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  1. Trust me, the name calling isn’t over.
  2. You’ve obviously never seen me eat...
  3. You ain’t seen a driver swing yet! But it’s a bit nicer to find a few fairways, and I’ve added about 20 yards... you’re right though, that extra year really sucked.
  4. Hey, I still have to plug my phone in! Don’t underestimate how worldly I am.
  5. First on course swing with the new Forged Tec 5 iron. Blocked it 10 feet right of the green, but hit it dead on the screws.
  6. I could try and talk in a Boston accent but no matter what accent I try to speak in, it turns into an Indian one.
  7. Smart decision right there!!! Going in with low expectations is gonna lead to a low score!
  8. Unfortunately, this decision is out of your hands.
  9. Significantly so, each club is about 1 club stronger if you look only at lofts. My new 7 iron is the exact same loft as my old 6 iron.
  10. Yes, Arccos will certainly give you plenty of data to analyze. Frankly my biggest complaint about Arccos is the fact that there is a yearly subscription fee. I mean, I understand why they do it, I just don’t like it.
  11. For reference, these are my current distances with my current clubs. For this challenge, I’ve redone the gapping for my wedges which obviously needed to be fixed. It’s been pretty soft here, so these numbers a mostly carry.
  12. Ohhhh, the putter goes up top! That makes so much more sense that what I was doing...
  13. My longest iron is the 4 iron. I’m curious about this as well, because with my current PING I200s, my 5 and 6 irons apparently go the same distance. And there is a 3.5° gap between those two. I do hope the Cobras gap better, but it’ll definitely take a few rounds to know for sure.
  14. Not really sure I want to know what 1 and 2 are... but hey, at least we know @B.Boston has extremely classy friends.
  15. Not too many better applications for it than this...
  16. It was a great box... let me tell you, these are some VERY beautiful clubs, and that no picture will ever do them justice. That Forged Tec/MIM convo is straight (I’m still waiting on a 54°, I didn’t go with an 8° gap. )
  17. I dunno what thread you’ve been reading....
  18. That poor FedEx driver... Trial by fire, playing it safe never works out well for me anyway. (Coming from the guy who would probably play it safe anyway.)
  19. Yes, that was a pleasant surprise to me as well. It’s an extremely high quality bag, it gives our new sticks a resting place they deserve.
  20. No clubs for me yet, however, I do have a new, kick-ass, place to put my shiny Cobra goodness.
  21. It’s not like I would struggle to come up with another arrogant Boston athlete to compare myself to.
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