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  1. I always used to wonder who played mini golf balls at my course. Now I know. 😁
  2. I would put more loft on the putter head. There is a lot of forward press in his stroke which delofts the putter. I would look around 6 degrees. That way you won't ram the ball in to the ground. If you need any other tips let me know.
  3. The weather in Minnesota is infuriating. Seven months out of the year it is cold and snowy. Spring was rainy nonstop. Now that the rain has stopped it is 100 with 90% humidity. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the mosquitos. Mosquitos, Mosquitos, MOSQUITOS!!!!
  4. There was a tour(I think it was the Makenzie tour or the Web.com tour) that had a few events where rangefinders were legal and the pace of play did not improve at all. I think this attests to the amount of information caddies and players have readily available to them in yardage books etc.
  5. I think people don't realize they play slow. Adding technology that probably won't matter to the average golfer will only take longer. I think adding an incentive would work well until you have one foursome that is drunk slowing everybody else down. That will just lead to anger and someone in the foursome getting hit with a golf ball.
  6. Wow! That is a really good price, especially for someone with high reviews..... those two things unfortunately don't normally go together. Cleaning the heads up and quick turnaround time really shows that he cares about his costumers.
  7. Are there any clubs you have regretted selling?
  8. Those look great!! I hope the finish holds up well.
  9. I have a Mizuno mp18 mmc flihi 2iron that I use on any par 4 under 370. I used have a hybrid that I couldn't hit at all. I find I hit my irons better than my woods. The 2 iron is my favorite club. By the way I carry my driver about 240.
  10. If you hit a great provisional you will find your first bad shot and if you hit a bad provisional you will lose you first ball.
  11. Hit my tee shot on a 155 par 3 to 5 inches and it lipped out for the ace.😡
  12. I agree. I am only a 9 handicap but know my distances to the nearest 5 yards or so. I am not sure how a scratch golfer couldn't notice a 20-30 yard gapping problem. I also am not sure how a scratch golfer who is below average in approach, chipping, and putting is really scratch? This seems strange. Is it all made up off the tee?
  13. It depends on the player. If you are more of a "feel" player and you lose confidence if the putter doesn't "feel" good then you will miss more putts. If you care more about the numbers then if you know the numbers are good you will be confident. A confident putter is a better putter.
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