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  1. Play with people you enjoy being around. Put the focus on fun not score. If just want fun don't keep score. This take the emphasis off score and puts it on fun. Play fun games with yourself or one another. I sometime play a one man scramble where I hit two shots and take the best. This adds enjoyment for me because I usually hit one good shot.
  2. Where do you even get that picture? Bad photoshop? Or just supreme idiocy?
  3. Okay, thank you for all of the great information(and for putting up with the endless badgering). I don't care for One length clubs myself but was just wondering if those would help with this.
  4. Would it help to have One length clubs so you don't need 16 swings for different lengths and swing heights? Would it helps for each swing to be the same?
  5. Research and pick a good and trustworthy fitter. Ask yourself if you want the G700's or do you want the club that will preform best for you. The G700's are great clubs but they may not be the best for you. Personally I would go in with no bias and get the BEST club for me.
  6. Basically you do a whole bunch of calculus, geometry, and probably a compass to figure out that 5+5=9.
  7. Boy, you have guts to say that. If I said anything remotely like that I would not be able to hit that club anymore.
  8. Thank you for the advice. I think it might be in my head that I have to hit it differently. I will try to make a swing more like my other wedges.
  9. If you see a spy twice, they will have a whole different bag of clubs the second time.
  10. GB13

    Happy thread

    Yep I take the club back probably 30 degrees past parallel. If I try to shorten it I shank, top, chunk, and slice. If I let it go as far back as I can; I hit *more* shots flush.
  11. I pretty much use this method sans lob wedge. I just can't hit it consistently enough to justify using it. I only use it for sand or big flops. Do you have any advice to hit it more consistently? My other wedges are the best part of my game.
  12. I think that fact that they are the most expensive plays a part too. It has been ingrained into their heads that the most expensive is the always best. If they just wanted the Titleist name they could play the DT Trusoft.
  13. Do you have more control with the 58 than the 50 or 54? Just curious why you hit a high lofted shot all of the time?What is the benefit of it for your game?
  14. $0. I play what I find on the course and in the range bucket.
  15. Yes, or anyone the wears a flat brim hat for that matter.(a rant for a different day.)
  16. If you have a green reading sheet. Why can't you have something that helps you verify the accuracy the green reading sheet? It seems hypotcritial to me.
  17. This would be neat to watch. I agree all earnings should go to charity.
  18. GB13

    Got Problems?

    Why do toll bridges look like they are about to fall over. If I have to pay to drive on it why can't you make it safe?
  19. I hit a high spinner from 80 and out. 80 is a full 58* for me. This shot gives me much more distance control but less directional control. Anything inside 80 is a knockdown bump and run 52*. This shot gives me much more directional control but less distance control. I prefer the low shot from inside a full swing for more control. If I have a full swing, I will just let it fly. I am totally self taught have never played with anyone better than a 25 handicap so I have developed what works for me.
  20. I do a drill where I swing with my eyes closed so it becomes more muscle memory. I think this helps me eliminate the varible of light or poor eyesight.
  21. If that is the type of head you want to see and the alignment aid is what you want; then that shaft is perfect for you. A double bend is for straight back straight through.
  22. The shaft bend controls the toe hang. You can have a face balanced mallet with a shaft that does not go to the center. A double bend shaft makes a face balanced putter. If the shaft continued without the double bend; it would go into the center however the double bend makes a face balanced- heel shafted mallet. A single bend shaft produce a heel shafted putter with slight toe hang. If the shaft continues straight with no single bend the shaft would hit the head in between the heel and the center producing slight toe hang. A flow neck shaft produces a heel shafted putter with a lot of toe hang. Without the flow neck the shaft would go straight into the heel. This produces a lot of toe hang. A center shafted putter is face balanced.
  23. The AP1's will be much more forgiving. Personally at a 10 handicap(which I know may not tell the whole story) I would go for the AP1's. The 775CB may not be forgiving enough. The clubhead is just as important as the shaft IMHO. I am a 9 handicap and play the 710 AP1's and love em.
  24. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant bulge and roll which is on all drivers is what Taylormade is marketing as Twist Face. I was in no way saying that Twist face is better.
  25. Would anyone like to bet how long before we get our first "entry"?
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