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  1. Oh, so why should we abandon ship if you're using other people's shots?
  2. I like how you aren't mentioning what happened on the other 14 holes.
  3. Mine too. I have the tourney leader, and a HIO on the bench, and I certainly shouldn't have played Furyk.
  4. Ya, they feel really weird at first. First 1000 putts with mine were the most awkward strokes I've ever made. The weight is helpful once you get used to it.
  5. I ordered mine based on my elbow to floor. I believe the ETF is much more important than WTF strictly because you want the armlock to hit in the right spot. Ideally 2" below the elbow. My ETF is 43", therefore I ordered a 41" putter. Is it the preferred method to determine length? No, but it worked perfectly for me. So if I had to make a simple formula it would be ETF -2".
  6. Here is my opinion, I would avoid the day package at all costs. You'll be exhausted and have so much information thrown at you, none of it will stick. Golf isn't a sport that you can master in a day. It's a long process that requires additional tune-ups along the way. Also, if you aren't a fan of the instructor, he may not be the best fit for your game. Just my $0.02
  7. Congrats! Maybe I'll let you win our fantasy golf matchup this week.
  8. I understand your point though. If the entire purpose of OL is to have one swing, why are there minute differences in each club head? It just doesn't seem to make complete sense.
  9. GB13


    Not only is it in the wrong thread, it's not even a legal entry.
  10. This makes 4 of us. I'm really interested in the OL effectiveness. I'd probably be looking at the Tour Forged OL or Forged Tec, but I'm super interested in the theory.
  11. Are you on the app or mobile browser? Signatures are only visible on a computer.
  12. If he hadn't won last week, I'd have been considering the same move. So to answer your question, no.
  13. Same here too. Furyk has been unable to put 4 rounds together, Poulter has played terribly lately, Sabbatini has played well, but Tway is coming back into form as well... desicions... desicions.
  14. Yeah, that streak probably won't continue, but I won't complain if it does... but it won't.
  15. I come off as a lot more likeable in person. Also, when I really need to, I can use proper grammar, I just don't like to.
  16. You guys are great!! I think @yungkory is schizophrenic, going from a joking tone to yelling at me. Someone please tell grandpa to turn off the caps lock. And @Nunfa0, that's pretty much accurate, except the one time I tried to skateboard, I fell flat on my ass.
  17. Here's the thing, and I want you to read this carefully, and it applies for all grammar mistakes I make in the future too. IDGAF about grammar.
  18. I'll take it home and display it on my mantle.
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