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  1. 3 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:

    Are they still using the"hydroperal 2.0" finish?  I'm on the fence with the two tone color... at least based on pics.  Maybe I'll like them more when I see them firsthand. I agree that it does not jump out as a SGI club, particularly from the top, and that will definitely help sales.  

    From the Blog article: 

    “A double-layered hydropearl stealth finish. The first layer is a standard chrome plating. The next layer is a thin black PVD coating and the hydrophobic elements help repel water and offer better performance in wet conditions. 

    Two layers should prove to be more durable than one. However, the choice of PVD is a bit curious. Dark colors allow large items to appear somewhat smaller which comes in handy on bigger irons such as the G710.”


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  2. 2 hours ago, cnosil said:


    Pings are “flat” (no mill lines) and multi piece, scottys still have mill lines but the head is basically milled from single block of steel.


    Yeah, I’m just saying that both companies were using inserts before, and both moved away from them. I suppose “solid” faces would have been more accurate.



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  3. 6 hours ago, Thin2win said:

    I guess, my line of thought is that I'm going to try and get 15 yard gaps in my set. Right now I'm about 10. And for me, I think that is not needed. 

    I think 15 is about right. I guess where I'll run into challenges, is the half clubs. Basically, I want Pw, 9 1/2, 7, 6 1/2, and a 4 iron. It is the 9 1/2 and the 6 1/2 that I'm curious how to fit best. 


    Any ideas is how to pull that off with a set? Do I bend the 8 weak, or the 9 strong. And should I use an 8i or 9i length shaft, or split the difference? 


    I'm sure Bryson had worked all that out in his life, maybe he keeps an eye on these forums and will let me know. 😅

    This is a really interesting game plan. I could see how all the extra clubs could do more harm than good. I think the difference in shaft length between an 8 or 9 iron would be negligible, but I’d probably try to split the difference. As far as whether to bend an 8 weak or a 9 strong, for me, it would be determined by the bounce. Bending weak will increase the bounce whereas bending strong will decrease. Otherwise it should produce the exact same effect by bending weak or strong. The main variable is the bounce. 

  4. 13 hours ago, GolfSpy MPR said:

    That Heppler Tomcat 14 is sorely provoking me to take the next step in my annual off-season routine:

    • Settle on a selection of putters from my collection to compete for a spot in my bag.
    • Develop a series of tests to determine the fit of each putter for my own tendencies.
    • Complete several rounds of testing, fastidiously tracking results.
    • Crown an overall winner and award it the starting spot in my bag in April when the snow finally melts.
    • [keep waiting for the snow to melt] <--- I am here
    • Lose discipline and buy a new putter and put it in the bag in April, utterly ignoring all the previous steps. 

    Something tells me that it won’t be too long before you’ve moved a step further down the list. 🤔🤔

    I’m trying to convince myself that my current grooved putter is what I should be playing, because I absolutely love the feel of solid faces. It’s interesting to see more companies move away from the insert/grooved insert face style. Both Scotty and PING have come out with flat faced putters. Everything is cyclical, I suppose. 

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  5. I’m really interested in the Cobra. (Have hit none of them so far.) I really liked last years model, but just never could pull the trigger. I like the looks of the Mavrik too, but I haven’t been compatible with the last few Callaway releases. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Sluggo42 said:

    Well here we go,

    packers at 49ers. - titans at KC Chiefs 

    I hope and pray the Packers win, just cuz I really don’t like the whiners but they are soooo loaded it will take a miracle 

    id love to se the titans pull the upset but again, the Chiefs seem to be able to score at will...

    final prediction, Packers vs KC for SB, with KC routing the pack for the win

    I’d be very happy with those outcomes. I’m just hoping that the Packers can beat the Niners, because I really don’t want them to win. I like any of the other three teams, so from there it doesn’t matter too much to me. 

  7. 2 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    The star means they're counting towards your best 4, the check means they're playing in the upcoming event. With all zeros, it'll look a little funny but I expect it to sort out once events start happening. 

    I guess it's good to see the check since it's more professional but a small piece of me misses the lettuce logo it used to look like. 

    Thanks Stud!! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what it meant!

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  8. 1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I did not get to see the game after Clemson had pulled within 3 after the half and had forced LSU to punt on the next series.  Just started my laptop and the first clickbait I see is about a "controversial PI call costs Clemson title"... expecting a point spread of 4 or less.  Then I see the final score of 42-25... yea, I don't think a PI call is responsible 🙄.  Glad LSU won... along with FSU, my favorite SEC program. 

    Lots of guys moving onto the big dance and changes to starting lineups.  I'm already looking forward to the 2020 season!

    Yeah, for as big of a story as the PAC-12 officiating crew was going into the game, I thought they did an executional job. The calls seemed fair and well balanced. Even the PI call you’re referencing, I don’t think was all that controversial. It was nice to see a game where the officiating didn’t dictate the outcome. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, GSwag said:

    Marshawn Lynch just needs to retire btw. He should not have come back.

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    I gotta agree with that, he just seemed out of football shape and largely ineffective. I’d have loved to see them run Homer a lot more against the Packers; I think he could’ve given them the spark to pull off the upset. 

  10. 2 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    It's updated now. Draft order reflects the wheel of wisdom. 

    Possible stupid question but, since we are having four duplicates of each player, when we rank players for the draft, if I want to put “Tony Romo” as my first pick, do I need to add him 4 times? Or just once? 

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  11. 1 hour ago, tony@CIC said:

    Hmmm I immediately went to this topic expecting to hear about one of our forum members doing ..well you know what..

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    I will NOT be posting footage of this. 

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  12. I’m with @GSwag here. Like most of you have said, nobody BUT Reed would get this reception after what happened at the Hero. And why is that? Well, because he has a reputation. If it happened to someone with a clean past, we could chalk it up to a honest mistake and move on. But since Reed is a notorious cheater, he deserves to have the moniker follow him around for a while.

    I also don’t mind him being called out for being a cheater. If you cheat, you need to be prepared for the consequences. I think people should be allowed to voice their opinion on someone whether or not those opinions are positive. 

    The only thing I have a problem with is that we continue to drag Reed’s family matters into this. It should in no way affect our opinions of him as a golfer. While I agree the optics of his family aren’t great, I know firsthand how much things can get twisted. I personally don’t have a relationship with my father, and if y’all were to only hear from him, you’d receive a completely inaccurate portrait of him and me. He was an abuser, emotionally and otherwise, but if you heard from him, he’d portray himself as a saint, and wonderful father. This isn’t/wasn’t the case, but you wouldn’t know that just hearing from him. So please, stop bringing personal matters into a public setting. Nothing good comes of it, and we will likely never have the full story. 

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