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  1. Is it just me, or does this seem like is a year where picking only two teams for the national championship and then putting the rest into bowl games would be best? I really feel like the best two teams are obviously Ohio State and LSU, and I think we all want to see them play for the title. So let’s get rid of the whole, “who should be number 4, because no one seems good enough” debate, and just let the two best teams play for it all. No playoff, no selection committee, no outlandish scenarios, no bullshit, just the game everyone wants to see, and expects.
  2. Well, with the way your team started... it’s looking pretty good for you.
  3. Interesting topic.. I’d probably say ace because my personal best is a 70, and I know eventually, I’ll get a round in the 60’s. An ace is more just luck, and I’m never guaranteed getting one of those, so I’d pick to cherish more.
  4. I’m very good at that drill.. ohhh wait you said intentionally.
  5. I agree, it isn’t something that would bother me after a while, especially if it performed better. I mean, it obviously doesn’t look like a beautiful butter knife blade, but that clearly isn’t the market that Cobra is targeting.
  6. I know, it’s nothing like the long fantasy golf season. I was just thinking about how to set my team up for a good playoff run, and then I realized that I need a plan to win now, not in 5 weeks!
  7. It’s been a really fun season. My teams have been very much boom or bust each week, hopefully I Boom this week so I can end up with a bye.. Good luck @Hackster, but I’m gonna win.
  8. Since these have been my first and only fantasy leagues, and I’m doing well, I’ll say 1000% skill. Serious answer, Since these have been my first and only fantasy leagues, and I’m doing well, I’ll say 1000% luck.
  9. I’ve no issue with pinning him to the ground, even if both of them jumped on top. Was the kicking too much? I think that is a very subjective question. While I say no, since there was no real chance to injure Garrett who was in full pads and it gave a better chance of subduing him, others are going to think it was too much to start kicking Garrett, and it was just perpetuating the aggression. Again, it’s very subjective, and I wouldn’t say any opinion is “right”, it’s just open to interpretation and personal opinions. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Haven’t seen a better post on this thread in quite a while.
  10. I agree. I do think though, that no matter what side of the fence you’re on, that you find Garrett’s actions inexcusable and the statements issued afterward were a complete joke. As a side note, I do feel that the penalty on Pouncey was unfair. At the end of the day, he was protecting someone from an act of violence. Frankly, if someone makes an act of aggression with intent to injure or, worse, I’d hope that other people are there to subdue them. That shouldn’t be punished. *I’m saying this with no bias. I don’t care one little bit about either of these teams.
  11. Wow... if you want a lesson in terrible fantasy choices, check out my team management for the week.
  12. Yeah, that call was a joke. Frankly, I thought Bama looked terrible, and I was shocked it was as close as it was. That said, Bama showed lots of heart in the second half. My Hot Take is that, LSU should be 1 and Bama should stay at 3. OSU and Clemson(), at 2 and 4 respectively. Bama gave the best team in CFB a run for their money, and they shouldn’t be punished for Barely losing to the #1 team. Obviously, this is an unpopular opinion, but just MHO.
  13. I chose other, while mostly cost, I don’t have any space to make good full swings, therefore a LM would be completely wasted on me.
  14. I don’t like how long it took me to like this post about likes.
  15. I’d generally agree with that, I do like Fowler over Reed. Reed is a pairing nightmare, and they really don’t need another ego in that room. Either Fowler or Reed can produce great golf, but if one of them has an off week, you want Fowler in the locker room over Reed.
  16. Good “safe” picks, personally I’d have liked to see Conners over Day but, Day does have the experience for some younger/first time players. Either way, there were five players who really deserved a spot. Tiger’s picks should be interesting tomorrow, as you could make a case for about 10 guys.
  17. I’m a sucker for 2 irons... gonna need to hit it but as far as looks go its pretty nice.
  18. It’s gonna get fun, I’ve done my best to ride the waiver wire, and I’m doing pretty good on starts. I’m loving the circus league so far.
  19. While I agree with this, from a viewer perspective I really like watching Trinity Forest, which was among the least favorite courses, I like watching it because it’s designed in a different way than 99% of courses in the US. Does that make it the “fairest” test of golf for tour pros? Probably not, but I enjoy watching it.
  20. I tend to agree with this, there is a lot more thought that has to go into each start, and each waiver wire transaction, than if you had a stacked team where you start the same stars every week.
  21. Well, to end up 1-1 this week was actually pretty good... It’s been an interesting season so far, feeling really good in the circus league, and I think my “real” team is really starting to come into form. Hopefully Guice comes back and the Redskins feed him the ball... then I’ll really look good.
  22. ...definitely a strange round today. I had the same number of GIRS as I did plugged bunker shots, and was the same number over par for the entire round. The magic number? 4! Obviously, the iron play was very bad, however my short game and putting really saved me today. I only had 25 putts, and while that number is extremely deceiving because of the low GIR, I still made over 100ft of putts. I’m really glad I decided to give the armlock one more try before I moved back to a traditional putter. Overall, some good, some bad, and some ugly.
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