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  1. Wow! Those are pretty. I am really jealous.
  2. GB13

    Got Problems?

    I was on the course today stuck behind three guys and one of the guys' grandson. They went out about an hour before I did and by the front 9 I had caught up to them.(I play fairly fast first 9 in an hour and a half). I was near them on 10,11, and 12. On 13 I asked to play through. They were still on the teebox and I had finished the hole behind. They said no, they were with the group in front and trying to keep up. The group in front was on 17. Anyway I said okay. After I waited for them to hit thier tee shot and second shot and they were 300 yards down the fairway; I teed off carrying it about 240 and rolling out to 260. They then turned around yelled "What the F***?" and picked up my ball. What an example to set for your grandson? I then left the course for fear of golf ball sized hail in the vicinity of the group in front of me.
  3. I would suspect the risk is really low as well. Some humans every have reactions to vaccines but it is very rare. While it may have been developed from specific species of rattlesnake; the difference in venom is mimimal.
  4. I would have the dog get the shot. If there are no side effects, even if it is not effective then it doesn't matter. If it is effective then it is good to have. I would feel bad it my dog got bitten and I hadn't gotten the vaccine for the dog. IMHO the is no downside.
  5. Yes, it is so fun to beat someone who is gaming blades while I am playing my SGI's. I don't care if they look down on me when I beat them they get this priceless look on thier face.
  6. GB13

    Got Problems?

    Exactly. There is no issue with disagreement but a few people make it more heated than it should be. When those types of posts are made the best thing to do is not to respond. If you don't engage with them they won't find it fun anymore. There is a respectful and disrespectful way to say things. If you disagree have a respectful discussion about it.
  7. I want it to be dry and windy. Like US Open dry. Slower greens. Really windy. I want to see the best players in the world tested by the elements. Let the course screw with'em.
  8. Aimpoint is done by the player and caddie. Therefore it is a skill used by he player to read the greens. I agree a line is difficult to draw. With the rules being redone the way they are, these are questions the USGA needs to answer. This would take significant effort to work out all of the problems. Personally I think any effort by the player since it all takes skill is fine. I think outsourcing it removes skill. Once the rules are enacted it seems difficult for the USGA to say greens books are still legal.
  9. Shape, pin positions, large ridges and such. I just don't like something that exact telling you; this putt is along a 1.3 degree slope and will break about 4-6 inches. You need to be able to see that yourself. I think during a practice round you can write or make whatever you want about the green. I don't like outside companies making information for the players.
  10. Master the one you have. 100% IMO. Like you said every swing is different so there is no perfect swing. Some fade, some draw do whatever YOU need to do to get the ball in the hole. If that means taking putter off the tee do it.🙂 No one has the perfect swing. Tiger has high hands (not perfect) and I would say it worked okay. If you are a good ball striker just refine your swing some to make it better.
  11. I think it would be great to get rid of greens books as IMHO it removes the skill of green reading. However I think Distance measuring devices should be allowable because that information is already available. This info is in yardage books already therefore it wouldn't remove a skill.
  12. Off the tee I play it a little farther back in my stance than a three wood. If I play it farther forward I tend to hit it a little fat. If I play it to far back I can't get the club face to square. Off the deck I play it just a little farther forward than a 4 iron.
  13. I try to die into the cup any putt over 15 feet so I make sure I don't have 4-5 feet coming back. I usually still hit it 1-2 feet by the hole but I need to be in that mindset so it doesn't get away from me. Anything inside 15 feet I make sure it gets there. Nothing annoys me more than having had the line on a 10 footer but having left it 6 inches short.
  14. What?!? Someone bought it? It looks like it has been in the bag a while too. Does it really help their putting or does it help the gardening? Having to put with that thing or having watch someone putt with it would annoy me to no end.
  15. Minnesota is gonna either be baked or flooded at that time of the year. It's probably gonna thunderstorm every single day. Anyway, I like eliminating a playoff event. It puts more emphisis on the regular season. This way you can't have a terrible regular season sneak into the playoffs at 120 then win twice and say you had the best season. I personally like the more emphisis on the regular season. However, I do NOT think it should be replaced with an off field event. None of the big names will come and it just won't have the same atmosphere or hype the playoff events do. It will seem boring.
  16. When I try to slice one I get steep and hit the ground 4 inches behind the ball. I can always hook 50 yards though.
  17. In your head while lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Sadly, I use this instead of counting sheep.
  18. I would guess that on the course you have different thoughts before a shank and a good shot. My advice is to isolate what happens on the good shots and try to focus on that every time. This should slowly help you improve your consistency.
  19. Including a disclaimer of this is my advice however a pro might be able to help you better than I can is totally fine. You still give your advice but you note it should be taken with a grain of salt. Good advice or bad advice is for the OP to decide but if every answer is go see your pro no attempt at helpful advice is made. Part of the reason we ask questions is so we can improve together. We also may not trust our pro or haven't found one we can trust.
  20. I'll actually take DeChambeau. I bet he come out with fire to show the USGA that they can make any crazy ruling they want he can still win.
  21. If it hurts don't do it. It isn't worth an injury. I will give you the golf take now too. You need to be able to work the ball both ways IMHO. If you can't hit a fade you are giving up at least three shots in you examples. The fact that you can only draw or hook is a deal breaker to me. If you have a swing where you can do both use that swing. If I read this correctly and you only have 2 holes after a 15 month break after an injury, I would spray it all over the course too. It seems like you had unrealistic expectations that first day. You should give the old swing more than 2 holes to "relearn" it especially considering you just came off an injury. If the swing you are making isn't the 4MM swing while trying to make the 4MM swing; it clearly isn't working. My advice is go back to the Steve Stricker turn back turn through swing. It sounds like it has served you well in the past.
  22. GB13


    Great play by Na. Lots of fun to watch. This just proves again that putting wins tournaments.
  23. I agree they have to enforce the rules but what rule is this enforcing? I think the rangefinder is a more technology based product which takes the skill out of it. You still have to know how to use the compass and what to do with it. The rangefinder you just click a button and it takes skill out of the game. If the compass is illegal just mark inch lines on the pencil you use.
  24. What? If the Reflex irons had a higher score the should be easier to hit than the Eye 2's. That means your scores should be lower with the Wilsons and in turn higher with the Eye 2's.
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