18

    I personally like the flower petal design of a course. Where 1 goes out 2 goes across and 3 comes back. I would do six petals and you could play 3,6,9,12,15, or 18 holes. This seems to make the most sense. 6 hole chunks would work too. I think we need to have less OB and time limits. There is one course I play at that the carts beep at you and then the ranger comes out and yells at you and tells you to speed it up. This helps pace of play. You will never have a round over 4 hours on this course.
  17. 46-39-87 (Sigh Where to begin?) Well I hit 1 measly fairway. I had 4 360° lipouts and 5 other lipouts. My GIR are improving though so that's a plus. I hit 9/18. I started with 4!! doubles in a row. Got in my head and made some atrocious swings.
  18. I have cracked many balls and the ripped the net hitting into it. I have cracked Rock Flites to Pro V1s and everything in between. No ball can withstand shot after shot.
  19. Let me set the stage.. Par 4 280 drivable. I pull out the driver. Step up to the tee. Tee up the ball. Stand over it, and take a rip at it. BAM! It hits the tree in the left rough 20 yards in front of me. Rebounds in to the tree in the right rough and drops straight down... Exactly what y'all thought was gonna happen, right? Anyway after a whopping 20 yard drive. I have 260 pull out the 3W and from under the tree, I hit my shot of the day. Pure strike bounces once, rolls up to 10 feet for Birdie. Missed the putt of course but......
  20. I was playing terribbly today like +10 thru 12. I was really in my head thinking too much and "fixing" my swing and had maybe 3-4 swing thoughts. I then told myself to stop thinking about it. I had zero swing thoughts and just went back to a natural not technical swing. I played the last 6 in even once I stopped thinking about it. I think staying out of your head is good for your game.
  21. Glad to hear it.😃 Enjoy, it is a beautiful course.
  22. Just out of curiosity, what does the 2 hybrid do that the 2 iron can't? Why not carry an extra wedge?
  23. I think (I could be wrong) they discontinued selling practice balls and X-outs for the 2017 line. I think they only sell "gamer" balls now. I believe that I read this somewhere......
  24. It doesn't matter the handicap; anyone who truly loves the game can appreciate a nice round of golf. Just because you aren't scratch, you shouldn't limit the courses you play.I know some 30 handicap guys who went to Pebble Beach got Caddies and enjoyed it way more than the 1 handicap who did the same thing. My point being no matter the handicap you can enjoy a beautiful course and nice club.
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