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  1. Impressive golf by Molinari. Bogey free over the weekend at Carnoustie... that is impressive. Great round by a great player. Really compelling Television. I thought we were going to have a 6 man playoff.... oh well maybe next year.
  2. Yeah, I had never heard of them either but I got used irons with them installed and fell in love with them. There are no "best" grips though. It is mostly personal preference. It is whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Personally the corded, hybrid grips hurt my hands and are to abrasive.
  3. 39-38-77 (+5) 28 putts 11/18 greens 6/14 fairways I have never been so disappointed with a 77. I had a chance to finally break par today. I made a dumb double bogey and two bad bogeys on the last three holes. I was on with the wedges today. I hit 4 inside 3 feet. This was the best day in a while. I should have at least shot even. Aghhh!!
  4. I was playing in a junior tournament two weeks ago. I shot a legitimate shot by shot 76. I was in a foursome, we all exchanged scorecards. I was playing well while the two other kids shot like 120 or something. Well the other one shot probably 85-90. He lost 5 balls but played okay otherwise. I didn't have his scorecard so I didn't know what he said he shot. Well anyway at the awards, third was 77. I got second at 76. After that they say, "and with a 71 (insert name)" and then here comes the kid that shot 85-90. Not only was this cheating, this was awfully blatant. He didn't just shave 1 or 2 shots and could say he miscounted. He shaved 1 or 2 a hole!! I couldn't believe it, how could anyone cheat that much and get away with it. I didn't say anything because if you need to cheat that much for your ego, I really don't want to get involved over it.
  5. I play Golf Pride VDR Midsize grips on all clubs. I really like how soft they feel. I do tend to gravitate to all rubber grips though. I play midsize grips to stop my wrist action. They are nice and tacky. I generally regrip every other year. They get the 100% seal of approval. 💯
  6. I know this is a little off topic but... This may not help but I would feel bad if this is your problem and I didn't say anything. I have been having troubles with my putting lately and I finally figured out that I was strangling the grip. I relaxed my grip pressure and shaved 4-5 putts a round. I also allowed a little wrist flow with really relaxed hands. It certainly helped my speed. I just wanted to see if this helps you. It may not but it is worth a try. Good luck with the new putter.
  7. I would be willing to bet he will get a major in the next 2 years. And then the floodgates will open. I bet he will end his career around 15 wins and 2 majors. He has what it takes, he just needs to get it if hit head. Hopefully after he gets married and settles down his mindset will improve.
  8. I hit three wedges from 125, 90, and 65. 125- to 2 feet made birdie putt 90- to 15 inches made birdie putt 65- to 3 inches made par putt Best wedge day ever.
  9. So many good players that deserve a major near the top.
  10. Absolutely, I think this happens to everyone. There are ebbs and flows to the game. You can't expect every hole to be perfect. I just try to keep doing the same thing and it does come back. You just have to hold on and grind it out during the tough points in the round. You can't play perfect golf for 18 holes. I think it is best to pick a swing, any swing and not change it, just try to work in consistency with it.
  11. Bunched up leaderboard, high winds coming. Who hoping for a playoff? I know I am.
  12. Tommy Armour Impact #3 Ping Sigma G Tyne Ping Vault Oslo Ping Doon CB? You can get the Pings from 2nd Swing in good condition for a good price. All great putters my favorite is the Oslo. I didn't think I was brand biased but now that I wrote this post I am rethinking that......
  13. GB13

    Random Thread

    Totally agree. People need to learn to follow directions. It is pretty funny though.... Joesph Fiji +8 handicap I would like to win the Odessey putter please please please please.
  14. The difference is very, very small. All of the swings will look similar. The main difference would just be; turned the face over some, dipped your head a little more, heel came up a little sooner, etc. I have seen videos where I hit great shots and ones that were terrible shots. No one could tell the difference.
  15. Probably nothing. That is such a small niche and with their hybrids and driving irons...... they pretty much have it covered. Also many people will think that it's Callaway anyway.....😉
  16. It look like the rain took some fire out of the course.😟 It looks like it will be windy though. 😃 Big hitters didn't fair so well. It really shows that to win an Open, you can't overpower the course, you just have to think your way around the course. Shaping up to be an exciting weekend. I think someone from back in the pack like Mickelson will win.
  17. Yeah, I saw a video of my swing once and immediately wanted to turn it off. My main thought was..... Do I really take the club back that far???
  18. I think the companies themselves are very similar. However, I would call and talk to the different fitters to see about their specific process. I would then tell them what you want out of the fitting and then see how the react to your requests. Based on the phone call they will show how they are attentive and willing to work with you or if they just want you in and out to make a quick buck.
  19. People need to remember that the goal is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible. The object of the game is not to look good. I played a round last week with two guys. One hit the ball extremely well, had a very pretty swing..... and shot 87. The other guy hit the ball okay and had an UGLY swing.... and shot 74. If you asked me who was better I would say the guy who shot 87. The difference was short game and putting. The guy that shot 87 couldn't get up and down consistently while the guy that shot 74 put himself in terrible spots but was able to get up and down. We need to stop worrying about appearances and focus on the score.
  20. During a practice round I play pretty much any urethane covered ball. During tournaments I play Pro V1x because they fit my game really well and I love the feel. I haven't found a ball that has beaten it yet although the TP5 line did come close.
  21. Counter balanced putters are great for short putts because they slow down your stroke. However for long putts they are so heavy that it makes it tough to control the distance. If you have a problem of getting quick in transition it might help you slow it down. Personally, I am skeptical that the better short putts make up for the worse lag putts. I believe that they essentially cancel each other out and performs pretty much the same as a standard putter. As is said, golf is played 90% between the ears and if it inspires confidence, it might help your putting.
  22. If we are to believe all of the golf companies marketing hype the new clubs should have the unfair advantage. Does it not seem like they are working against themselves? They say an old club gives an unfair advantage therefore the old club is better, right? Shouldn't this mean we don't ever have to buy new clubs again? I mean none of us a touring pros so it doesn't matter if our clubs conform or not.
  23. Watching the pros struggle out of pot bunkers is fun.
  24. Right, you can't get caught up on the number on the bottom but I don't think loft covers the whole story. All that really matters is your gapping, distance, and how it is going to react when it hits the green. If I need two 7 irons of different models but still the same loft to gap my bag, I will do that. If I have a blade 7 iron at 35* and a ultra game improvement 7 iron at 35*, the ultra game improvement will launch higher, spin less, and go farther. Thus it will be the same loft but act more like a 6 iron.
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