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    Another brawl

    I am going 58*. It is the shortest club for the most control and that leading edges could shatter some bones. But that aside, what are people thinking. I suppose that is another testament to alcohol influencing people to do things they never would.
  2. Only one blow up hole, par 4 14th. 450 yards into a 15mph wing so playing about 470. Pushed my drive into the right rough, then had six iron in. Well, the six iron is where the excrement hit the spinning turbine. I flared/sliced into the right fescue. Had to lob it over a bunker onto about 3 paces of green. Chunked 2 feet into a worse lie in the fescue. Then hit a decent shot that rolled back into the bunker. Hit the bunker shot to six feet. Then, yup, you guessed it I missed the putt and carded a triple bogey 7. Rest of the back nine was good though, was only +1 the other 8 holes.
  3. Great thread Rev. Last time out it was that Par 5 7th hole. Blocked my tee shot two feet into the woods. Here comes the shot, I in my everlasting genius decided to play it out if the woods with an impeded swing instead of an unplayable, and a drop. I proceeded to top it and hit a branch and kick much farther into the woods. This lead to an 8 on a birdie hole. I was +1 to that point and made the turn in +6 due to one mental error. Boy, golf can be fun.😀
  4. Lift Me Up- Five Finger Deah Punch 😇
  5. I would expect 10-20 yards difference in carry. The S grind will still be good off the grass. Great around the green and for a sweeper, the slightly lower bounce is good. Don't know what shafts are in these but if they are stock, wedge flex, they will be fine.
  6. I doubt it. The S18 is slightly more GI and the T7's are straight blades. I would expect to see a T8 come out with or just after the JPX 919's. Or at least I hope so anyway.
  7. Absolutely. The grinds will give you much more versatility around the green. They are great bargain for the shape that they are in too.😉
  8. Again, not a tester but I can help field this one. Almost all of the courses I play have no reflectors on he pins. I have never had an issue with not picking it up. The sensitivity is great.
  9. Yeah, what I can't understand is how some great players don't have a 59 and Furyk has 2. I would guess that Furyk has that killer instinct that some others don't have. I would guess he feels that if he has a shot at 59, he better try to get it done.
  10. That is amazing. She danm well better have won the tournament. I think you can tell by my incredulity that I have never had an ace. Scared the hole many times but luck just isn't on my side.
  11. GB13

    Got Problems?

    Why are people lighting off fireworks in the middle of the night in August?
  12. My home course started out as a muni. The residents of the city started a petition to get a municipal golf course built. They drummed up enough interest convince the city to do a feasibility report. The city then hired an Arizona based company to do a report. The feasibility report said, yes there was plenty of interest in a golf course and it would be profitable for the city. The city agreed and finalized plans to begin construction on a extremly fancy muni. They then completed the course and opened in the summer of 1998. Well, let's just say the feasability report was wrong. By fall of 1998 the bank foreclosed on the golf course and it was put up for sale. Then a Colorado based Golf Group purchased it and it has become a publicly owned course. The course has only gone down hill from its fancy beginnings. It is now managed by the former head greenskeeper. It is now endanger of going out of business and being turned into houses.😬
  13. I don't know if I would recommend gripping down to a bogey golfer. I think they would still take a 7 iron swing and blade it. They wouldn't realize to adjust their stance. And even if they did the results would still probably be worse 15 feet long. That is a shot that requires a lot of practice to learn how to adjust your stance and swing.
  14. Boy, you aren't kidding. That is really darn similar. I have a buddy who plays those and he swears by them. I had never put two and two together.
  15. Yeah, not to sure why you'd change them at all. I've had my eye on the 900's for a while and I can't wait to hit the 919's. I can't imagine making a better iron 900's.
  16. Really? They still have the same shape undercut cavity and still toe weighted. If you compare them side by side, the shape and weighting still looks the same to me. All I see are more refined graphics(IMO). There might be slightly more toe weighting though, the portion with the bird might be slightly bigger than the previous iteration. I believe it is still forged out of the same material too. Edit: The toe weighting is slightly larger. They all look very technically similar just with different graphics. But why mess with three great (selling) sets of irons too much.
  17. While on he road the hero turns to his crime fighting cohort and says, "Boy I hope the bank robbers don't strike again."
  18. (Voice dripping with sarcasm) Yeah, with my everlasting godliness I could shoot 50 very single time just with a putter. I am soooooo awesome.
  19. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story. This is truly a great cause. I am extremely glad to have gotten to know Clint. It is nice to see people giving back to wonderful causes.
  20. Sorry, I could really find a better way to respond. I tried to change the color of my responses but I couldn't my phone. PS, sorry for the absolute novel.
  21. I think based on Phil's history with the Ryder Cup, the only way he doesn't play is if he tells Furyk to not pick him. Furyk is in a difficult spot. Fans would never want him to captain another Ryder Cup team and he would face some backlash from the golfing community if he doesn't pick Phil. But conversely, is picking Phil best for the team? I think Phil will play well if picked. I think he will turn it on for the Ryder Cup. His singles record is just too good not to pick him.
  22. Wow! Should have been 57! That is a seriously good round.
  23. What a round! Ya know, I bet he is pissed about the bogey though.😄
  24. If the ones that you hit it out of bounds, are tight, consider a 3W or long iron off the tee. It seems like when you are in the fairway, you are pretty decent. I would consider seeing a pro and making different course management desicions.
  25. Definitely shouldn't be fitness, I am a pretty strong runner. I can run 5 miles pretty easily and am working on getting the mile under 7 minutes. I will try the snack and hydration method. Thanks.
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