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  1. The first 12 holes of my round, my swing is normally in a groove, I have enough energy to hold off my release and have enough body speed. After hole 12 (walking) I get a little tired and lose body speed, then flip my hands causing a big hook. So my question is, how do y'all combat this loss of energy? What is your midround secret to keeping your swing going? I have been on the range hitting a lot of balls after I get tired trying to increase endurance. Is this the best route to go?
  2. Play smart Hit the shot you know you can hit not the one that might happen Don't get overly frustrated and if you do get frustrated(hey it happens to every one) forget it by the next shot You will hit bad shots everyone does Set manageable and realistic goals i.e. Under bogey golf Practice playing(can be on range) don't practice practicing. And most importantly at Bogey golf, don't take it too seriously and have fun while playing.
  3. I have had a NX7 for the last 5 months. I have not noticed any discrepancies. I have tested it against a friends new Bushnell, pin sheets, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Each time it has been absolutely dead on. I would contact PP, they might try to recalibrate it or they might just send you a new one. From everything I have heard their CS is wonderful.
  4. I have contacted the mothership. The invasion shall begin. Oh my talk to text was on... Abort! Abort!
  5. I agree, the chances that a bogey golfer would pull off the shot and be able to get up and down are slim. You have to look at the shot, and say do I take a shot out to the fairway, essentially a penalty shot or do you try the shot and hope to get up and down while bringing in facing the same shot again if you don't pull it off. There is a balance that only you can figure out based on you skill level and comfortability with the shot.
  6. One of the drills I do on the range is hit as big of a hook or slice as possible. This aids my confidence level when having to hit recovery shots and I have gotten quite good at them. However, even though you are good at a shot, sometimes you still need to take your medicine and punch out. I will always look at my options and then run through the odds of making par, bogey, double, etc. I will then pick the option that leaves me with the lowest possible score.
  7. Only a 1000? Naw, just kidding, been nice to get to know ya.
  8. Yeah, at our Church Charity sale the other day, they had a college kid biking while playing Pokémon Go. He proceeded to run into the rope barrier, flip his bike, and go head first onto one of the tables. He then stood up, looked our pastor right in the eye and yelled, "Why the F*** are there tables where I was biking?" I have to give it to our pastor for keeping his cool and just diffusing the situation. I can't stand people that are glued to their phones. (Yes, yes, I know the irony of writing this on my phone😁)
  9. At Bogey golf, I would break it into three hole stretches. I would try to play each three hole stretch in +2.
  10. I like the handicap breakdown and I think the data is presented in a more useful manner. This is nothing against Shotscope, just my personal preference.
  11. Well, there is no static answer to that question. That is something that will need to be addressed by a fitter. I will give you my opinion though, (Warning, I am NOT a fitter, while I have a good understanding of equipment, I am still NOT a fitter) My best guess is that if you hit an offset driver well, you come over the top some. So offset irons will help you keep the ball from going right. They will also help you hit the ball higher and longer and straighter (if I am right that you come over the top, I think I am though). The trade off is less feel, workability, and control. All irons have some offset, what you need to figure out is, how much do you need? Again based off your current handicap, I would say a good deal of offset is needed but there could be other factors contributing to that handicap.
  12. Yeah, it seems like Shotscope is much better in the short game but Arccos is better in the long game and also has the Caddie to consider...
  13. Just as long as it isn't a putt putt course.
  14. Congratulations, next step break par!👏👏
  15. GB13

    Random Thread

    Maybe, but the fact we are even discussing it isn't good.
  16. I agree something should be done about the poor fan conduct. I am not sure however that banning cell phones is the answer. A more Augusta like style should be implemented. The phones are on silent or the first time it goes off, you are escorted off the course and banned from future tournaments. The first time you yell something at players you get escorted out. I think that will be a more effective fan mangament style. If you just ban cell phones, people will inevitably find a way to bring them onsite anyway.
  17. Both are mostly scams. If you want off brand clubs that are good clubs, look at Maltby or Hogan (not off brand but still a small company that makes good clubs that most people haven't heard of).
  18. Those are some good stats to have. Out of curiosity, what are the difference between the green and blue dots. I know the red is in the "red zone", is blue missed the GIR and green dot hit the GIR?
  19. GB13

    Random Thread

    How about the guy that just applied and used his mugshot as his profile pic? Just had to point this one out.
  20. Look at a Ping G400 Crossover. They will fit the gap perfectly and will be like a Super Duper Game Improvment iron. Not quite a hybrid, so no hooks but still easy to hit and high launching. As an aside, Arccos is a great product too. I think these two combined could help shave a few shots😄
  21. I give it 10 rounds and however many practice sessions are in between them. It I can't figure it out after 10 rounds it is time to move on. I would expect for you that it is either a bad stretch or just an adjustment period. Are they the same specs as your old wedges?
  22. His lack of visible emotions contribute to his greatness. If you are in a final parring with Rahm, who has a temper tantrum every 2 shots, you would think, yeah, I can beat him. He can't hold it together down the stretch and his emotions will get the better of him. But if you are in a final parring with BK, you are thinking, what could I do to beat him. He is calm, cool, collected, and won't break down at the first sign of trouble. If you are in a parring where the guy just hits calm daggers every time, you start to think you can't win. His emotionless demeanor contributes to an intimidation factor.
  23. Exactly, look at Lydia Ko on the women's side. She was the #1 player in the world and decided to make a swing change for more distance. Why would you try to make a swing change at #1. You are clearly in control of getting the ball in the hole. Who cares how you do it? Short, Long, Draw, Fade, all that matters it the final number. At number 1 the person who convinced her that she needed a change, should be banished from golf. If you were #500 and couldn't ever break through, fine go for it, try something to shoot lower but #1?
  24. Play as much forgiveness as you can. If all you want is high and straight, stick with the M2s. If you want to work the ball high low left or right, then go to a players cavity back. Just my $0.02.
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