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  1. Yeah, go ahead, dig, and then we gonna put you in the grave you dug!
  2. My smack talk is very boring too. I submit the above as evidence.
  3. Just remember, when you hit delete, it doesn’t actually delete it. So I’ll be there, whether you can see me or not. Oh, and your team’s dumb-ass owner has their best punter warming the bench. #poorteammanagement #stillonyourharddrive #yougonnaloseBIGLY #puntersforpresident
  4. I know, I went into the Circus league thinking, oh, this will be a nice and relaxing, just for fun league. I was wrong. I want to win it just as much as I wanted to win the regular league. (Possibly because I lost in the regular league, but now I’m gonna put a positive spin on it, and call it competitiveness.)
  5. Thank you Kenny! I appreciate the insight of someone with more extensive life experience, it helps me look at this in a different light. I don’t really have any idea what the next few years will bring, or any clear plans (yet) for my future. That should come into focus in the next few years. I shouldn’t be looking at the things I’m learning today from a short-term perspective.
  6. Preparing for my ACT exam, so I’m practicing a s***load of math that I’m never going to actually use in the real world.
  7. Definitely, “on the other hand”. This might be something to look at, my “full swing” is all over the place right now. And, I’m realizing that, my full swing has gotten exponentially worse since I weakened my grip for chip shots. Maybe I let that change into all of my clubs. I definitely need to investigate this more thoroughly.
  8. Umm, I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but as I reflect, I have no earthly idea what my grip looks like. For my only connection to the club, I really need to diagnose what my grip is, and if it needs changed.
  9. As a duo, they’re getting some bad reputations lately.
  10. Yeah, it was certainly better looking when I posted it 3 hours ago.
  11. This one should make you feel a little better: https://datagolf.org/presidents-cup I’m a total data geek and this site always seems to feed my addiction.
  12. This feel like a trap. I mean, it’s a really good one, but it’s a trap nonetheless.
  13. If it worked the best, the 70 X-stiff. It outperformed everything else, so there is no reason to doubt whether or not it is the best for you!
  14. I wonder how much of that had to do with his knee surgery. He probably didn’t have as good of a chance to practice as some of the other guys, and it probably feels a little different during his swing.
  15. Yep, we clearly see this differently, and there’s nothing wrong in that. Let’s get back to golf!
  16. I don’t know, it didn’t affect Robert Kraft too much. Seriously though, nothing about that story was good. You’re right, the whole thing was just sad.
  17. First off, I don’t have any “agenda”. I’ll agree that this set of allegations is not been confirmed. If these allegations turn out to be false, or unsubstantiated, I’ll issue you a heartfelt apology. Also, some calls come in over radio, but I think you’ll agree that signals are still used, although to a lesser degree than in the past.
  18. I wouldn’t bet on anything, punters are really unpredictable.
  19. The only real difference was that in 2007, it was concluded that Belichick told them to tape the sideline. So far, that hasn’t been made clear in this investigation. Otherwise, the main facts remain the same, the Patriots, or someone hired by the organization, was taping opponent’s sideline to get the signals. Am I saying the Pats are the only team to do this? Not at all, I have no doubt that other teams have done this. But the Pats continue to get caught up in incidents involving fair play, which clearly shows a disregard to the integrity of the game.
  20. No, it’s isn’t the same, but it certainly shows a pattern of bending the rules. If this were the first incident, it could easily be written off as nothing more than a rogue camera crew, but it isn’t. They’ve had multiple documented incidents of cheating over the Brady era and who knows how many more that weren’t caught. IMO, this tarnishes their legacy more than Brady overstaying in the league for a few years.
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