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  1. Let me set the stage.. Par 4 280 drivable. I pull out the driver. Step up to the tee. Tee up the ball. Stand over it, and take a rip at it. BAM! It hits the tree in the left rough 20 yards in front of me. Rebounds in to the tree in the right rough and drops straight down... Exactly what y'all thought was gonna happen, right? Anyway after a whopping 20 yard drive. I have 260 pull out the 3W and from under the tree, I hit my shot of the day. Pure strike bounces once, rolls up to 10 feet for Birdie. Missed the putt of course but......
  2. I was playing terribbly today like +10 thru 12. I was really in my head thinking too much and "fixing" my swing and had maybe 3-4 swing thoughts. I then told myself to stop thinking about it. I had zero swing thoughts and just went back to a natural not technical swing. I played the last 6 in even once I stopped thinking about it. I think staying out of your head is good for your game.
  3. Glad to hear it.😃 Enjoy, it is a beautiful course.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what does the 2 hybrid do that the 2 iron can't? Why not carry an extra wedge?
  5. I think (I could be wrong) they discontinued selling practice balls and X-outs for the 2017 line. I think they only sell "gamer" balls now. I believe that I read this somewhere......
  6. It doesn't matter the handicap; anyone who truly loves the game can appreciate a nice round of golf. Just because you aren't scratch, you shouldn't limit the courses you play.I know some 30 handicap guys who went to Pebble Beach got Caddies and enjoyed it way more than the 1 handicap who did the same thing. My point being no matter the handicap you can enjoy a beautiful course and nice club.
  7. I am by no means an expert on the subject so take this with a grain of salt. I would use a Micro Dremel Drill and get the finest grit(1200) cylindrical sanding head, use the lowest speed and slowly smooth that area. What you have done looks great.
  8. I find myself in different positions all of the time. If I am in the left trees for the first time it would be useful.
  9. Wow, what a story. Many Kudos to you for not losing you cool; that is quite impressive. I don't know what people are thinking. I honestly don't know how these people find 3 other friends to golf with. If I knew someone who started acting like that, I would probably tell them off. It sucks that there are people in the world that would act like that. I hope you told your tale to the clubhouse. These people should never be allowed on the course again.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I can't stand seeing burn marks or cigarette butts laying around on the course. I don't understand the entitlement mindset that some people have. They think everywhere is their ashtray or trash can. People need to change their mindset. It is NOT just your golf course! They are not entitled!
  11. These look like a nice milled putter. Nothing special. No fancy tech just a nice putter. I like the 5.1 shape but it needs to not be center shafted.
  12. So you are saying to cut the PGA and make the TC a major? I doubt the PGA would go for this. The TC already decides the FedEx cup. I think that might put too much emphisis on one tournament. The PGA just needs to change it up not scratch the whole tournament.
  13. Not trying to be argumentative. Apologies if it comes off that way. If you have proper gapping why do the specs matter? I agree the cosmetics aren't great but if they help your game who cares? If I need 6 wedges that doesn't matter. All that matters is the distance you hit it. If you want to take a modern 8 iron with 37* of loft and write a 6 in Sharpie beneath it, fine. But if the club goes 160 then the club goes 160. If the gaps are fine, it isn't a problem.
  14. Featured group is actually playing well. DJ and Bubba going strong.
  15. Sir Nick Faldo??? -3 through 9. Didn't know he still had the game.
  16. This is interesting. My 4 iron is my go to club. I can hit it high, low, draw, fade. Heck, I might hit it better than my 9 iron. I can't hit hybrids at all. I carry no hybrids. I go 3W 2 iron and then 4 iron. Hybrids are hook machines for me. I have always heard great things about the Cobras with the Baffler rails.
  17. I think that star pairings normally don't play well. The added pressure to beat the person next to them is to much. They don't play their game. They try to play their opponents game and it gets in their way. The crowds for 4 straight days might tire them out too. I don't know how Tiger holds up with the crowds being all over him.
  18. #72 looks really cool. I have an affinity for mountain courses. I like elevation and pines. Lots of nice courses though. I'll take Fleetwood. He is due for a win.
  19. I think you need spin and launch. With only club and ball speed the data is kinda useless. I mean you already know how far the ball goes. Spin and launch will tell where you might be losing distance. I think spin and launch are basic characteristics of ball flight that you need for the data to be useful.
  20. Then why sponsor players? Brands like TM have plenty of brand awareness. Everyone who plays golf knows TM. What is their motivation for having a tour staff?
  21. I think the best way to handle it is to not care one bit about it. I know that I wouldn't care at all. I hope she gets through too.
  22. Wow, I had no idea they made that much from sponsorships. That is some serious dough. I need to practice more.... Do they really get an positive ROI? I know I don't care if Rory plays Taylormade or Nitro Blaster.
  23. GB13

    Vintage Irons

    Yes, I know the yardage more than the number. I'll hit my 155 club not an 8 iron. I don't say why was that short it was my 7 iron, I say why was it short it was my 165 club. Anyway it doesn't matter the number. All I care about is how far I hit it and how to swing it to hit that shot. I couldn't care less if my 120 club has a 4 or a 9 or a 86 on the bottom. I simply don't care.
  24. Yeah, I am that way too. I wouldn't care about attention or admiration. I just wouldn't want that. I would want to show up and play golf. I agree I share his mindset. Play well and not care what anyone thinks. All of this does hurt his marketability though. I would take the Marshawn Lynch approach to interviews; "I'm just here so I wound get fined". I have other thoughts about media and news but here isn't the place to share them.
  25. Hmm, if I don't lock both of my arms at address I shank it every time because both of my arms are locked at impact. If my arms don't start out locked the head moves farther away from me leading to a heel shank when I lock them for impact. This may not be textbook but that is what I found for my swing.
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