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  1. I dunno what thread you’ve been reading....
  2. That poor FedEx driver... Trial by fire, playing it safe never works out well for me anyway. (Coming from the guy who would probably play it safe anyway.)
  3. Yes, that was a pleasant surprise to me as well. It’s an extremely high quality bag, it gives our new sticks a resting place they deserve.
  4. No clubs for me yet, however, I do have a new, kick-ass, place to put my shiny Cobra goodness.
  5. It’s not like I would struggle to come up with another arrogant Boston athlete to compare myself to.
  6. Not really, my distances were about spot on, and actually, I’m pretty consistent on the course. It’s just my approach game is consistently bad, and made up for by an extremely hot putter. If the properly fit Cobra irons help my approach game, scratch or + handicaps are in reach.
  7. Hey, if Boston sports fans like(d) rooting for arrogant a**hats like Brady, every Boston fan should support me in this challenge. As you’ve seen, I trash talk like an arrogant a**hat.
  8. It’s mainly in the bag as a tee club, however I can hit it off the deck when I need to. It’s a Mizuno Fli-Hi, so it is very comparable to the Srixon driving iron. They’re much easier to hit than you’d think. My 2 iron (225) fills the gap between my 3W (240) and 4 iron (210), so if you’re missing that gap it should fit perfectly.
  9. Yes I am! Great memory!! I’m currently gaming the Wilson Staff C300 from the Trufit review 2 years ago.
  10. I have a “Trial and Error” handicap. Translation: I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just keep what works out.
  11. I did hit a 5 wood. It doesn’t seem to be a loft issue, for whatever reason, I just struggle to get a negative AOA when hitting off the turf. It leads to lots of thins and fats.
  12. The only club that is gonna be tough to beat is my 2 iron. I’ve ordered a 3 hybrid to maintain similar gapping. I’ve never really gotten along with hybrids, and I’m expecting one of two things; either my 2 iron keeps its place in the bag 100% of the time, or the hybrid and 2 iron rotate based on course conditions and wind. Hopefully I get along with the hybrid, because some versatility coming into par 5 greens would be very nice. Everything except the 2 iron. My wedges are worn out, and the gapping is all wrong. My irons weren’t even close to properly fitted, and my driver doesn’t maximize my swing speed’s potential. The 3W MIGHT have a close battle but only because I hit most 3 woods equally poorly. I don’t hit my current 3W well, but I don’t really think an equipment change is the solution.
  13. Baseline is going well so far, only 6 rounds due to some *unseasonable warm* conditions. I’ve really enjoyed using Arccos, and there have been a couple of huge surprises. Are my current clubs performing better than ever? HA!!!! They are apparently pissed that I’m replacing them, and are trying to burn all possible bridges toward reconciliation after the challenge. See above^^^ no second thought about putting the Cobras in play. I’m super excited to have clubs that I actually had a fitting for, so I hope that lowers my scores some as well.
  14. Yeah, yeah, I meant my ball striking wasn’t too good. If I putt that well, I should shoot a lower score.
  15. Only a lot... Super sick bag, can’t wait to see it filled with our shiny new sticks and restored to its full glory.
  16. It’s a damn good thing that Cobra won’t be trying to fight my putter. That’d be a losing battle. Everything else, however, leaves vast room for improvement. In other news, my club championship is next week, and the rest of my game is... ah, not so hot.
  17. It’s interesting, I find that I’m usually hitting it too hard from inside 20 feet, and too light from outside 20 feet. What I’ve done to get my speed to match up a little on putts of all length better is adjusting my focal point during my pre-shot routine. For shorter putts I look at the front of the hole and for longer putts, I visualize the ball hitting the back of the hole.
  18. I think @Wedgie and I absolutely supported everyone equally.......... . . . . equally poorly
  19. 1 out of 5. You’ve gotten the “big picture” as edingc would say.
  20. Well, seeing as we got 6 inches of rain today, and I’ve gotten 5 full rounds on Arccos, I’ll jump on the guess my stats bandwagon. (No sand handicap yet, not entirely sure how that has happened.)
  21. Chipping, Approach Putting, Sand Driving, Overall
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