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  1. Oops, I'm just trying plugging in different numbers for the ones that are slightly ambiguous.
  2. What's funny is, I'm listening to a Taylor Swift song right now... it's is a heavy metal cover of one of her songs, but nonetheless she wrote it.
  3. I'm just tried USGA handicaps not Arccos. We'll see. Also, this is fun, I love math.
  4. Okay, my answer is 280. Wait sh!t that's been guessed. Back to the drawing board.
  5. Great job so far guys. @Shankster, any oddities to report like @Wedgie had?
  6. Me too!! I laughed for 10 minutes straight before I composed myself to reply.
  7. Fair enough, but I'd definately take new clubs and have @Wedgie write the review for me. I'll benefit and force him to do all the work.
  8. At this point, I'd take any new clubs I can get! Although they might be a little short for me, but I'd think I could make it work.
  9. I have no loyalty to either, and I'd still set fire to them.
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