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  1. I’ll post my gory stats for today, although I’ll spare you most of the expletives and minor existential crisis. It was another day where I wish the scorecard didn’t have pictures. Started to get some better feels on the last few holes, so fingers crossed for my next few rounds.
  2. Nice shot, nice hole, and nice round! I dunno, my ball striking has been in $hitter the last two days, and you know no one else can put up those numbers... so maybe. I’ve still got a few more opportunities though, and now I have a number to beat. (I’m sure you’ll enjoy that eloquent writing @Lacassem!)
  3. Yep, you definitely understand... I had the 3W 1° lofted up, but I put it back at neutral after the 2nd round. I’ll definitely try changing it more, I need something to start clicking. Not really, the club is just too far behind me in the downswing, and I’m lifting up at impact, and I’m hitting these topspin hooks. Maybe I’ll see about a lesson or two with the pro at my club.
  4. It is said, that the scorecard shows no pictures... unfortunately with Arccos, there are pictures.
  5. At this point, I’d say swing fault. I’m definitely coming too far from the inside (my other miss is a big push), and saving the shot by flipping the club the to the left with my hands. I’m pretty sure I just need to keep my upper body and torso rotating a bit more, but I’m struggling with commuting to that. Awesome!!! Definitely keep us updated on how the One Length experiment goes for you! You do know, that we’ll have you ordering the rest of the bag before this challenge is over...
  6. Now, I can tell you that my round today will NOT be the one I submit for this weeks challenge! I’ll spare you the gory details (I was 0fer for greens and fairways through 7 holes...), however, I do have a nominee for best/worst par, and a hole in which I hit two fairways, neither of which were mine.
  7. CCC4 OFFICIAL WOODS REVIEW Preface Its time to go long or go home!! We’re starting out with a bang (or should I say bomb!). Let’s review the big sticks! As a reminder, I’m gaming the SZ 9° driver, the SZ 3 wood and SZ 3 hybrid. All of these are Tour Length, which is making quite a positive impact on my game. Well, I’d be upset if my first sentence didn’t include the word speed, because, let’s face it, Cobra has built their big sticks around speed. Do they live up to the hype? Read on and find out! Looks These are hands down some of the best looking woods on the market. I absolutely love the matte white color. That said, I really wish I could’ve matched my hybrid with the driver and 3 wood. Yes, I know that’s mainly my OCD talking, but still... That small complaint aside, the matte carbon fiber crown, the white accent, with the red weights creates a beautiful and classy looking club. Coming from the *ahem* very red Wilson Staff C300, the Cobras are an improvement in almost every way. Looks - 5/5 stars Sound & Feel This section is always the one I struggle with the most. It’s just so hard to quantify something so subjective, and then adequately explain it. @edingc did a wonderful job with his videos demonstrating the sound of the SZ. (Credit where credit is due.) I also can’t better describe the feelings of the driver and 3 wood. As he said, the driver has a very nice, reverberating, crack to it, while the 3W has a more solid thwack when flushed, but feels a little hollow when mishit. I’ll also say the hybrid sounds & feels a little “pingy” and rather hollow. Sound & Feel - 3/5 stars (To break it down, the driver would be 5/5, the 3W is 3/5 and the hybrid is 2/5.) Performance For all the talk about looks, sound, and feel, this is the section that really, really matters. I’m a bit conflicted about this section, because, my good shots, are very, very good. My strikes are more consistently near the middle of the face, but I’m struggling with an ugly left miss with both the driver and 3W. I’ll say this, the SZ is rather forgiving when it comes to ball speed. This shot was hit well off the toe, still ended up being really good. Not to mention, this driver has produced some absolute BOMBS! I just need this to happen more frequently! The hybrid has been a go to club of mine since it has joined my bag, it’s super consistent, very forgiving, and most importantly, isn’t going left!! I’m really loving the hybrid right now, very easy to hit out of any lie, and surprisingly workable. Overall, my distance is up, my overall fairways hit is up, but my misses are much uglier. I dunno how to grade that, so I’ll give it 4 stars. Performance - 4/5 stars Play it OR Trade it Can I get a time extension on this question? I’m just not sure yet. Arccos says my driving handicap is going down, so I guess that’s good, but dang, I’m just not comfortable with the driver and 3W yet. If I can start making more good swings, then these might be in the bag for a long time. The hybrid will probably be staying for a while, it might be on a rotation schedule with my 2 iron depending on wind and corse conditions. I’m going with 3 stars for now, however, hopefully with some time this rating can and will increase. Play it OR Trade it - 3/5 stars Overall These are very good clubs, don’t let my uncertain review convince you otherwise. These can compete with any of the bigger companies woods. I’m just fighting my swing a bit right now, and it just isn’t translating into confidence. I’ll provide more follow up about these in a few weeks when I have a few more rounds under my belt. But for now, I’ll give the 3 stars, with and asterisk denoting massive potential. Overall - 3/5 stars
  8. Oh yeah, and screw you @B.Boston and @edingc.
  9. Oh hell yeah! Now that the popularity contest is over, I can let my skills (and still mouth) do the talking!! Expect a LOT of hybrids off the tee from me.
