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  1. It is bad in MN too. I walked 18 yesterday in 102* heat with a heat index of 113*. Just for the record, it was too hot to walk.
  2. It is still in the wall. It is about an inch out of reach resting on insulation. If someone redoes that wall they are going to ask "what the hell is a golf ball doing there?"
  3. Great reviews guys. Thanks for the honest and accurate reviews. And GG love all of the data.
  4. Trees might hate me more. I have injured a few. 😁
  5. I was hitting into the net in the garage today. I hit a 4 iron and busted a huge hole in the net. Long story short my drywall repair skills need some work.
  6. Mountains for me. More peaceful in my opinion.
  7. Ping Glide 52* wedge I have abosolute confidence in this club. I can hit any shot around the green I want and out of the fairway it is just point and shoot. Ping B60 putter- I just can't beat it. Best putter I have ever putted with. I have hit soooo many other putters but just can't unseat it. It just rolls the ball so well. Of course now that I write this the wedge and putter will go to crap. 🙂
  8. I hit it about 270 and hit 30% of fairways and hit about 8 GIR on a good day. My biggest problem is when I miss a green it is usually a double or a triple.
  9. Well, the top inch and a half of my driver shaft is broken and flopping around when I swing. It has been broken for over a year and I still haven't fixed it. It is not so much cheap as lazy. Anyway I still hit it fine.
  10. I will go flag hunting any time the pin isn't tucked behind a biker or on the edge. If it is on the edge I will play about 10 feet left or right. If it is tucked behind a bunker I either go pin high left or right or I try to land it 20 feet past the pin. I really should be less aggressive. I always go for the Par 5 greens that I can reach in two unless there is water in play. I can always chip it closed than I can wedge it.
  11. Yeah, every time I post on here I pretend that I am saying directly to the person I am responding too. P.S. I haven't been on MGS very long but I have really enjoyed being around such nice, like minded people.
  12. I hit a 300 yard drive and then a 58* to 6 inches for a birdie. Both are my shots of the day.
  13. Yes, it seems like a good idea for practice. It should teach you what to look for when reading a putt. I wouldn't use it during a round(feels like cheating) but for practice it would be great.
  14. They are used to playing faster greens but if they run true it probably doesn't matter to them. I really like watching golf in the U.K. It is nice to see the origin and see that some courses really stand the test of time.
  15. I feel like the point of trying to emulate some else's game who is better than you is so you can improve. If you have a terrible slice; trying to copy Kevin Kisner who plays a draw might be a good idea. In theory if you copy Kisner's motion you will hit a draw. I think the problem with trying to copy someone's game is the inability to do it perfectly. If you can do it exactly the same then you should get similar results. The problem is we don't have the natural talent to emulate it 100% accurately.
  16. I am 15 and golf and running has kept me in pretty good shape. I am 6' and weigh 145lbs. I don't really play video games. The most I am on my phone is when I am on MGS and I rarely have a day where I don't go for a run or walk the golf course.
  17. Wow! Those are pretty. I am really jealous.
  18. GB13

    Got Problems?

    I was on the course today stuck behind three guys and one of the guys' grandson. They went out about an hour before I did and by the front 9 I had caught up to them.(I play fairly fast first 9 in an hour and a half). I was near them on 10,11, and 12. On 13 I asked to play through. They were still on the teebox and I had finished the hole behind. They said no, they were with the group in front and trying to keep up. The group in front was on 17. Anyway I said okay. After I waited for them to hit thier tee shot and second shot and they were 300 yards down the fairway; I teed off carrying it about 240 and rolling out to 260. They then turned around yelled "What the F***?" and picked up my ball. What an example to set for your grandson? I then left the course for fear of golf ball sized hail in the vicinity of the group in front of me.
  19. I would suspect the risk is really low as well. Some humans every have reactions to vaccines but it is very rare. While it may have been developed from specific species of rattlesnake; the difference in venom is mimimal.
  20. I would have the dog get the shot. If there are no side effects, even if it is not effective then it doesn't matter. If it is effective then it is good to have. I would feel bad it my dog got bitten and I hadn't gotten the vaccine for the dog. IMHO the is no downside.
  21. Yes, it is so fun to beat someone who is gaming blades while I am playing my SGI's. I don't care if they look down on me when I beat them they get this priceless look on thier face.
  22. GB13

    Got Problems?

    Exactly. There is no issue with disagreement but a few people make it more heated than it should be. When those types of posts are made the best thing to do is not to respond. If you don't engage with them they won't find it fun anymore. There is a respectful and disrespectful way to say things. If you disagree have a respectful discussion about it.
  23. I want it to be dry and windy. Like US Open dry. Slower greens. Really windy. I want to see the best players in the world tested by the elements. Let the course screw with'em.
  24. Aimpoint is done by the player and caddie. Therefore it is a skill used by he player to read the greens. I agree a line is difficult to draw. With the rules being redone the way they are, these are questions the USGA needs to answer. This would take significant effort to work out all of the problems. Personally I think any effort by the player since it all takes skill is fine. I think outsourcing it removes skill. Once the rules are enacted it seems difficult for the USGA to say greens books are still legal.
  25. Shape, pin positions, large ridges and such. I just don't like something that exact telling you; this putt is along a 1.3 degree slope and will break about 4-6 inches. You need to be able to see that yourself. I think during a practice round you can write or make whatever you want about the green. I don't like outside companies making information for the players.
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