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  1. Streaky - I show flashes of brilliance where I can play -2 or -3 but then I also have rounds that can be mid 80s. My main goal is to become more consistent and that starts with a better mental approach. I need to start hitting the right shot for any given situation, not just going pin hunting or pull driver on every hole.
  2. For me, conditions/greens are paramount. I kind of combine those into one category since they are so closely related. Yes, scenery is important, but good scenery on a poorly maintained course leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The main other characteristic that goes into judging a course for me, is pace of play. If any given day on a particular course is a 5 hour round, the chances of me returning are slim. Occasionally, I’ll go on a day that isn’t busy, but that is only if the course is phenomenal.
  3. Sounds like your playing on the wrong side of the tracks...
  4. My short game is usually one of my better elements, however if I don’t play frequently enough, my touch goes AWOL. Distance control on chips and pitches is the first thing to go without regular maintenance. I can usually count on my irons and putter to show up, but the few greens I miss can turn ugly if I haven’t played enough.
  5. Mainly only for weather. I will rarely walk off if slow play becomes unbearable or I have somewhere I need to be and a round I thought I could get done in 4 hours ends up taking much longer. The only other time I can recall walking off, is when the people I was paired up with got into an altercation with the group behind us. It was a situation that definitely could have escalated and become something I didn’t want to be involved in, so I told the club house and left.
  6. My theory was more sound before the ankle injury... but I’m gonna stick with it and say that, it’s part of the plan as to not arouse suspicion.
  7. I have a theory: Mahomes is a robot programmed by a far superior species to humiliate all NFL defenses. Thoughts?
  8. Not very well, ball striking betrayed me, but I made some good up and downs and started to exorcise some putting demons. There were some positives to take away from today I guess.
  9. Definitely don’t condone his actions, but 3 years seems a little harsh. Personally, I’d think a month or two seems much more applicable.
  10. It won’t but IMO it should. My opinion is LSU and UGA should be the top two. Clemson 3 and Bama 4. Bama hasn’t really played anyone, and Clemson played a very over-ranked A&M team, but otherwise has struggled.
  11. To be completely honest, it carried about 230 yards landed on a downslope and rolled 100 yards. It hasn’t rained here in 3 weeks and everything is rock hard.
  12. Shot a really “meh” 77. Nothing was really sharp, irons were shaky, putter was cold, and chipping was just okay. Only redeeming thing were my drives that included a 330 yard bomb that set up a birdie on the #1 handicap hole.
  13. Yeah, it’s not a good night when 2 players are stretchered off. Obviously these are the risks of football, but it seems unreasonably excessive.
  14. ... And exactly what they should have done. (Although I still question ever signing him.)
  15. Been too long since I’ve had something to post here... I’d have to say my best shot today was a good sand save to 2 feet on the 14th when my round really could have gotten away from me. It probably wasn’t the best shot I hit, but it was one that mattered the most as far as score went.
  16. UPDATE!! It’s been a tough stretch for me getting in golf so I apologize for not updating y’all more frequently, but I didn’t want to falsify anything. I’ve only had 4 rounds in the last 2 month which were, 81, 80, 76, 74. All of which were carried by superb iron play. I’ve really been struggling with the putter recently, however I am putting on a different breed of grass than I traditionally play on. Is that the difference? I think it matters some, but I don’t think it’s the whole story. I’ve really been unable to get the ball started on my intended line, and my confidence from 3-4 feet has been reduced to zero. As of right now, my sample size is still fairly small, so before I go running off to Golf Galaxy to get a new putter, I’m gonna stick it out for a while, especially knowing what my Betti can do when it’s rolling the ball well. I should be playing more in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for another update, hopefully with more info.
  17. 35-39-74 10/14 fir 14/18 gir 33 putts I’ve only played maybe 4 rounds in the past 3 months, and it really showed today on the green. Struck the ball exceptionally well with the irons, but missed a LOT of good birdie chances. I was -1 after 3 when I really should have been -4. Missed a 5 footer for birdie on 1 and 3 and a 10 footer for eagle on 2. Solid day overall though, lots to build on.
  18. I definitely believe seeing the distance is a skill associated with the game. What I’ve found is that playing a course I know well is pretty easy without a DMD. Playing courses that I’ve never played without one is almost impossible. My depth perception is linked to my memory of other shots and distances I had on course. If you just give me barren land with a pin, with no recognizable landmarks, it’s hopeless. That said, the challenge of golf is just hitting the shot, not getting the yardage. The yardage is a measurement that should be available at all times, to see who can actually execute shots.
  19. WOW!! What a game! Those Saints totally deserved it after that roughy the kicker call!
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  21. @Berg Ryman, sorry, meant to accept that, I like it a lot. I’d also do Guice for Jordan Howard if you want.
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