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  1. GB13

    gap management

    I have a set wedge at 50° that goes 125 and then a specialty wedge at 51° that goes 110. It is just a different construction but the gapping works well. I then go 51 to a 58 which goes 95. I don't play the high lofted lob wedge to save a spot for the 2 iron. But I also don't know what I could do with a 64° that I can't with a 58°. My 58 is pretty darn versatile.
  2. GB13

    gap management

    I would bend the AW 1° or 2° weak and bend the 54° to 52° or 53°. Your best bet though is going to a launch monitor and fitter to get the gapping figure out.
  3. Great thread. Thanks to the mods for everything y'all do around here.
  4. GB13

    Shot Shapes

    Yeah, I am with you guys. Play what works for you. I generally play a straight ball but I don't know until I tee off on the first. Most days it is a straight but sometimes it is a draw or cut. I will then adjust my aim if the draw or cut comes. I envy the people that can work it both ways on demand.
  5. Why did I have to find these??? https://www.2ndswing.com/pv-942948733-mint-miura-pp-9003-straight-neck-iron-set-4-pw-kbs-tour-130-steel-x-stiff-right-handed-3775-in.aspx
  6. GB13

    Shot Shapes

    I have played with many different people and almost everyone I talked to wanted the opposite of what they had. All of the faders want draws and all of the drawers wanted fades. All of the high hitters wanted a low flight and all the low hitters want high flights. Do golfers always want what they don't have? I find it a strange mentality to have. If you play something that works, why do you want something that may not work better? So, what do you play and is it what you wished you played?
  7. What a shame. A great person taken too young. My prayers are with his family.
  8. If it is based on your club handicap then you would fall into the 10-19.9. You course handicap is what you would look at. Your regular handicap is an estimate on an average course. It is not the definitive number. The definitive number is you course handicap.
  9. Yeah, if Stenson putts well, with his accuracy he is a great pick. I don't know if the slower greens will help or hurt the good putters.
  10. If I were a touring pro I would probably switch them out every week the day before the tournament starts. This way I would have time to adjust to the new wedges but the grooves would still be fresh. I would want maximum spin on every shot. I am sure this depends on swing speed and sand conditions. It might matter if they are cast or forged too. I am sure this study is made with the worst possible conditions for the grooves so you go buy them from CC.
  11. GB13

    Nike RZN Platinum

    I have found a couple of the RZN Platinum and Black. They were much better than I expected. Firm and it spun enough. Still a PV1x guy though. I like the firmer feel, I know this is not the normal opinion. I like to feel the ball when I hit it. I can't stand all of these softer balls being made.
  12. 41-38-79(+7) FIR 8/14 This is great for me. Hit a lot more 3W and 2 iron. GIR 10/18 Putts 18-15-33 Decent round, working on swinging more to the right and hit some massive hooks. After the 9th, I amended my swing thought from swing right to swing at the target. That help immensely. Two iron was a beast today.
  13. I am/was a huge fan of the Hogan any loft system. I thought that was a great idea. That way you can have YOUR perfect gapping. I like 4° for me because I don't want many woods. I currently go Driver, 3W, and then 2 iron. Just out of curiosity, couldn't you get used Hogan's and then bend them?
  14. I "can" play anything but the lofts are way too far apart for me. It would leave too big of gaps for me. I certainly can't hit woods that are that high lofted. I have a steep swing so the woods wouldn't work. The putter is face balanced so that isn't right for me either. The lies are too flat. I like the length and bounce though. I am not sure about your fixation on the 5° loft gaps. If the gapping is proper with 3 and 4 degree gaps the loft is irrelevant. If I have a 2° gap and a 7° gap but they each go 15 yards from each other, it doesn't matter. If the gapping works the iron number and loft don't matter.
  15. Good for you! I would absolutely recommend a push cart. It takes stain off the back and you burn the same amount of calories. It is just as good health wise but won't cause back problems.
  16. Yeah, this is a timing swing. Generally a swing that relies on timing is inconsistent at best. Look at Hideki Matsuyama, he has the pause which relies on timing to get the face square. When his timing is perfect he is one of the best in the world. When his timing is off he fades way back in the world rankings. In my opinion it is not a great swing for weekend warriors. That being said it is probably better than what a lot of them do now.
  17. Even worse, add up all of the greens fees.😳😱
  18. Cheap clubs on eBay, the used rack at the golf shop, or 2ndswing has some good prices on newer used equipment. I would get older Pings or Cobras. But all things considered, do they need new clubs? I think renting would be a great option. Name brand, newer clubs for $40 a year if you play twice. At this level shafts don't matter.
  19. GB13

    Random Thread

    Ha, y'all are even more picky than one of the courses I play. This course, if you pay, you'll play. There was a complaint of a guy playing in a Speedo... I dress nicely, collared shirt and pants or shorts with a belt. I am pretty laid back but there needs to be some enforcement. Like maybe, a shirt????
  20. I like the P790 looks off the rack but durability is a big turnoff for me. If you want me to pay $1399, I would expect a high quality finish. You can get forged high quality finish Cobras for $899.
  21. It is nearly impossible to prove intent. If you can't prove the intent is to show the line, there is no applicable penalty. Only he knows the intent so he would have to call the penalty on himself.
  22. We have different definitions of problem. I call it an aspiration..
  23. I like the JPX 919 Tours and the I210's. Who am I kidding, they all have me excited. Can't wait to hit them all.
  24. Thanks, I needed the laugh. Although this sounds remarkably like my game....
  25. I struggle with the theory that one can read a book and learn how to swing. Yes, you can read a book that demonstrates the proper way to swing but I doubt you can learn how to do it just by reading a book. You still have to have the athletic ability to do it. Golf by definition an athletic endevour. The swing is more athletic than reading a book. By this theory everyone should be 18 under par every time. You just need to practice your own personalized swing to improve.
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