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  1. Basically ignore all marketing claims and play what works best for you.
  2. Second Swing is good. If you are worried about price check out Cobra, Nike, and Cleveland/Srixon. Top notch equipment for lower prices than the big guys. P.S. I got a few wedges from there in average condition and they look like they have barely been hit.
  3. I am not sure I could make it though a round that long without hitting the group in front of me. 😡
  4. I agree. I wish there were clubs that are easier to hit than a true blade but still maintain the look and feel. I hate looking at offset too but don't have the game for clubs without it so I still play the ugly, hard feeling, high offset GI's.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9NaRFbpY1SI
  6. It is not the pro model but it is the "real non pro Mitsubishi Tensi Chemical blue". The main difference between the pro and regular is lower strength but still quality materials and higher torque.
  7. Any good premium ball will work. Just pick one and only one so you always know how it will react around the green.
  8. And spending five minutes to read each putt. Even though they each four putt every time. Also buying and consuming alcohol.
  9. Sharks, Bears, and following the brilliance of the people on this thread DINOSAURS.😂
  10. That makes sense. I was just wondering about your rational.
  11. And yet another one. 👏👏👌
  12. GB13

    Got Problems?

    Almost as bad as windmills.
  13. GB13

    Driving Irons

    I have a Mizuno MP18- FLI-HI 2 iron with a UST Mamiya Recoil 95 shaft. I hit a lot of other DIs but it was the best for me. It has that "Mizuno feel"(except on toe hits where you might lose felling in your fingers for a while). It is decently forgiving, a slight miss hit won't result in anything worse than a 15 yd loss. It is not super workable left and right though(although that might be me) but you can hit high or low shots without much difficulty. All around a great club for $150 and with any shaft in the Mizuno catalog for no upcharge.
  14. That is a nice setup. Let me guess, do you play a ProV1/V1x?
  15. If you don't mind the large shape, why give up the forgiveness of the 460cc head? Why maintain the large size and have less forgiveness with the 400cc shallow face head? Wouldn't the visible "footprint" be the same?
  16. I wish. I think my testimonial would be; do you enjoy flushing $70 down the toilet for something that will go in the trash? Then this IS the product for YOU!!
  17. That is a "glass half empty" comment. Remember you outdrive him half the time too. 😄😄😄
  18. I think it could be mental too. For most amateurs the thought with a driver is to swing as hard as possible. With the 3 wood that might not be the thought. Maybe they will think to slow down a little and find the fairway.
  19. Being able to hit the 3 wood better has to do with the shorter shaft not a more forgiving head.
  20. I always used to wonder who played mini golf balls at my course. Now I know. 😁
  21. I would put more loft on the putter head. There is a lot of forward press in his stroke which delofts the putter. I would look around 6 degrees. That way you won't ram the ball in to the ground. If you need any other tips let me know.
  22. GB13

    Got Problems?

    The weather in Minnesota is infuriating. Seven months out of the year it is cold and snowy. Spring was rainy nonstop. Now that the rain has stopped it is 100 with 90% humidity. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the mosquitos. Mosquitos, Mosquitos, MOSQUITOS!!!!
  23. There was a tour(I think it was the Makenzie tour or the Web.com tour) that had a few events where rangefinders were legal and the pace of play did not improve at all. I think this attests to the amount of information caddies and players have readily available to them in yardage books etc.
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