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    You’re not the only one who’s done that...
  2. I haven’t, it would be worth looking into. I’ve seen people using it and doing quite well with it, and given the current state of my green reading, I’ll try almost anything.
  3. I’m still rocking it. It got benched for an old Odyssey White Hot #1 for a few rounds last year, but after reviewing my putting in each round, the armlock was still way better. I really believe my struggles with the putter come from green reading inadequacies. When I make the proper read on putts, I am pretty confident I’ll make a good stroke and scare the hole. So, yes I’m still rocking it, no, my putting still isn’t where it should be, but it’s mainly due to green reading, not my actual stroke.
  4. That’s so cool. I might be partial, but your contact is right. This is a really cool opportunity, I’ll be really interested to see how this one turns out.
  5. I love making challenges like this for myself. I know I can usually pull 8 of these off with reasonable certainty, but that pesky high draw has never been in my bag.
  6. Finally! These will be very interesting results, and hopefully will debunk most marketing hype about year over year gains.
  7. Exactly what I was going to say. This would probably be your best bet.
  8. The snow we got yesterday melted, so I’ve got a tee time for this afternoon. I’m curious to see what the course is doing differently, since it seems as though the virus has reached here a little later than other areas.
  9. Great group of testers right there! I’ll be super interested to see how these work out for y’all! These are definitely some of the prettiest irons I’ve seen.
  10. Referred by: NiftyNiblick Need I say more?
  11. I’ll say that I didn’t realize how much of a gap I had in my wedges until I started using a DMD. So yes, I’ve had to significantly change my gapping.
  12. Spring is just starting to peek through here, and I’m squeezing in as many weather-permitting rounds as possible until the courses are ordered to close. Then I might just hop the fence of the course I live by. Hey, no one else will be out there!
  13. First round in over 6 months for me today, and while the final score (82) wasn’t great, it was just great to be out. Turns out, I need to shake some rust off my iron game, and relearn distance control on my putts!
  14. Well, it’s opening day for some courses here in MN, and almost every single tee time has been filled up with foursomes. I do have a tee time today, so yes, I’ll be playing, but obviously I’m taking precautions against contracting and spreading the virus.
  15. GB13


    Gotta load up on Doritos for he apocalypse!
  16. The media is ridiculous! The quote the first guy is referencing doesn’t even make any mention of moving the PGA Championship! It’s just a standard reply of, “we are monitoring the situation.” which everyone should know, means nothing at all.
  17. Another positive vote for the MCC grips. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and haven’t wanted anything else since trying them. Iomic grips are wonderful for initial tackiness, but wear out way faster than most grips in my opinion. As for grip size, it really just comes down to comfort, and what size keeps your grip pressure the lowest. For me, midsize grips are the best, but it varies from person to person.
  18. Wedges, all wedges. I love my original PING Glides, but I’ve had them for 3 seasons, and the grooves are wearing out. (Not to mention my gapping has changed significantly in those three years.) The Glide 3.0 are obviously top on my list, but I’m gonna start testing them out with an open mind.
  19. Exactly, some thick rough, hard greens, and a little wind really challenges any argument for a “distance issue”. I love watching these tournaments with difficult conditions, you really get to see how good these guys’ shot making ability is.
  20. I’ll take Fleetwood. Yes, I’ll be let down again, but I’d really like to see him take it.
  21. I’ve throughly enjoyed my two years here, and I love delving into the archives and reading old threads. This is absolutely the best forum with the best members. I can’t wait for many more good years with y’all to come! Congrats MGS!
  22. All time: Jack beyond a shadow of a doubt. Currently: HV3 and Jordan
  23. I’ll take Tommy Fleetwood this week. First time PGA Tour winner, but certainly a top caliber player.
  24. That’s about to change... cause I’m going to beat you both this year!
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