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  1. I wanna be a smarta$$ and say no, but you are a mod and have to power to shut me up permanently, that'll I'll say okay.
  2. The T100 aren't bad looking, but I could see these looking much worse in person.
  3. GB13

    Random Thread

    Not bad, but literally anything is better than what you currently have.
  4. Your terrible golfing skills are effecting the forum. Seriously though, nice shooting! Glad to see the driver is "behaving".
  5. You're right. He is better off with support like that.
  6. GB13

    Glide 3.0

    FINALLY!!!!!! If these aren't in my bag by the end of the year, I'd be absolutely shocked.
  7. Thank you for your thoughts!! It is super awkward at first. You WILL get more comfortable. Sounds like it worked fairly well, and kudos to you for putting it into play for a tournament this early. My feel for powering the putter is similar to yours. I really don't like saying "powering" because it should be a fairly smooth stroke no real "powering". But I generally try to rock my front shoulder back and forth. No hands or arms at all. I'm very much a feel putter, so I just go with wherever my shoulders are, I don't try to get "technically correct". It's usually a little bit open and not square. I'd say it's totally fine to have open shoulders, but I'd love to hear @downlowkey's thoughts on this matter. He understands the mechanics of putting much better than I do.
  8. I'll take Cantlay this week. He struggle on the first 2 days at Peeble but then figured it out on the weekend.
  9. GB13


    100% Woodland played great and totally deserved the title. I'm just saying, I'd have rather watched them play a course that was set up more difficulty.
  10. GB13


    Totally agree. I really saw no concrete difference between the US Open and AT&T Pro-Am. For me, I enjoy one week, just one week, every year where the field has to score around par to win. Is -1 or -2 fine? Yes. And Tiger shooting -12 at Peeble in 2000? Yes again, because he played magnificently to do so and second place was over par. It was arguably the best 4 rounds ever played. So yeah, to all the players that whine about 1 week where they have to shoot close to par, I don't buy it. To me this was one of the most boring tournaments of the year (taking nothing away from Woodland, he's a great guy and I'm happy to see him win), but this wasn't the US Open I look foward to every year.
  11. Hell no, with my help, you will sail to victory over these other 4 imbeciles!
  12. @joen, @Wedgie, and @bellairemi- How are the armlocks working for y'all? And feel free to chime in with any thoughts, good and bad! We'd love to have your input as well!
  13. Poor course management... tsk tsk tsk. Damnit, Stud, I'd like to go back and change my vote. You gotta mention these things first, cause I guarantee you would have gotten more votes if you made this promise.
  14. Indeed, I certainly do make it more special here.
  15. Out of curiosity, @Berg Ryman, who would you need off my roster for Matthew Wolff?
  16. @blackngold_blood Congrats, you finally got me. Seriously though, couldn't have been happier for Woodland. Couldn't have happened to a better guy!
  17. I bet you know more about grenades than you are letting on.
  18. Not bad, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
  19. Well, I think you're getting your wish with Woodland... which is unfortunate for me.
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