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  1. I'm just tried USGA handicaps not Arccos. We'll see. Also, this is fun, I love math.
  2. Okay, my answer is 280. Wait sh!t that's been guessed. Back to the drawing board.
  3. Great job so far guys. @Shankster, any oddities to report like @Wedgie had?
  4. Me too!! I laughed for 10 minutes straight before I composed myself to reply.
  5. Fair enough, but I'd definately take new clubs and have @Wedgie write the review for me. I'll benefit and force him to do all the work.
  6. At this point, I'd take any new clubs I can get! Although they might be a little short for me, but I'd think I could make it work.
  7. I have no loyalty to either, and I'd still set fire to them.
  8. Shame on you! That's probably why you made bogey...
  9. GB13

    Random Thread

    Yet we all want to hit shots like the rook.
  10. GB13

    Random Thread

    I love chess! Easy to play, but impossible to master. I play all the time, but I still kinda suck.
  11. Dang, either the MP18 or the Wilson Staff blades. I'd probably lean toward the Mizuno though.
  12. GB13

    Random Thread

    *shudders* that's awful, but I'd still probably get it just to see what I could do with it.
  13. I wanna be a smarta$$ and say no, but you are a mod and have to power to shut me up permanently, that'll I'll say okay.
  14. The T100 aren't bad looking, but I could see these looking much worse in person.
  15. GB13

    Random Thread

    Not bad, but literally anything is better than what you currently have.
  16. Your terrible golfing skills are effecting the forum. Seriously though, nice shooting! Glad to see the driver is "behaving".
  17. You're right. He is better off with support like that.
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