  10. I originally had my final round of the week scheduled for today, however with 6”+ of rain last night, it looks like that isn’t going to happen. Oh well, I’m looking forward to killing my competitors in next weeks challenge.
  11. When plastic surgery goes wrong: Exhibit A @gb13_mgs on both Twitter and IG. TBH, there really won’t be anything on there that I don’t post here.
  12. Oh, I can still talk $hit and play golf. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past month and a half.
  13. If football comes back this year, there will be an Official MGS League, most likely with a similar prize.
  14. I view them more as I’ll let you decided which is which.
  15. No F****** way I don’t no about my fellow competitors, but I am NOT getting that “connected” to a cobra.
  16. My Cobras definitely performed better than my baseline clubs did. Driving was only .2 better, but the approach was almost 5 shots better, and the chipping was 3 shots better. Another thing to note, is that I didn’t strike the ball all that well, the irons are just much more forgiving than my PINGs. I had a lot of toe hits that were more than playable. Putting has always been my strength, so a putting handicap that low isn’t all that surprising. Not to go off on a tangent, but I LOVE my putter!! I went from 2.5 up to standard. Not to let the lie board off the hook, but I wasn’t fitted at all for my previous irons, and the 2.5 up was an (un)educated guess on my part. Oh, even as a fairly low capper, I don’t think any drivers are anywhere near as forgiving as advertised. Even a slight mishit sacrifices significant distance. The bombs that you’ll see me periodically hit throughout the competition, are the only shots that I really hit off the screws. It really gives you incredible respect for just how consistent the pros are. One thing I haven’t touched on, is how much I’m liking the MIM wedges around the green. I haven’t figured out the full swings yet, but these things are pretty versatile out of almost any lie. The 50° is great for chips that have plenty of room, and the 58° is very good for flops and quicker stopping shots. I can’t wait to add the 54° to my arsenal. Also, I really love the feel at impact, it’s very “solid”. I thought I was a much better iron player. Pacing off putts and actually “knowing” how far a putt is has really opened my eyes to how poor my proximity is, and how good my putting is.
  17. Hey, I don’t need any of those fancy tricks, I’m going wire to wire. Hell yeah mate!!
  18. I wish there was a loophole, but I don’t think there is, I’ll play some tournaments next summer once the COVID blows over. I think, that with properly fitted clubs, seeing scratch or pretty darn close should be possible. For most people, it’s usually the putting that holds them back, and that’s not a problem for me. The irons were my weak point, and they required a big change during the fitting. (2.5° Flatter and .75” shorter) I think they should improve quite a few strokes as well. I just gotta put it some work with the new clubs.
  19. Live look at @B.Boston since he keeps reusing GIFs: Not extremely excited?
  20. Yeah, I think there are a few factor in play here. 1. The C300 is notorious for being a few MPH slower than other drivers on the market. Not THAT much slower, but in conjunction with everything else, it all adds up. 2. A fitting really, really matters. I can’t stress that enough. Getting fit for the Tour Length was amazing. I’ve never been able to strike the ball consistently with a regular length driver, but absolutely can with the Tour Length. Also, I’m in a slightly stiffer shaft with much lower torque, which is allowing me to swing freely. 3. My course is getting slightly drier and firming up a touch, which is adding about 5-7 yards of roll.
  21. I’m the only one who has pulled out the long backswing on the course. You should make @B.Boston and @edingc play an entire round with it before you give them more points than me. Let’s see if they end up anywhere other than the hospital. I’m hopefully going to play on my college team next year, but since I’m starting college a year early, I’m not eligible to play until next year. I was going to play some competitive events over this summer, but all the COVID stuff blew up that plan. No, the way I putted today, it was only a Putt course. Well, as they say, cheating may win you titles in the short-term, but it forever tarnishes your reputation. Pfft, You only think I have a 66 in the tank? How insulting!! I fully expect to post a round 65 or better before this challenge is over. And like I said in my intro, I’ll have multiple condors!
  22. Thanks man! I’m gonna set the fairway wood, back down to standard next round. Hopefully that’ll help straighten things out.
  23. I am not 100% comfortable with my 3 wood yet, it just seems to want to go left. I know lofting a club up a degree changes the face angle, but I’ve forgotten which way it changes it. Overall I’m very happy, and just thrilled to have gotten fitted. Old driver: Wilson Staff C300 9° Fujikura Speeder Pro 58 Stiff Regular Length New Driver: Cobra SZ 9° (set at 10°) Tour Length PX HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Stiff Is it longer... you tell me
  24. Thanks, having a set that is properly fit just matters so much. I can finally swing freely and not have to manufacture a swing that fits my clubs.
  25. Sure, keep on underestimating me. It’ll be your funeral. Shockingly, I have to go with the 3 hybrid. It’s just soooo forgiving, I can’t believe it. I really chunked one today that would’ve gone about 10 yards with my 2 iron, but it still made it about 180. Obviously not a good shot by any means, but managing your misses is a very important skill in golf, and having a club that helps with that is awesome. (Not to mention my 3 approach shots with it have all been inside 20 feet.) Heck, a dumpster fire could still beat whatever a duck boat is.
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