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  1. While I don't need new irons I have convinced myself I need a MP-18 combo set, a JPX Tour, or a I210 iron set.
  2. Good choice. I just got a PP NX7 last week and have used it 3 times. It is great. It is very accurate. I havent had any readings that made me scratch my head. The buzz when you lock onto the target is helpful and makes you confident you have the right number. My only complaint is that it struggles to pick up a limp flag from inside 60 yards.
  3. Get it. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Anyone who spends time on a golf forum might be obsessed.....😄
  4. Over 1000. I will be watching on mute for a while. I can't stand commentators who talk incessantly. They need to learn how to use silence.
  5. Interesting. When I have a more flexible shaft, I feel like the clubhead is behind my hands and my wrists are more closed when the clubhead actually gets to the ball. The stiffer the shaft, it feels like the clubhead strikes the ball sooner therefore my wrists are more open. Everyone's preception is different so it leads to different results.
  6. GB13

    Tattoo thread

    You have to be 18 to legally get a tattoo. However anyone with a tattoo machine ($40) can give you a tattoo. There are also plenty of tattoo parlors that would tattoo anyone with enough money.
  7. That is a perfectly good excuse. If someone did that to me, my golf game might suffer too. I can't believe some people's arrogance and disregard for others.
  8. I believe Callaway is taking some of TM's market share. Maybe the want you to see a growing brand in thier clubs.
  9. Yes, looks like a windy weekend too. If I does slow down at least the wind will blow
  10. I would like to weigh in here with what happens for me and my swing. Disclaimer: my swing is NOT your swing. All swings are different. In general a more flexible shaft will make the ball go more left while a stiffer shaft will make it go more right. For me a low launch gets the ball waaay farther than a high launch. This is not caused by spin; the spin on all of these shots are roughly the same. If I launch it high I carry 240 and get roll out to 250. If I launch low I carry 250 and get roll out to 270. This is with a stiff mid launch low spin shaft. Getting higher launch will not always increase distance. I hit a low drive, mid long irons, and high short irons. If you want to try a higher launch shaft go for it, you can always resell it.
  11. There is no problem in not showing the numbers while you are hitting. It removes your bias toward certain clubs. When I have a fitting I like not seeing the numbers. HOWEVER, once you hit all clubs and combinations you should sit down and look at the numbers with the fitter. He should then explain what you should go with and why. His "findings" should be backed up by the data. This should include distance, lateral dispersion, face impact, and spin. This is how a good fitting should work.
  12. I love watching St.Andrews. The Old Course just has such amazing history. It is just taking golf back to the simplest time in golf. It also seems to be the most exciting down the stretch.
  13. The forged and tour look great. The hot metals look kind of cheap to me. I think the fins would just get dirt caught in them over time. Personally I would take the 919 tour and forged over the 900 and the 900 hot metals over the 919.
  14. I am a digger with all clubs. I probably take a larger divot with a four iron than most of y'all do with a wedge. That is probably why I can't hit my woods super well. It really does depend on your swing.
  15. Not at all, I find it easier to make par on the first than any other hole. I try to start out well and kind of lose focus later in the round.
  16. GB13

    7000 Club!

    I must say I am happier than a elephant in peanut harvesting season when I see you hilarious posts. 😁😁
  17. I am just noticing; do they remind you of the MP-18 MMC? I thought the MP was supposed to be classic and the JPX more techy. I feel like the MP is going more tech and the JPX is going more classic. They are kind of blending.
  18. I like them better. I think they look more classic. I found the 900's a little bit tacky. The more blade looking the better.
  19. WOW! With the new Pings and Mizunos there are almost too many choices that fit my eye..... or not. I am very interested in the tours. They are soooo purty.
  20. As a generality at a 14 I would say hybrid. Ask yourself do you feel more comfortable with a slightly harder to hit 5 iron or a slightly eaisier to hit 3 hybrid. That is what each of these clubs would be like. For me even though "generalities" say I should play a hybrid, I play a DI. I could never hit hybrids. You know your game best.
  21. 46-40/86 +14 FIR 9/14 GIR 11/18 Putts 24-14 Finally got ball striking going on the front and well you can see the putting stats. Back to the the old ho hum golf on the back though.
  22. GB13

    Happy thread

    That is a valid question. I didn't get the other post up because something else came up. Anyway, the 24 putts is a total anomaly for my game. I only had 14 putts on the back 9. My putting usually makes up for my lack of ball striking prowess. My average putt numbers hover around 28 and my putts per GIR is around 2.0. I currently putt with a Ping Sigma G B60 that I was fit for (taking into account my faster stroke), which I love. The rant was just going to be about how I finally had a great ball striking day and laid a total egg with the putter.
  23. I must be on a different wavelength than y'all. I couldn't stand to look at those. I think the wings would totally screw up my alignment. I am sure they have high MOI and would work great for some but they are not for me. I do have a very fast paced putting stroke so "winged" putters and I don't work well together.
  24. GB13

    Happy thread

    I finally had a good ball striking day. Now the 24 putts for 46 on the front nine needs to be stopped but more coming on that in the rant/how did you play thread.
  25. I hope for some long drives. Make the pros think about run off and risk reward. I want to see some 500 yard shots that end up in hazards. It will be a nice break from fairway, green, two putt golf.
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